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- Lowrider

Little Big Planet Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Little Big Planet Guide - Walkthrough


|# Prize Bubbles In Level:| 69                                                 |
|Complete Level Once:     | Costume: School Girl Dress Grey Tweed            |
|100% Completion Prize:   | Sticker: Early Sackboy Concept                    |
|                         | Object:  Early Sackboy Concept with Frame          |
|Ace Level Prize:         | Costume: Dinosaur Tail                             |
|PRIZE BUBBLE PICKUPS IN LEVEL:                                                |
|STICKERS:               |COSTUMES:                 |OBJECTS:                  |
|[] Bacon Slab (9)       |[] Afro Wig (22)          |[] Bling Curtain (50)     |
|[] Bobcat (55)          |[] American Jacket* (33)  |[] Custom Sports Car (69) |
|[] Coffee Logo (68)     |[] American Trousers* (27)|[] Electrified            |
|[] Dripping Smile (41)  |[] Baseball Cap (65)      |   Hazard Sign (56)       |
|[] Fruity Logo (34)     |[] Baseball Vest (39)     |[] Hanging Traffic        |
|[] Graffiti Scrawl (20) |[] Big Quiff Wig* (47)    |   Light (26)             |
|[] I Heart LBP (45)     |[] Bouffant Hairdo Wig(52)|[] Mags' Car Garage (53)  |
|[] Ice Cream Sign (42)  |[] Cannonball Helmet* (49)|[] Piston Lowrider (19)   |
|[] LOLZ (8)             |[] Dollar Chain (57)      |[] Red Skyscraper Scene(5)|
|[] Pink Blaster (11)    |[] Hero Cape* (13)        |[] Scrap Car Lift (51)    |
|[] Pink Donuts Logo (1) |[] Mirror Sunglasses(15)  |[] Scrap Cars 1 (12)      |
|[] Red Bicycle (66)     |[] Tracksuit Bottoms (67) |[] Scrap Cars 2 (21)      |
|[] Route 77 (60)        |[] Tracksuit Top (6)      |[] Scrap Cars 3 (46)      |
|[] Skyline 3 (28)       |[] Sequin Dress (17)      |[] Skyscraper Scene (36)  |
|[] Statue of Liberty(61)'--------------------------|[] Spanner (62)           |
|[] Wanted Poster (54)    |DECORATIONS:             |[] Spotlight (16)         |
|[] Yeah (29)             |-------------------------|[] Tricycle Wheel (38)    |
|-------------------------|[] Bling Ring (24)       |[] Uncle Jalapeños Car(37)|
|MATERIALS:               |[] Button Eyes (25)      |[] Wheel Gear (3)         |
|-------------------------|[] C Pipe (44)           |[] Wrench (30)            |
|[] Brown Rusty Metal (2) |[] Car Bling (58)        |[] Red Lowrider (18)      |
|[] Chrome and Velvet (59)|[] LBP Badge (14)        '--------------------------|
|[] Concrete Panelling (4)|[] Metal Support (43)     [] Rough Red Tartan       |
|[] Taxi Metal (31)       |[] Pipe (48)                 Patch (40)             |
|-------------------------|[] Red Tartan             [] Toy Car Engine (63)    |
|AUDIO:                   |   Patch (7)              [] Toy Car Exhaust (23)   |
|--------------------------------------------------. [] Toy Car Spoiler (10)   |
|[] Metropolis Int Music (64)  |                   | [] Y Pipe (32)            |
|[] 'Rythm Trax 07' (35)       |                   '---------------------------'

Hop into the car and grab the [UNCLE JALAPEÑO'S CAR] prize bubble. Pull the lever to the left to drive the car to the front, and pull it to the right to drive backwards. If only driving was so simply in real life ...

You'll grab the Route 77 Sticker later on in this level.

A sticker puzzle is nearby - A Route 77 board (for which you get the sticker  later on this level) is easily passed. Replay the level when you get the sticker. Drive up and back and up, collecting the [SCYSCRAPER SCENE]. When you meet Mags the Mechanic it's time to leave the car and proceed to the right,  where loads of prize bubbles await you: [WHITE SEQUIN DRESS], [TRACKSUIT TOP], [WHITE SEQUIN DRESS], [BASKETBALL VEST], [TRACKSUIT BOTTOMS], [BASEBALL CAP], [MIRROR SUNGLASSES], [DOLLAR CHAIN], and the [BASEBALL CAP].

Proceed to the right and hop on the red car. Press the button to be launched in the air. If you only launch yourself slightly, you can swing from light to light and grab the [C PIPE], [Y PIPE], and [PIPE] decorations. Continue to the 2nd red car on the left. Press the button and grab the light. Swing into the alcove on the right and flip the switch to the right to open up a gate below.  You'll open up a taxi garage, and a sticker puzzle is inside. You'll first have to collect the Pink Blaster Sticker however (this level), so go back to the red cars.

Head up and use the 3rd car to reach the lights, which in turn can be used to swing to the left and grab various prize bubbles: [PISTON LOWRIDER], [GRAFFITI SCRAWL], and [SPOTLIGHT]. In the tower you can find the [BROWN RUSTY METAL] and below that room the [PINK BLASTER]. To get to the lower room, drop down and immediately push left to fall in that room. From the lowest room, however, you can continue your swinging to the left by jumping to the yellow stoplight.  Grab the [PINK DONUTS LOGO] and jump on the building at the statue of liberty.  Grab the [STATUE OF LIBERTY] sticker, then jump to the next stoplight and grab the [COFFEE LOGO] sticker. Swing on the yellow roof on the left and grab the final three prize bubbles: [WRENCH], [SPANNER] and [MAGS' CAR GARAGE].

With the Pink Blaster Sticker in hand, head back to the taxi room and use it to gain [METAL SUPPORT], [I HEART LBP], [LBP BADGE], [WHEEL GEAR], and [METROPOLIS INT MUSIC]. Now use the 3rd red car to reach the light again, and swing to the right. Move the car somewhat to the right and use the button to lift yourself up in the air. Beware of the electrified spinners, but don't let those stop you from getting the Challenge Key and [RED LOWRIDER], [RED SCYSCRAPER SCENE] and [ELECTRIFIED HAZARD SIGN].
After grabbing these obvious prize bubbles, let's not forget the less obvious placed ones, shall we? Oh you didn't know? Well, if you drive the car to the left, and use it to launch yourself on the ledge above, there is a little block you can push to the left, which will poop the prize bubbles through the tunnel, making them ripe for the taking for you. Get the [BACON SLAB] and [WANTED POSTER] from these bubbles. Drive the car all the way to the right afterwards.

Lower the ramp by bumping Sackboy against it, then drive back with your car and move over.

In order to grab the [TAXI METAL] bubble high above, jump to the max with the car. Push the ramp on the left down and get the [ICE CREAM SIGN] sticker. Hop in your car and drive over the ramp. Now you can hit the switch and also grab the [HANGING TRAFFIC LIGHT]. Proceed to the right. Park the car under the electric spinners and launch yourself through the middle. Grab the [CONCRETE PANELING] material and make your way over the car to the right.

Jump on the tire and jump over the electrified bits to grab the [ROUTE 77], [TRICYCLE WHEEL], [SCRAP CARS 2], [ROUGH RED TARTAN PATCH], [BOBCAT], [SKYLINE 3], and [RED TARTAN PATCH]. Hop on the next car and grab the [BUTTON EYES] sticker on there. Drop down on the car below, and jump over to the left to grab the [SCRAP CARS 3]. Make your way to the car-elevator, which you should use to grab all the prize bubbles in this area: [LOLZ], [YEAH], [RED BICYCLE], [BLING CURTAIN], [CHROME AND VELVET], [BLING RING] and [SCRAP CAR LIFT]. Also check out the 2 Player area by flipping the lever and going down. You can grab the [SCRAP CARS 1] even when you're playing alone.

2x Players:
Have one player hang onto the fabric ball below, and have the other one drive the car. Make sure the player below doesn't get electrified. Use the levers both below and up to open the gates, and you'll be able to grab the [AMERICAN TROUSERS], [CANNONBALL HELMET], [BIG QUIFF WIG] and at the upper end, [AMERICAN JACKET] and [HERO CAPE].

This 2 Player Area has quite a genius design.

Continue to the right, and meet up with Mags again. Flip the switch, then put the Route 77 Sticker (this level) on your new car and grab [TOY CAR SPOILER], [TOY CAR EXHAUST], [CAR BLING] and [TOY CAR ENGINE]. Race the car to the right afterwards, and race Ze Dude.. which speaks for itself. At the end, grab the [RYTHM TRAX 07] Audio (which might be hidden behind the car now). Finish the level on the right.

Slap the Route 77 Sticker on the board at the start of the level in order to get the [FRUITY LOGO] and [DRIPPING SMILE] stickers.

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Comments for - Lowrider

9 comments, latest first.
Aug 27th 2011 Guest
The stickers to put on the car can be any i belueve. I put the route 77 one first and it gave me prizes, then i tried it with the boombox and it also worked. Smile
ID #70543
Jun 5th 2011 Guest
you put basseball cap 2 times
ID #47224
Apr 29th 2011 Guest
For the one where you have to place something on the car you can place anything at all on it.
ID #40464
Apr 18th 2011 Guest
There is a place where you need a sticker of a car. Where do you find that one?

ID #38163
Feb 23rd 2011 Guest
where is the baseball vest??
ID #30118
Jan 13th 2011 Guest
wheres the Bouffant Hairdo Wig?
ID #25240
Dec 27th 2010 Guest
it's possible to get the 2x prizes without 2 players: carefully position the car with the sponge underneath it so that the rising/falling electrified block hits it and makes it swing. a well timed jump and release will let you reach the middle platform and throw the switch. you probably won't be able to get back, so just jump into the mist and respawn. then drive the car to the left, drop down, and finish the puzzle.
ID #22688
Oct 29th 2010 Guest
i already got 100% and aced it
ID #16670
Sep 19th 2010 Guest
THanks, I found the one I was looking for! Great guide, detailed and very easy to find what sticker your looking for. THanks!
ID #13063