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- The Wedding Reception

Little Big Planet Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Little Big Planet Guide - Walkthrough

The Wedding Reception

|# Prize Bubbles In Level:| 63                                                 |
|Complete Level Once:     | Costume: Fairy Dress Rainbow Dot                 |
|100% Completion Prize:   | Sticker: Wrestling Ring Concept                   |
|                         | Object:  Wrestling Ring Concept with Frame         |
|Ace Level Prize:         | Costume: Wooden Sword                              |
|PRIZE BUBBLE PICKUPS IN LEVEL:                                                |
|STICKERS:               |DECORATIONS:           |OBJECTS:                     |
|[] Big Chin Skeleton(39)|[] Bow Tie (50)        |[] Balloon Launcher (27)     |
|[] Bowler Hat (57)      |[] Glasses (15)        |[] Bowler-Hatter Skeleton(25)|
|[] Calavera the         |[] Lower Teeth (62)    |[] Dismembered Hand (34)     |
|   Wrestler (4)         |[] Plastic Ear (20)    |[] Large Balloon (55)        |
|[] Confused Skull (16)  |[] Plastic Mustache(60)|[] Little Butler (43)        |
|[] Green Skulls (6)     |[] Plastic Nose (28)   |[] Medium Balloon (12)       |
|[] Half Moon (13)       |[] Springy Arm (22)    |[] Screaming Skull (9)       |
|[] Huge Eye (3)         |[] White Flower (33)   |[] Skeleton Talking Head (5) |
|[] Psycho Bunny (53)    |[] Wobbly Leg (52)     |[] Skull Bungee Cord (21)    |
|[] Purple Stuff (11)    |[] Yellow Dandelions(51|[] Skull Lift (41)           |
|[] Purple Skeleton      |[] Yellow Flower (2)   |[] Small Balloon (40)        |
|   Torso (24)           |-----------------------|[] Spiked Screaming Skull(56)|
|[] Red Coffin (26)      |COSTUME:               |[] Stained Glass             |
|[] Red X (35)           |-----------------------|   Bouncy Platform (44)      |
|[] Saint (61)           |[] Black Tuxedo (31)   |[] Teeter Platform (59)      |
|[] Skeleton Hat (29)    |[] Bow Tie (19)        |[] Tilting Stained           |
|[] Standing Skeleton(49)|                       |   Glass Window (36)         |
|------------------------|[] Farmer's Cap* (42)  |[] Wavy Davy Skeleton (7)    |
|MATERIALS:              |[] Red Wig (18)        |-----------------------------|
|------------------------|[] Straw* (48)         |AUDIO:                       |
|[] Basket (8)           |[] Top Hat (32)        |-----------------------------|
|[] Bevel Concrete (54)  |[] Wedding Veil (46)   |[] 'Volver a Comenzar'* (47) |
|[] Blue Glass (23)      |[] White Wedding       |[] 'Disco'n'Tinued' (10)     |
|[] Brown Glass (45)     |   Dress (1)           |                             |
|[] Green Glass (17)     |[] Fuzzy Scribble(38)  |                             |
|[] Purple Glass (63)    |[] Zombie Boy (14)     |                             |
|[] Red & Gold Cutout    |[] Zombie Girl (58)    |-----------------------------'
|   Wood (37)            |-----------------------'
|[] Red Glass (30)       |
|                        |


Continue through the skeleton's mouth and jump on the platform to the right.  The prize bubbles on the higher platforms can easily be gotten by pulling the platforms to the side by grabbing the basket material in the middle. Your rewards: [BASKET], [BEVEL CONCRETE], [RED & GOLD CUTOUT WOOD] and [TEETER PLATFORM]. Continue to the right. You'll come across a jumping platform. If you wish to grab the [PURPLE GLASS], [BIG STAINED GLASS WINDOW] and [RED GLASS], you'll have to jump at the right time; When the platform is going upwards press jump and you'll be lifted higher than the last time. Take a little practice and grab those prizes. You can continue to the right -upper and lower paths differ-in two ways. From the platform with the prize bubble you can get to the upper platform (with a sticker puzzle you can soon solve). Below you'll have to deal with the butler creature. Pop his brain in his mouth when it's not electrified, and be sure you don't jump against the spiked roof.


More on the right and grab the [LITTLE BUTLER] from the platform. Continue and you'll come across five balloons. You can grab onto any of them in order to reach the prize bubbles on the platforms high above: You can find the [CONFUSED SKULL], [SKELETON HAT SWITCH TRIGGER], [RED CROSS], [STANDING SKELETON], [BALLOON LAUNCHER], [SAINT STICKER] and [GREEN SKULLS]. Once you make it to one of the platforms, it is also (barely) possible to jump to another, but you can also just be lazy and use the other balloons.


Move to the right and you'll be in a room with a lot of score points. The skull in the middle can launch you to any of the bungee balls - which will allow you to score the points.
To the left of this room is a slightly hidden tunnel with prize bubbles. Use the leftmost bungee to reach it and grab the [SKELETON TALKING HEAD], [BOWLER- HATTED SKELETON], [TILTING STAINED GLASS WINDOW] and the [SKELETON HAND].

img=weddingreception2.jpg title=]

More to the right is another room with prize bubbles. The red button can launch you in the air - high enough to grab the fabric ball - so you can grab the prize bubbles that contain: [HUGE EYE SWITCH TRIGGER], [GREEN GLASS], [SKULL BUNGEE CORD], [BROWN GLASS] and [BLUE GLASS]. You can also reach these by using the bungee from the room on the left.

Continue to the right and jump over the skeleton (don't proceed up - yet). Kill the first butler, but only after you've jumped on his head in order to grab the points above. The second butler is even more important, because you can jump on his head to reach a prize bubble with the [SPIKED SCREAMING SKILL]. To the right is a 2 player room.

Don't kill this butler right away, you need him in order to get this Prize Bubble.

2x Players:
It's quite a simple puzzle: Use the cloth balls attached to the platform on the right to lower this platform - for which you need to switch between grabbing balls, until one player can reach the ball attached to the skeleton's mouth.  Grabbing this one will open the mouth, releasing two prize bubbles with [VOLVER A COMENZAR], [STRAW] and [FARMER'S CAP]. Head back.

Now jump the skull right before the butlers to proceed upwards. The skulls on the left and right will open their mouths to reveal points. To get the prize bubble above the skull, use the Huge Eye Sticker on his eye and get the [FUZZY SCRIBBLE] costume. Then use the skull trampoline on the right to get another prize bubble with the [SCREAMING SKULL]. Continue to the right and ride the skull elevators up.

When riding the last elevator up, jump to the upper right platform just when the elevator is almost at the end (which should give you a slight boost) Grab the [SKULL LIFT] and from here, jump over the skeleton heads to grab prize bubbles that hold: [PLASTIC EAR], [PLASTIC NOSE], [BOW TIE] and [GLASSES]. Also take the low route for some points.

Use the elevator's boost to get on top of the heads.

The next area is pretty self-explanatory.  First of all, there is a hidden tunnel on the lower left - that is, before you use any of the jumping platforms. Drop yourself down carefully and press left.

You can get the following prize bubbles from there: [RED COFFIN], [BIG CHIN SKELETON], [HALF MOON], [TOP HAT], and [CALAVERA THE WRESLER]. Get back up using the skeleton head and use the jumping platforms to get across; Don't miss out on the higher placed prize bubbles which contain: [YELLOW FLOWER], [YELLOW DANDELIONS], [WOBBLY LEGS], [SPRINGY ARM], and [WHITE FLOWER].

Proceed right, head over the bridge, and use the skulls to lift you in the air. Time your jumps well to grab all prize bubbles around here: [SMALL BALLOON], [PSYCHO BUNNY], [PRUPLE SKULL TORSO], [PURPLE STUFF], [MEDIUM BALLOON], and the [SMALL BALLOON]. The last two are floating - and a bit more difficult to get.  Time your jump well. Head to the left of the platform and jump onto the large skeleton with a hat. You'll get a Survival Key plus [DISCO'N'TINUED] and [WAVY DAVY SKELETON]. The one on top of the hat is trickier; Jump on the top part of the head (which is in the background, mind you) when it tilts to the right.  Continue to the right to find Frida and the scoreboard.

Use the acquired Skeleton Hat Sticker and place it on the upper platform near the start of the level (above a butler) as described in the walkthrough. This will net you the [PLASTIC MUSTACHE] and [LOWER TEETH].

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Comments for - The Wedding Reception

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Dec 5th 2015 Guest
That is hard
ID #631240
Jun 29th 2015 Guest
How do I get up to the higher placed prize bubbles which contain: [YELLOW FLOWER], [YELLOW DANDELIONS], [WOBBLY LEGS], [SPRINGY ARM], and [WHITE FLOWER]?
ID #577308
Dec 25th 2012 Guest
how do you use the platforms???? they are soooo hard to do i have been doing this for hours! please help meee

ID #228392
Aug 5th 2012 Guest
how do you get other mini level, not the dangoruos desent but the other one.
ID #172452
Jan 23rd 2012 Guest
what about the room with all the pink spring boards how do u jump to the last one?
ID #108729
Aug 21st 2011 Guest
click to reveal

ID #69103
Aug 21st 2011 Guest
[spoiler][/spoiler] Too ace a level, you need to complete it without losing a life. So in other words, all checkpoints, after you ace the level, should be full to get the prize.

ID #68958
Jul 18th 2011 Guest
How do you get the aced level prize? Iv completed 100% of this but still have not been given the challenge level so I'm guessing I need the aced level prize?
ID #59107
Jun 25th 2011 Cool12309
You said [SMALL BALLOON] twice. =D
ID #52197
Jun 10th 2011 Guest
The key is at the very last jumping platform. You have to keep jumping higher and higher.
ID #48307
Nov 5th 2010 Guest
how do you get the challenge key? i've been trying to find it for a long time.

ID #17368
Sep 29th 2010 Guest
Thanks for the tip on how to get the last object that is on top of the big skeleton hat! I've been trying to jump off the ledge and get it for hours! Also, thanks to the person above for asking the question!

PS3 gamertag: ashesontop

ID #13908
Sep 6th 2010 Guest
you dont jump from the platform but simply from the other side of the hat itself
ID #11707
Aug 7th 2010 Guest
i cant get the last object wavy davy skeleton.
i jump and jump but i cant get on the hat of the big skeleton

ID #7886
Aug 1st 2010 Guest
The jumping platforms are tough. You have to jump a few times with the exact timing to gain height.
ID #7046