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- Boom Town

Little Big Planet Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Little Big Planet Guide - Walkthrough

Boom Town

|# Prize Bubbles In Level:| 80                                                 |
|Complete Level Once:     | Costume: Red Flowers Fringed Dress               |
|100% Completion Prize:   | Sticker: Boom Town Concept                        |
|                         | Object:  Boom Town Concept with Frame              |
|Ace Level Prize:         | Costume: Cowboy Boots Leather Gloves             |
|PRIZE BUBBLE PICKUPS IN LEVEL:                                                |
|STICKERS:                |OBJECTS:                |MATERIALS:                 |
|[] Angry Skull (5)       |[] Bandit Toy           |[] Brown Stripy Fabric(72) |
|[] Big Spider (41)       |   Soldier 1 (20)       |[] Check Fabric (43)       |
|[] Blue Paint (79)       |[] Bandit Toy           |[] Dark Wood (57)          |
|[] Border Bit (36)       |   Soldier 2 (54)       |[] Green Stripes Fabric(6) |
|[] Cactus (77)           |[] Birds in Tree (17)   |[] Orange Wood (13)        |
|[] Cactus Arm (14)       |[] Black Rubber         |[] Red Wood (75)           |
|[] Cactus Body (61)      |   Scorpion (28)        |[] Red-Painted Wood (4)    |
|[] Colonial Arch Motif(9)|[] Blue Pen* (27)       |[] Sandpaper (66)          |
|[] Colonial Balcony (48) |[] Bumpy Cow* (65)      |[] Weathered Green Wood(32)|
|[] Colonial Door (74)    |[] Calavera the         |[] Weathered Wood (8)      |
|[] Green Face (50)       |   Wrestler* (49)       |[] White Panels (47)       |
|[] Long Colonial         |[] Cat Piñata (45)      |---------------------------|
|   Window (21)           |[] Fat Cactus (59)      |COSTUME:                   |
|[] Mexican Door (31)     |[] Green Ocarina* (53)  |---------------------------|
|[] Mexican Shutters (64) |[] Hillside Village (15)|[] Feathered Head Band*(68)|
|[] Mustard Colonial      |[] Impact Explosive     |[] Lace Trim Dress (46)    |
|   Motif (12)            |   Emitter (60)         |[] Long Moustache (73)     |
|[] Pixel Cactus (62)     |[] Iron Mine Cart (10)  |[] Mexican Wrestler (67)   |
|[] Red Paint (37)        |[] Jumbo Chili* (80)    |[] Patchy Eye* (52)        |
|[] Round Orange Face*(35)|[] Large Cactus (34)    |[] Piñata (22)             |
|[] Smiley Sun* (33)      |[] Luchador the         |[] Red Poncho (19)         |
|[] Square Colonial       |   Wrestler* (16)       |[] Ringmaster Trousers*(76)|
|   Motif (71)            |[] Mexican Basket*(42)  |[] Seniorita Wig (29)      |
|[] Square Colonial       |[] Mexican Rock Scene(78|[] Sombrero Hat (39)       |
|   Window (55)           |[] Mexican Vase (1)     |---------------------------|
|[] Warrior Hand* (58)    |[] Narrow Rooftop (70)  |AUDIO:                     |
|[] Warrior Swoop* (23)   |[] Pencil (44)          |---------------------------|
|[] White Paint (40)      |[] Powered Mine Cart*26)|[] 'Cornman' (2)           |
|[] White Window (3)      |[] Red Ocarina (11)     |[] 'Cries in the Wind'(30) |
|[] Window Semi Circle(18)|[] Rocket Cart (56)     |                           |
|[] Yellow Corner (69)    |[] Round Cactus (38)    |                           |
|[] Yellow Paint (25)     |[] Sombrero Hat (63)    |---------------------------'
|                         |[] Thin Cactus (24)     |
|                         |[] Wide Rooftop (7)     |
'-------------------------|[] Wooden Ruler* (51)   |

There are a lot of prize bubbles to be found in this level, and it starts right away. Jump to the ledge on the right to find two prize bubbles: [BIRDS IN TREE] and [WHITE PANELS]. Behind the cactus on the right, the [PIXEL CACTUS] can be found. Backtrack to the left and look for the [GREEN STRIPES FABRIC]. Then head right and grab the vast amount of prize bubbles: [PIÑATA], [LONG MUSTACHE], [RED PONCHO], [SOMBRERO HAT], [MLACE TRIM DRESS], [MEXICAN WRESTLER] and the[SENIORITA WIG]. Proceed.

Behind the cactus left of the person you can find [FAT CACTUS] and [CACTUS ARM] stickers - you'll have to jump for one of them. Continue your way and grab the [CACTUS] sticker. Next up, jump from platform to platform carefully, and make your way over the sharp cacti while getting the [MEXICAN ROCK SCENE] and [LARGE CACTUS].

Back on the ground, look behind the large cactus on the left for two prize bubbles - one is in the air: [RED WOOD] and [ORANGE WOOD]. Head right and pull the stacked blocks to the right. Grab the [BROWN STRIPY FABRIC], and look behind the small cactus nearby for a [THIN CACTUS]. Jump over the spikes and collect the [ROUND CACTUS] while doing it.

Climb the mountain - jump on the red button to blow up some explosives (and wait after that for a burning rock to roll down). At the next button be even more precautious - two burning boulders come rolling down after blowing the wall that was rigged with explosives, so it might be best to jump back to the foreground.

At the upper left, give the cow a push and grab the [SANDPAPER]. Also grab the Challenge Key that's hanging around the cow's neck. Head up some more and grab the [HILLSIDE VILLAGE] object. If you step on the red button, be sure to hop to the foreground - or a huge burning boulder will crush you. A prize bubble that comes rolling down will hold the [CHECK FABRIC].

2x Players:
Have one player move the plank over to the ravine on the lower right so both can pass. The other player can grab one of the mines and carefully drag it to the rightmost minecart. Once inside, have the other player position the cart to the very end of the tracks - which should cause a standstill. Get out of the cart, flip the lever (which triggers the conveyer belt's movement), and when the cart is in place (on the left), so the exact same with the other cart, except when the cart is about halfway the conveyor belt, flip the switch the other way to raise the belt and have it move in the opposite direction. First of all, grab the [WEATHERED GREEN WOOD] already laying around, then hit the button for the party to go boom. Collect the [JUMBO CHILI], [POWERED MINE CART], [BUMPY COW], [WARRIOR HAND], [ROUND ORANGE FACE], [WOODEN RULER], [GREEN OCARINA],[BLUE PEN], [CALAVERA THE WRESTLER], [MEXICAN BASKET] and [LUCHADOR THE WRESTLER].

Head upwards and push the crate to a stack of explosives. Climb the houses and push the red button. After the blast, be sure to pick up the [MEXICAN SHUTTER], [WHITE WINDOW], [COLONIAL DOOR] and [LONG COLONIAL DOOR]. Climb the steps, grab the [DARK WOOD] and head left. Grab the [MEXICAN DOOR] from the platform, then push the red button on top and snatch [YELLOW CORNER], [COLONIAL ARCH MOTIF], [SQUARE COLONIAL WINDOW] and [YELLOW PAINT]. Also grab the [MUSTARD COLONIAL MOTIF] from the roof of the building on the very left. Now continue your way to the right.

Jump down to find the Mustard Colonial Motif.

Hop onto the big red Piñata to grab the [CAT PIÑATA], plus the [CRIES IN THE WIND] audio when the thing breaks. Also get the Challenge Key. Head right and jump on top of the Bank to find [NARROW ROOFTOP] and [COLONIAL BALCONY]. Also take your time to make the red dude fart alot by simply grabbing him. Tap that R1, alright! Head right from the bank and look behind the ramp for the [RED OCARINA] object. Proceed right.

You'll meet the evil sheriff here. Press the button and hop onto the rocket, which will get you over the ravine. Grab the [ROCKET CART] object while doing this. Head past the jail and go into the tunnel, but beware of the scorpions.  Grab the three prize bubbles with [RED PAINT], [BLUE PAINT] and [WHITE PAINT].

At the end, grab the colored block (ignore The Collector who grabs the romancing pair from the hotel) and place it next to the explosives cart. Climb it to reach the higher ledge. Here, place the Orange Bird Sticker (The Savannah – The Meerkat Kingdom) on all five birds. If you miss, you get blown up. If you succeed, you get [CACTUS BODY], [ANGRY SKULL], [WEATHERED WOOD], [CORNMAN], [BORDER BIT] and [WINDOW SEMI CIRCLE].

Head back to the explosives cart and make your way through the scorpions. Use the cart to grab the prize bubbles in the alcove: [BLACK RUBBER SCORPION], [BIG SPIDER] and [MEXICAN VASE]. Now take the cart with you to the jail. Go to the door of the jail and stuff gets blown up. Grab the prize bubbles in the back which hold: [BANDIT TOY SOLDIER 1], [BANDIT TOY SOLDIER 2], [PENCIL], [SQUARE COLONIAL MOTIF], and [WIDE ROOFTOP]. Some are hidden in the building. Jump down the hole and grab the jetpack.

With the jetpack, grab an explosive ball and drop it at the end of the tunnel to remove the rocks. You'll have to do this several times. Also grab the [RED PAINTED WOOD], [IMPACT EXPLOSIVE EMITTER], and [GREEN FACE]. Once through, you will be able to get some more jetpacks. Explosives can be found to the right, and if you grab some you can blow a hole in the rock-floor on the left to reveal a 2 player area.

2x Players:
In this area, have one player push the red button to keep the panel open, and have the other player use the bombs to clear the way on the lower left. This takes 4 bombs at the very least. When cleared, grab the [PATCHY EYE], [SMILEY SUN], [RINGMASTER TROUSERS], [WARRIOR SWOOP] and [FEATHERED HEAD BAND].

Continue to the right and grab an explosive while having a jetpack equipped.  Carefully and slowly make your way though the three wooden spikes, and don't swing that explosive around too much - that includes the ground. Use the bombs to clear the path ahead. A prize bubble can be found here: [SOMBRERO HAT]. Head all the way up, collect another prize bubble, the [IRON MINE CART], and hop into the mine cart to finish the level.

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Oct 13th 2015 Guest
I'm missing #80 where using? Pleaseeeeee!👌🏻
ID #616298
Nov 10th 2014 Guest
Plz help me with the giant wooden spikes I tried the x2 and I can't do it correctly
ID #470031
Jul 31st 2014 Guest
[img][img][/img] [/img]
ID #428681
Oct 29th 2013 Guest
how do i get the stickers from the bank on little big planet?
ID #316981
Aug 7th 2013 Guest
Can I cheat! I get stuck with the 3 spikes and the impact bomb?! :(
ID #303266
Mar 28th 2013 Guest
Im missing item #12. Where is it?
ID #268016
Nov 17th 2012 leoriela
I cannot get through the spikes with the mines its too hard. any help ANYONE!!
ID #209447
Jan 13th 2012 Guest
Where is the key to unlock the next board?
ID #105434
Jan 6th 2012 Guest
ok how do we catch the rocket??
ID #103330
Oct 4th 2011 Guest
My 5 year old son really wants the cowboy boots that you win when you Ace this level, but as a mom who grew up with Atari my skill level is just not up to snuff. Can anyone give me any suggestions how to get through the final challenge where you have to carry the bombs through the moving wooden spikes? I keep getting blown up and I've tried more times than I want to admit. Thanks!
ID #78326
Sep 22nd 2011 Guest
[b][size=12][size=12][size=12][size=12]This level is very VERY hard! I can not get past the part with the stalagtites and touch bombs... Is there a cheat to get past boom town?
ID #75941
Jul 21st 2011 Guest
You did NOT show how to get in the bank!Why?!
ID #59871
Jul 10th 2011 Guest
Thank you i had one missing the fat cactus and it drove me Insane to find it thanks a lot m8 !!
ID #56648
Jun 25th 2011 Cool12309
#11720 said:u can use 1 remote and get it yeah go up and push the button that explodes everything jump down and go to the right push the bombs by the window and push the other button above where you pushed the bombs. go to the X2 and grab the bottom of the cart and swing across. get the bubbles and your free 2 go

Add me on PSN: Cool12309
ID #52271
Jun 22nd 2011 Guest
you didnt explain how to blow up the bank. any suggestions?
ID #51181