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Little Big Planet Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Little Big Planet Guide

General Controls

Left Analog:  Move your Sackboy to the left, right, front, back.
Right Analog: Used to rotate objects, Sometimes for camera movement.
L3 Button: Press to switch SIXAXIS movement from head to pelvis.
R3 Button: Flip/Mirror an object in creation mode.
D-Pad: Used to control your Sackboys emotional expressions. There are
three degrees in emotion; Press Up 3x and witness insane happiness
Up = Happy
Down  = Sad/Down
Left  = Worried/Frightened
Right = Tough/Angry

X:   Jump. Hold X longer to jump further. X is also an “action/confirm” button during creation mode, and X also allows for faster movement when equipped with a Jetpack.

O: The Cancel button, Return button.

Square: Open Popit Menu.

Triangle: Used in creation mode to delete things.

R1: [hold]  Grab onto an object. In menus used for shuffling between pages.
L1: Used to shuffle between pages in menus.

L2 [hold] Left Analog: Move Sackboy's Right Arm (on the left for the player).
R2 [hold] Right Analog: Move Sackboy's Left Arm (on the right for the player).
[Start]:  Access Start Menu.
[Select]: In a community/user-created level, accesses the Good Grief! Menu which allows for reporting improper content.

SIXAXIS: All movements you make with your controller will move Sackboy. To fixate Sackboy, press L3.

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Comments for Controls

4 comments, latest first.
Sep 13th 2014 Guest
m kjh

ID #447399
Mar 16th 2011 Guest
how do you scale walls?
ID #32914
Dec 15th 2010 Guest
U turn by going 2 popit menu , click on sticker make it as small as posibal so it zooms in ur body and tap L1 or R1 !!!!!
hope this helps
ID #21120
Jun 24th 2010 Guest
Do you know how to turn so your back is facing you? I did it b4 but i don't know how

ID #1785