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- The Terrible Oni's Volcano

Little Big Planet Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Little Big Planet Guide - Walkthrough

The Terrible Oni's Volcano

|# Prize Bubbles In Level:| 34                                                 |
|Complete Level Once:     | Costume: Pink Hair with Feathers Wig              |
|                         | Objects: Flying Machine The Islands              |
|100% Completion Prize:   | Sticker: The Islands - Mini City Concept          |
|                         | Objects: The Islands - Mini City Concept with Frame|
|Ace Level Prize:         | Costume: Japanese Festival Headband                |
|PRIZE BUBBLE PICKUPS IN LEVEL:                                                |
|STICKERS:                |OBJECTS:                 |DECORATIONS:              |
|[] Black Waveform (8)    |[] Bonsai Pot (21)       |[] Cream Marble Button*24)|
|[] Bouncy Cloud (19)     |[] Dagger (22)           |[] Dark Wooden Button (32)|
|[] Dragon Tooth (26)     |[] Japanese Coin*(20)    |[] Square Blue Button (17)|
|[] Japanese Pattern (6)  |[] Long Vase (13)        |[] Wind Charm (1)         |
|[] Japanese Samurai 2 (3)|[] Ornate Bridge (14)    |[] Wooden Button (9)      |
|[] Japanese Stork (16)   |[] Pointing Grandmaster  |--------------------------|
|[] Japanese Sun (30)     |   Sensei (31)           |MATERIALS:                |
|[] Kimono Outline (25)   |[] Rainbow Tree (23)     |--------------------------|
|[] Old-Fashioned Specs(28|[] Rustic Vase (34)      |[] Beige Wood (5)         |
|[] Pretty Leaf (10)      |[] Spike Trap (33)       |[] Ceramic (4)            |
|-------------------------|[] Wind Up Teeth (2)     |[] Golden Wood (29)       |
|COSTUMES:                |[] Wind Up Teeth         |[] Illuminated Screen (18)|
|-------------------------|   - Bottom (27)         |[] White Wood* (15)       |
|[] Fairy Star Wand (11)  |[] Wind Up Teeth         |                          |
|                         |   - Top (12)            |                          |
'-------------------------|[] Wooden Pagoda (7)     |                          |

Walk down the stairs and swing the second red lantern to grab the [JAPANESE PATTERN] sticker. Hop into the flying machine and use the three sponges to float to the upper right. Keep an eye out for the two prize bubbles: [JAPANESE SUN] and [ORNATE BRIDGE]. When you reach the upper ground, grab the [[LONG VASE] object, and also grab the [WOODEN PAGODA] object that is somewhere in the region of the roof you're close to. Land the flying machine and go to the left to drop down for some exploration.

This will be your transportation to the volcano's interior.

Pop the creature on the right and collect the nearby [SQUARE BLUE BUTTON].

Further below, go past two more creatures until you reach the centipede spikes.  Try to stay in the middle, and use the trampoline when the spikes have only retracted just now. At the top, flip the lever to open the gate and use the newly revealed stairs to board your flying machine.

Fly off to the right and be on the lookout for prize bubbles. Two of them are found by solving a sticker puzzle for which you don't have the needed sticker yet (the Bouncy Cloud Sticker). When you do, return here and slap it on the cardboard cloud below.

Stamp the Bouncy Cloud Sticker on here.

Land on the next tower, and grab the [GOLDEN WOOD] from around the roof. Hop down two levels and move through the spikes on the right to grab the [SPIKE TRAP]. On the far left of this platform lies the [ILLUMINATED SCREEN]. In this same small room you can also solve a sticker puzzle by placing the Sakura Flower Sticker (Sensei's Lost Castle - previous level) on the board and receive the [RAINBOW TREE] and the [PRETTY LEAF].

Hop down when the spikes can't bother you and move to the background to find the [JAPANESE SAMURAI 2] sticker. Head right and avoid all spikes. Use the same trampoline vs centipede spikes construction to get on top and open the gate
using the lever. Fly off into the sky and make your way to the volcano. Oh, and grab the 4 prize bubbles near clouds while on your way. They hold: [BEIGE WOOD], [DRAGON TOOTH], [BOUNCY CLOUD] and the [POINTING GRANDMASTER SENSEI]. Fly into the volcano and make sure you grab all five prize bubbles during your descent. You can add [JAPANESE STORK], [KIMONO OUTLINE], [OLD-FASHIONED SPECS], [WOODEN BUTTON] and the [BLACK WAVEFORM] to your collection this way.

2x Players:
Have the first player step on the red button so the stream of magma rocks is blocked. Have the other player cross and stand on the button on the other side so that the player left behind can also cross. Grab the [WHITE WOOD], then continue to the left.
Here, have one player drop down on the cart, and have the other move the cart to the left with the lever. But beware, more magma blocks are falling from above at the opening nearby the prize bubbles, so the upper player should do their best to manouvrer the cart through at the right time. The lower player has very little room for movement. The prize bubbles hold [CREAM MARBLE BUTTON] and the [JAPANESE COIN]. Head back to the main area.

Head to the right, and jump over the two little gaps. Continue, make a little stop in between the wheel to jump over the flaming obstacle, hop onto the stairs, and make your way across the platforms to the left. You can hop through the wall on the left here and place the Pink Warrior Mask Sticker (previous level) to get the [DARK WOODEN BUTTON] and the [BONSAI POT]. Next up is a similar wheel construction, this time with four burning rocks swinging behind each other. Dodge them and grab the [CERAMIC] and [RUSTIC VASE].

Next up is The Terrible Oni Boss, which is really, really easy in my opinion.  There are two layers here: The front, on which Oni swings his kitchen knife at the second platform, and the back, where Oni will hurl fireballs at the lever.  It's just a matter of jumping to the second platform, and then to the back. Here you can never get hit. When the fireballs have been spit out, quickly go to the lever and pull it right to move the cat towards Oni. A fraction of a second after Oni swings his knife, rush back to the right while staying in the back.  The cat will be pushed back slightly by the rocks, but not much. When you get the chance, return to the lever and move the cat a little bit closer. Do this a few times and the cat will defeat Oni.
Head to the right to collect the [DAGGER], [WIND UP TEETH], [WIND UP TEETH-TOP], and the [WIND UP TEETH-BOTTOM].


Use the Bouncy Cloud Sticker after your departure from the first tower, and collect the [FAIRY STAR WAND] and [WIND CHARM].

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Comments for - The Terrible Oni's Volcano

9 comments, latest first.
Jul 2nd 2013 Guest
its says that the pink warrior mask sticker activates a switch but where is the switch i'd like to know

ID #294568
Feb 21st 2011 Guest
Awesome!!!!!!!! I was stuck in the part where you have to kill the one bad guy!!! Now i know how to!!!! Thanks , people who uploaded the video!!!!
ID #29815
Jan 15th 2011 Guest
Thanks guys my 5 year old and I have been wondering how to get the Cloud Sticker to get the Magic Wand. We got it. :-)
ID #25479
Sep 8th 2010 Guest
the magnetic switch just makes the smoke go down. when you land if you havn't noticed the smoke it goes away when you land.i also aced ALL the level. i can be some help. PSN:theironfist1649

ID #11984
Aug 27th 2010 Guest
I was missing the Pointing Grandmaster Sensei (thanks for the numbered list!!) - It IS in the clouds on the way up - but it blends in with the pointing sensei that is riding on the cloud @@ Look carefully. I must've went through the level a dozen times before I found it.
ID #10469
Aug 19th 2010 Guest
The boss walkthrough was very effective! ^_^
ID #9467
Aug 9th 2010 Guest
I'm missing one item from this level and I have NO CLUE where its at...
ID #8214
Jul 8th 2010 Guest
At the very beginning,under the entrance checkpoint,there are two of those little doll things and if you walk down the first staircase there's one of those bolts that would let the second one open but how the dickens do you open it?There's also a magnet switch under the flying machine but it doesn't seem to do anything.
ID #3618
Jul 2nd 2010 Guest
Yeah item 31 is not there the Sensei where is it?
ID #2808