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- The Collector's Lair

Little Big Planet Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Little Big Planet Guide - Walkthrough

The Collector's Lair

|# Prize Bubbles In Level:| 65                                                 |
|Complete Level Once:     | Costume: Robot Trousers Object: The Wilderness   |
|100% Completion Prize:   | Stickers: Very First LittleBigPlanet Concept      |
|                         | Objects: Very First LittleBigPlanet Concept with   |
|                         |          Frame Jumping Tank                      |
|Ace Level Prize:         | Costume: Neon Dress                                |
|PRIZE BUBBLE PICKUPS IN LEVEL:                                                |
|OBJECTS:                                          |MATERIALS:                 |
|[] Angled Platform      [] Grandmaster Sensei (37)|[] Metal Beam (9)          |
|   Expander (4)         [] Iron Circular Safe (13)|[] Rusty Metal (42)        |
|[] Baby Doll Arm (16)   [] Jumper Platform (31)   |[] Tin Foil (24)           |
|[] Baby Doll Head (64)  [] King Croc (61)         |[] Wooden Crate (49)       |
|[] Baby Doll Leg (28)   [] King Zola (56)         |---------------------------|
|[] Baby Doll Torso (34) [] Little Xim (25)        |COSTUMES:                  |
|[] Bear (14)            [] Mags the Mechanic (2)  |---------------------------|
|[] Big Xam (58)         [] Male Doll Arm (54)     |[] Chinese Dragon Mask*(36)|
|[] Bungee Bridge (43)   [] Male Doll Head (18)    |[] Mermaid Tail (62)       |
|[] Butler (7)           [] Male Doll Leg (45)     |[] Scale Swimsuit (27)     |
|[] Complex Platform(50) [] Male Doll Torso (23)   |[] Blue Camo* (21)         |
|[] Cuddly Bear Arm (59) [] Mechanical Door (40)   |[] Head Dress* (44)        |
|[] Cuddly Bear Head(26) [] Mechanical Prison (53) |---------------------------|
|[] Cuddly Bear Leg (41) [] Meerkat Mum (38)       |AUDIO:                     |
|[] Cuddly Bear Torso(8) [] Platform Expander (65) |---------------------------|
|[] Danger Platform*(32) [] Right-Angled           |[] 'Leaders of Men' (15)   |
|[] Devante (19)            Platform 1 (33)        |[] 'Rainbow Warrior'* (63) |
|[] Don Lu (35)          [] Right Angled           |---------------------------|
|[] Don Lu's Dog (3)        Platform 2 (12)        |STICKERS:                  |
|[] Expandable           [] The Bouncer (22)       |---------------------------|
|   Square 1 (6)         [] The Goddess (52)       |[] Factory Silhouette (20) |
|[] Frida the Bride (60) [] The Great Magician (10)|[] Pixel Green Block (47)  |
|[] Frida, Don Lu &      [] The King (57)          |[] Power Fist (48)         |
|   The Butler (5)       [] The Queen (46)         |---------------------------|
|                        [] Tube Race Crusher 1(11)|DECORATIONS:               |
|                        [] Tube Race Crusher 2(55)|---------------------------|
|                        [] Tube Race Rotators (39)|[] Metal Plate (17)        |
|                        [] Tube Race Washer (1)   |[] Metal Vent* (30)        |
|                        [] Uncle Jalapeño (29)    |                           |
|                        [] Ze Dude (51)           |---------------------------'

Head right and jump over the gap to the right before you drop down with one of the fabric balls. On the right you'll find a sticker puzzle for which you need the Wiry Tree Sticker (1st Level of The Wilderness). Stick it on the tree to find the [MERMAID TAIL] and [SCALE SWIMSUIT]. Now drop down the lengthy shaft which may remind you of the elevators in Metropolis. Avoid the electrified objects and grab as many bubbles as you can. Along the way you can score the [BUNGEE BRIDGE], [CUDDLY BEAR TORSO], [CUDDLY BEAR LEG], [CUDDLY BEAR ARM], [CUDDLY BEAR HEAD], [RUSTY METAL] and [MECHANICAL PRISON]. The bubble directly under one of the electrified objects my take several replays to grab.

The black box is a key to open the blast doors up ahead.

Once below, hop onto the crate nearby and pull the lever to free the animals.  Grab the [BEAR] object, then push the little black box all the way to the right and open the blastdoors. Continue to the right, score the [MECHANICAL DOOR] and hop onto the moving platform. Snatch the [EXPANDABLE SQUARE 1] from the right, then drop down when possible. Flip the lever to release another imprisoned animal, then make your way to the right. Ignore the prize bubble for now, and make your way to the right. Ride the platform up, jump over the electrified floor and flip the switch to free another prisoner. Head right to the checkpoint and drop down when it's safe to do so. Free the dog, then go back up.

The dog helps you once again, this time by flipping switches, allowing you to collect two otherwise locked Prize Bubbles.

Grab the [IRON CIRCULAR SAFE] from the, well, Iron Circular Safe, which is opened by the dog you just set free. Wait a sec.. Could he also help you with that other prize bubble? Of course he can! Ride the fabric ball up, hop on some platforms and reach the top. Before continuing, head left to the previous checkpoint and drop down for the prize bubble you saved. Move towards it and the dog will too - making the ring open up for you. This requires a little timing, but it nets you the [TIN FOIL]. After adding this to your collection, continue to the next checkpoint on the upper right.

Be sure to not drop into the next two gaps - only an electrocution awaits you below - and make your way to the checkpoint in the hallway. The next part can be tricky. When hopping over the crates, be sure to hop on the lower crates first, since the higher crates will squash you against the ceiling. When possible, hop from crate to crate until you reach a higher pillar. From here you can grab the [METAL BEAM] on the right, but you can also free the crocodile on the left.  Continue to the right and make your way over the horizontally moving stairs.

Leap for the lever attached to the wall on your right and free another prisoner.

Another tricky part lies ahead. L-shaped platforms flip back and forth. If you stand on the first one, grab the [FACTORY SILHOUETTE], and don't stand at the very end, but stand somewhere in the middle and jump to the right when it flips.  This should allow you to snatch the [METAL PLATE] decoration prize bubble.

Continue to the right, and hold on to the fabric at the next L-shaped platform.  You'll see another prize bubble to the right, which you can grab in the same way you grabbed the previous. This one holds the [PIXEL GREEN BLOCK]. However, you should try to grab the fabric material on this L-platform so that when it flips back, you also snatch the [RIGHT-ANGLED PLATFORM 1] object prize bubble. So that's how you call these suckers.

When you fall down, hold the fabric of the platform. When it swings up, quickly grab the hanging fabric ball to your left. Use this to swing to the platform when it's facing left, then quickly hop over the next few platforms until you reach a Challenge Key and the [LEADERS OF MEN] prize bubble. Flip the lever to free Mags, then move back by taking the lower path and grab the [WOODEN CRATE] and [RIGHT-ANGLED PLATFORM 2] along the way. From the checkpoint, make your way through the hall until you reach more moving obstacles.

Moving through the first set isn't very difficult, but be wary of the rotating flaming obstacle along the way. Move past the squashing bricks and jump for the platform with the checkpoint. On the next platform, flip the lever and free the Great Magician. Jump over the fire pit, but only when the platform is about to move to the right. Grab the [COMPLEX PLATFORM] while doing so. Hop over the next two platforms, and keep to the very right before trying to tackle the upcoming electrified obstacle. Quickly move between the electrified squashers and also jump between them to add the [JUMPER PLATFORM] to your collection, then smoothly hop onto the next platform in the background. Or die and try again, of course.

Flip the lever on the left to free Grandmaster Sensei, then grab the fabric ball and lower yourself through the shaft. Hop onto the platform to your left and grab the [MALE DOLL HEAD]. Hop onto the platform more to the left and snatch the [MALE DOLL ARM]. From here, make your way to the lever on the very left, free the meerkats, drop down, grab the [POWER FIST] sticker, and make your way back to the checkpoint. Head right and grab the [MALE DOLL TORSO] and the [MALE DOLL LEG] objects before continuing at the next checkpoint.

Use the lift in the background - which is directly right from the checkpoint - in order to take you up and get the [ANGLED PLATFORM EXPANDER] and [PLATFORM EXPANDER]. Continue to the right and walk/jump over the diagonally moving platforms. Flip the switch and free Uncle Jalapeño. Head up some more and free Frida & Co. by flipping another lever. Make your way through some rotating platform boxes and ride the next few up until you reach another prisoner to free. There is also a 4 Player area up above which you can reach by holding onto the large fabric ball with ‘x4' on it. Naturally.

4x Players:
This isn't all that hard of a puzzle, but it does require four players. Have each player positioned on a button, which will raise from the ground when the previous button is pressed, until the player on top can grab the [RAINBOW  WARRIOR], [DANGER PLATFORM], [METAL VENT], [HEAD DRESS], [BLUE CAMO], and the [CHINESE DRAGON MASK]. That's all, folks!

Head to the right and drop down another shaft - this time a dangerous one with many electrified walls and moving wheels. You can collect the [BABY DOLL HEAD], [TUBE RACE WASHER], [TUBE RACE CRUSHER 2], [BABY DOLL TORSO], [BABY DOLL ARM], [TUBE RACE ROTATORS], [BABY DOLL LEG] and [TUBE RACE CRUSHER 1] along your descent. If you miss one or two bubbles, it may be worth it to try the shaft again, since it's near the end of the level.

Once you're all the way down, simply free the King & Queen and ride them past all the prisoners you've freed. Depending on who you have freed, you get their corresponding prize bubbles, which are quite a few maginifcent ones: [THE KING], [THE QUEEN], [DON LU'S DOG], [THE BOUNCER], [MAGS THE MECHANIC], [BIG XAM], [LITTLE XIM], [ZE DUDE], [KING ZOLA], [GRANDMASTER SENSEI], [MEERKAT MUM], [THE GREAT MAGICIAN], [DON LU], [KING CROC], [FRIDA THE BRIDE], [THE BUTLER], [UNCLE JALAPEÑO], [THE GODDESS], [DEVANTE], [FRIDA, DON LU & THE BUTLER].

Now, all there's left to do is face The Collector himself. Prepare yourself...

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Oct 18th 2014 Guest
Jump past the knit camo chains in Layer 1 and use a tree sticker (warning: it may kill you)

ID #459893
Apr 26th 2012 Guest
ID #137082
Jun 20th 2011 Guest
if u go one the first level of the collekter then u can have a divel oufit and u need 4 people weth u so u can have the divil if u need some help then prees online weth some one els in the same level .
ID #50641
Oct 29th 2010 Guest
to easy
ID #16672
Sep 6th 2010 Guest
the 3rd easiest level in the game maby 4th

ID #11706
Aug 11th 2010 Guest
This level Stinks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!\
ID #8451