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The Boss

Little Big Planet Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Little Big Planet Guide - Metal Gear Solid DLC

Act 5: The Boss

|# Prize Bubbles In Level:| 1                                                  |
|Complete Level Once:     | Young Snake Arm                                   |
|                         | Young Snake Body                                  |
|                         | Big Bullet Hole                                    |
|Ace Level Prize:         |                                                    |
|PRIZE BUBBLE PICKUPS IN LEVEL:                                                |
|1. [] MGS1 'Encounter (LBP remix)'                                            |

Head up with the elevator and continue to the right to meet Ocelot.  One epic boss battle lies ahead with Metal Gear Rex.

Phase 1:
In this phase, Rex will fire several plasma balls at you - which aren't all that hard to avoid unless you get yourself cornered - and will fire a series of missiles that seem to span over the whole platform.  This isn't true;  If you back out all the way to the left you will not get hit by the missiles.  Do your best to hit the missile launcher, because that is Rex's only weak spot during this part of the fight.

Phase 2:
With its missile launcher destroyed, Rex will resort to its heavy artillery machine gun, while continuing with regularly firing plasma balls at you.  The funny thing about the machine gun is that it's avoided by moving to the exact opposite direction as you did with the missiles, in this case it means staying close to Rex on the right.  This has the advantage that you can easily target Rex's weak spot, which is revealed when it stands up slightly, and you should be able to easily spot it and fire a series of paint bullets at it.

Phase 3:
In this phase, Rex will start using heavy fire from above, pinpointed by laser beams.  Don't stand near the laser beams and you'll be fine.  The weak spot is once again easily found;  Whenever Rex opens up its mouth this is revealed.

Phase 4:
You can now take shelter in the wharf - and you'll likely need this since the gun that Rex pulls out now fires plasma balls like no other gun you've ever seen before.  When you get the chance, jump and fire a burst of bullets at the plasma gun.  Repeat this several times and the whole Gear goes BOOM!

Move to the right and destroy the level spamming device by shooting the four switches.  Victory is now yours and you've done the LBP World a big favor by ridding it from this menace.


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Comments for The Boss

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Aug 26th 2011 Guest
[spoiler][/spoiler] dumbledore dies
ID #70411
Jan 4th 2011 Guest
I like this level- nearly aced it once, going to ace it soon,hopefully... Smile I have the Trophies for this level- Defeat Rex in 2:30 or something and complete the level.
ID #24105