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- The Darkness

Little Big Planet Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Little Big Planet Guide - Walkthrough

The Darkness

|# Prize Bubbles In Level:| 38                                                |
|Complete Level Once:     | Costume: Pink Fairy Wings Pink Dot              |
|100% Completion Prize:   | Sticker: Themed Characters Concept               |
|                         | Object:  Themed Characters Concept with Frame     |
|Ace Level Prize:         | Costume: Roman Armor                              |
|PRIZE BUBBLE PICKUPS IN LEVEL:                                               |
|OBJECTS:                |DECORATIONS:             |STICKERS:                 |
|[] Bull Skull (30)      |[] Grey Ghost (18)       |[] Blue Piñata Motif* (32)|
|[] Christmas Light (3)  |[] Skeleton Arm (13)     |[] Cartoon Bone (8)       |
|[] Deadly Bat (5)       |[] Skeleton Leg (29)     |[] Flower Frame* (4)      |
|[] Fairy Light (28)     |[] Skeleton Torso (21)   |[] Green Piñata Motif*(36)|
|[] Picture Frame (33)   |[] Skull (16)            |[] Piñata Dog (1)         |
|[] Red Candle (35)      |-------------------------|[] Pink Piñata Motif (25) |
|[] Seated Skeleton (22) |COSTUME:                 |[] Pixel Skull (26)       |
|[] Small LED Light (15) |-------------------------|[] Purple & Orange (10)   |
|[] Sugar Bone* (6)      |[] Cyclops Eye* (27)     |   Piñata Motif           |
|[] Sugar Skull (37)     |[] Pink Star             |[] Purple Piñata Motif(23)|
|[] Torn Cloth* (12)     |   Sunglasses* (34)      |[] Purple Skull Arm (31)  |
|------------------------|[] Brown Leather (2)     |[] Purple Skull Skirt (38)|
|AUDIO:                  |[] Bunny (17)            |[] Red Piñata Motif* (20) |
|------------------------|-------------------------|[] Skeleton Hand (11)     |
|[] 'The Appliance of    |MATERIALS:               |[] Skeleton Hip Bone (7)  |
|    Science' (14)       |-------------------------|[] Spotty Skull Leg (9)   |
|                        |[] Ceramic Mosaic (24)   |                          |
|                        |[] Metal Skull Plate (19)|                          |

This level is true to it's name seeing (or don't seeing) how it's quite .. dark.  Proceed and meet up with the dog of Don Lu. You can ride his back, and if you're standing on his head he'll move forward - if you're standing on his behind he'll move backward. You can use him to ride over spikes and such. Let's give it a try shall we? You'll soon get to several spikes and two prize bubbles in the back.  Get them, they hold a [BULL SKULL] and [SEATED SKELETON]. Continue, and when you start to ride up, jump left to grab the [CERAMIC MOSAIC].

Proceed .. and jump on the ledge. Grab the plank and drag it down so the dog can continue up with you. You'll have to take the lower path here because of the gas swirling around in the upper path. Stay close to the dog's light. When you're back together, grab the [GREY GHOST] to the left nearby. When you continue, make sure you grab the [SKELETON HAND], [SKELETON HIP BONE] and [CARTOON BONE]. When you reach the end of the path, jump on the ledge, flip the switch back and forth so our trusty dog can catch a ride with the lift, and hop on the rear of the dog. When you're close to the upper ledge on the left, time your jump well and grab the [PIXEL SKULL] and [CHRISTMAS LIGHT].


Continue, and hop off the dog's back when you reach the trap. Ride the skeleton lifts - beware you don't jump against their spiked roofs - and grab the prize bubble on the right during the last elevator ride. Yes, you can “walk” through the wall here, the bubble contains [SKULL]. The prize bubble on top of the final skeleton skull is tricky indeed to get. Hop on top of the second skull and leap all the way to the left so you can grab the skull and swing it all the way to the left. You'll get to a ledge where you can grab a Challenge Key and the [APPLIENCE OF SCIENCE] audio. Use the skull once more (either from the ledge you're standing on, or like you did before from the second skull) and swing it to the top of the third skull lift to snatch the [PICTURE FRAME] prize bubble.

The next area is very dark at times, so walk through it slowly. There are three well hidden prize bubbles to be found in the background (jump around in the background behind things). They hold: [SKELETON ARM], [SKELETON LEG] and [SHELETON TORSO]. Be careful of the spikes on the main path, and be more wary of the bats coming up next. Don't forget to pick up the [DEADLY BAT] object.

When you proceed from here, grab the skeleton skull to swing over the spikes while avoiding the bat. The next skull can be grabbed to slide over the next spikes. You'll find the [SMALL LED LIGHT] along the way. Jump across the next spiked floor and grab the [RED CANDLE]. In the next room, search the lower left for [PURPLE SKULL SKIRT], [PRUPLE SKULL ARM], and [SPOTTY SKULL LEG]. Pull the block with the skull away from the wall and grab the revealed [SUGAR SKULL].  Jump on the block from the stairs and proceed your way. Jump over the extending spiked block and get the [METAL SKULL PLATE] in the process.

Pull the block away.

Continue and find Don Lu on the ground. In order to drag him over to the right, swing over the spikes using the skull bungees. At the end flip the switch and the spikes will be removed. You can also use the first skull bungee to get to a 2 player stage up beyond, on the upper left.

This is a challenging 2 Player Stage.

2x Players:
Grab the next skull too, and in the next section, have one player grab the lamp while the other hops onto the lifted platform. The upper player must drop down from above and grab the three prize bubbles between the spikes. This means you have to drop down three times, but you receive the [RED PIÑATA MOTIF], [GREEN PIÑATA MOTIF] and [BLUE PIÑATA MOTIF]. In order to get the bubbles at the very end, the lower player must hop over all the spikes, which is impossible in the dark. The upper player must shine a light on them so they can make it through.  The upper player must, in the end, hop on the button so the lower player can pass through. In the room on the left you'll find the [FLOWER FRAME], [CYCLOPS EYE] and the [PINK STAR SUNGLASSES].

Drag Don Lu all the way to the right and up a little platform launcher, that is, drag him until you can't go any further. Climb the stairs, jump on the button and Don Lu will be launched next to you. You can either continue or do another 2 player part.

2x Players:
Have one player stand on the launcher, the other one will press the button. The player that gets launched into the air must also jump themselves when the ejecter does it's thing in order to give an extra boost. With the right jump, the player will be able to grab the [SUGAR BONE] and [TORN CLOTH] in an alcove above. Proceed.

Drag Don Lu through the next hall. Since you're doing him such a big favor, don't be shy to use him as a stepping stone to reach the prize bubbles: [PIÑATA DOG], [BLUE PIÑATA MOTIF], [PINK PIÑATA MOTIF] and [ORANGE PIÑATA MOTIF]. When you can't drag him further, proceed on your own. Ride the first elevator up and stand close to the wall. Hop into the background (Left stick up Jump) and move to the right to grab the [FAIRY LIGHT]. Go all the way up now. Instead of right, head left and grab the skull to go up. Go inside the Popit and select the Pixel Skull sticker (from this level) and place it on all five skeletons. This will reveal two prize bubbles: [BROWN LEATHER] and [BUNNY]. Now head back and head right. Follow the path to the scoreboard.

There's not much to replay except for the 2 Player stages and Acing the level.

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Comments for - The Darkness

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May 1st 2012 Fullenwider
The upper player must drop down from above and grab the three prize bubbles between the spikes. This means you have to drop down three times, but you receive the T5 LED Tube supplier , 12v led lights and flexible led strips . In order to get the bubbles at the very end, the lower player must hop over all the spikes, which is impossible in the dark. The upper player must shine a light on them so they can make it through. The upper player must, in the end
ID #138716
Aug 27th 2011 sarahpunkgirl
[color=red][size=12][/size] [/color] were do u get the bunny teeth
ID #70607
Jun 25th 2011 Cool12309
You said the blue pinata twice. The 2nd one, where it's just one person required, is false (there is no blue pinata there).
ID #52212
Dec 28th 2010 Guest
Where is the Purple Piñata Motif?
ID #22862
Oct 26th 2010 Guest
i aced it on my first go
ID #16403
Sep 21st 2010 Guest
no comments well i got first. veary veary VeArY VEARY hard X2.
ID #13288