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Creation Tutorial

Little Big Planet Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Little Big Planet Guide - Creation Guide

Creation Tutorial

Note: ALL Tutorials, once viewed, will also be available from the Start Menu under Video's and Voiceovers.

The game has a really well built-in tutorial to guide you through the basics of building a level. Once you can go to Your Moon, select an empty level and open your Popit. Select the upper left icon to initiate a tutorial. Complete it by using the Popit-cursor to stack the three sack-boxes, two on their legs, one on top of them. When you complete tutorials you get new stickers, materials, etc!  You can now do the next tutorial by selecting the question mark.

The next tutorial teaches you how to use place objects, so place the objects on the stairs in order to pass the tutorial. The next tutorial is about music, which isn't too hard to follow either. Between tutorials you're likely to get introductions regarding the rewind features. Select the quotation mark to do the next tutorial, which is about creating your own objects from materials. The one after that is about adjusting the corners of the material. The one after that teaches you how to change materials on existing objects.

And.. the one after that is about sound effects. The one after that is about placing mouths.

Next are the dangerous tools. He who plays with fire shall get burnt! The next few tutorials are all advanced stuff, and go over Bolts, Strings, Emitters, Buttons, Dissolve Material, Explosives, Rockets, and last but not least, Creature Pieces. Now that you have done all tutorials, feel free to create.

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Comments for Creation Tutorial

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Nov 5th 2015 Guest
ID #622505
Dec 21st 2014 Guest
Sorry I cant
ID #487746
Dec 21st 2014 Guest
I can get the tutorial MATIREALS
ID #487745
Sep 28th 2014 Guest
How do I conect and push button to and explosive

ID #452699
Sep 7th 2013 Guest
I am trying to make a puzzle where you have to shoot water at 3 flowers to make them raise up to a point. after getting to the mark on the 1st you move over to the 2nd and so on. after you stop hitting the 1st flower with water I want to give it 20 seconds before it starts to go back down. this way you have to reach the goal by activating all 3 tags at the same time to release the prize. I am having trouble making that logic work and am looking for feedback. I have impact sensors going to a count up timer to an and gate with tag and impact sensor going to a count down timer to the piston. help.
ID #308611
Apr 27th 2013 Guest
hey can u ply lbp2 with me n show me how to get the rares n i need ur help my username melvin215

ID #278140
Apr 8th 2013 Guest
How do u make stuff appear and disappear with a button?
ID #271780
Jul 28th 2012 Guest
Help icant get my people to speak

ID #169623
Jan 14th 2012 Guest
That chimp thing drove me crazy too. You have to hold down the X button to go directly into "tweaks." If you hit x and then try to go to tweaks it won't work. It's a stupid oversight in an otherwise brilliant game.
ID #105777
Nov 17th 2011 Guest
Thank you for posting this i could find out why i couldnt use my materials but then my friend told me i have to do tutorialsbut she forgot how to do it then i looked it up on her soooo thanks :D!!!!!!
ID #88144
Nov 10th 2011 Guest
the guy who said about the arrow bomb its from the mines in a race when you first see the bomb drag a bomb to the white place behind the start line then wait for it to explode to revel the bomb

he means where to get it Spoiler:
click to reveal

ID #86438
Nov 3rd 2011 Guest
the guy who said about the arrow bomb its from the mines in a race when you first see the bomb drag a bomb to the white place behind the start line then wait for it to explode to revel the bomb

ID #84848
Sep 23rd 2011 Guest
You dont "Get" the time bomb you make it. By the way check out my level it is awsome my levels name is "Death, Graveyard Walks, And Friendly Demons" Check it out Plz Plz Plz Heart it And rate.
ID #76100
Sep 21st 2011 Guest
Please somebody help i cant get that bomb with the arrows, that have some time left you know? how do i get it?
ID #75774
Sep 3rd 2011 Guest
ID #72291