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- Endurance Dojo

Little Big Planet Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Little Big Planet Guide - Walkthrough

Endurance Dojo

|# Prize Bubbles In Level:| 57                                                 |
|Complete Level Once:     | Costume: Dungaree Dress Escaped Convict          |
|100% Completion Prize:   | Sticker: The Islands - Temple Detail Concept      |
|                         | Objects: The Islands - Temple Detail Concept       |
|                         |          with Frame Mystical Dragon              |
|Ace Level Prize:         | Costume: Japanese Festival Robe                    |
|PRIZE BUBBLE PICKUPS IN LEVEL:                                                |
|STICKERS:                |OBJECTS:                 |COSTUMES:                 |
|[] Black & Blue Tie (21) |[] Blue Wave Fan (23)    |[] Ninja Scarf (27)       |
|[] Black Japanese Text(33|[] Clockwork Box (8)     |[] Ninja Skin (38)        |
|[] Daruma San (5)        |[] Coat Hanger (41)      |[] Red Kimono (1)         |
|[] Fried Egg* (6)        |[] Domino Platform (20)  |[] Wooden Wig (28)        |
|[] Geisha (52)           |[] Double Rocker        |--------------------------|
|[] Japanese Angry Eye(10)|   Platform (46)         |AUDIO:                    |
|[] Lemon Graphic (49)    |[] Egg Sushi (44)        |--------------------------|
|[] Moshi Moshi Logo (34) |[] Egg Sushi Monster (25)|[] 'Girly Goodie          |
|[] Pink Cupcake (22)     |[] Grab-Swing Platform(54|    Two Shoes' (43)       |
|[] Pink Microchip        |[] Long Fence (12)       |[] 'Islands Int Music'(50)|
|   Motif* (40)           |[] Long Rocker           '--------------------------|
|[] Pink Sundae (42)      |   Platform (57)       [] Samurai Fan (11)      |
|[] Pink Umbrella Top*(26)|[] Prawn Sushi (18)        [] Short Fence (39)      |
|[] Play (4)              |[] Prawn Sushi Monster(48) [] Short Rocker          |
|[] Straight Whiskers (14)|[] Quadruple Rocker           Platform (30)         |
|[] Triple Cone (15)      |   Platform (36)           [] Tall Prawn Sushi      |
|[] Wavy Beige Motif (55) |[] Red Lantern                Monster (32)          |
|[] Wooden Cane* (56)     |[] Rotating Wheel          [] Tilting Kanji         |
|                         |   Platform (13)          Platform (24)         |
|                         |[] Salmon Sushi (35)       [] Wooden Tower          |
|                         |[] Salmon Sushi Monster*(3)   Platform (9)          |
|                         |[] Thin Wooden Tower                                |
|                         |   Platform (51)                                    |
|MATERIALS:                 |DECORATIONS:            | [] Piñata Cloth* (17)   |
|---------------------------|------------------------' [] Red Charm (45)       |
|[] Black & Gold Leaves (47)|[] Gold Charm (19)        [] Red Flower Button(53)|
|[] Green & Gold Pattern(31)|[] Green Flower Button (7)                        |
|[] Green Mosaic (2)        |[] Jumbo Flower Button (16)                       |
|[] Rough Stone Bricks (37) |                                                  |

Jump out of the plane and proceed left. Four prize bubbles are ripe for the taking, and they hold: [RED KIMONO], [WOODEN WIG], [NINJA SCARF] and [NINJA SKIN]. Cross the bridge and pass the gong. Grab the red lantern on the left and swing it to the right in order to find the [GEISHA] sticker. Continue left and meet Grandmaster Sensei, who's cloud you should not touch if you want to live.

Grab the red lanterns and swing across the gas-filled gap. The second lantern can swing you right on top of the platform holding [RED LANTERN] and [WOODEN TOWER PLATFORM], but only if you're holding it at the end. Continue to the left to find another gong and two prize bubbles: [GOLD CHARM] and [RED CHARM].

Jump over the tiny platforms on the left and catch the [BLUE WAVE FAN] and the [SAMURAI FAN]. Hop over some other platforms and quickly in-one-go jump onto the fabric ball. Immediately jump as far left as you can, and pray you make it to the prize bubble holding the [THIN WOODEN TOWER PLATFORM]. That's a tricky one.

Mimic this and you'll get your prize.

Cross the bridge and grab the [EGG SUSHI] and [PRAWN SUSHI] from behind the gong. Quickly run over the wooden planks until you have to jump to a fabric ball. Grab the [DOMINO PLATFORM] and swing to the red lantern, which in turn swings to a platform that hold the [TILTING KANJI PLATFORM].

Tilting platforms. Lovely!

Speaking of tilting platforms, hop onto them and make your way to the top, popping the creatures (which you don't need in order to get any of the prize bubbles). To get the prize bubbles, just stand on the high side of the platform and jump in the air at the right time. You can get the [EGG SUSHI MONSTER], [PRAWN SUSHI MONSTER] and [MOSHI MOSHI LOGO] from here (you can also jump from the upper left platform to reach this one). On the platform to the right you can also find the [TRIPLE CONE] and [PINK CUPCAKE]. Head right.

Continue to the right and grab the fabric ball, while getting the [GREEN & GOLD PATTERN] in the process. Swing to the next ball and get the [SALMON SUSHI], then just head for the gong. So, what's next? Well, a bunch of platforms that flip every few seconds. It's not hard to walk over them, but don't miss out on the [BLACK & GOLD LEAVES] and [GREEN MOSAIC] prize bubbles. Grab the fabric staff when Sensei tells you to, and be lifted into higher spheres.

Here, head left and pop the three creatures. Don't proceed left quite yet, instead hop on the wooden box and jump from platform to platform. Yes, it's tricky. Yes, the rewards are nice. Yes, you'll probably die several times. When you get to the second red lantern, smoothly and carefully land on the small platform. Again, jump from platform to platform until you reach a bigger one, you know, one you can safely stand on. By now you should have gotten the [STRAIGHT WHISKERS], [BLUE & BLACK TIE] and [PRAWN SUSHI MONSTER], plus the one on this platform holds [ROTATING WHEEL PLATFORM], you can step behind the wall.  To get the final two prize bubbles (below you), use the red lantern on your right and swing it all the way to the left. That will net you the [JAPANESE ANGRY EYE] and the [PLAY] stickers. Yes, now it's time to proceed to the left.

Let the wheel take you down, but be sure to hold on to it. The prize bubble on this platform holds the [ROUGH STONE BRICKS]. Don't go down the next wheel just yet, but take the time to place the Geisha Sticker on the cardboard to the left.  This will lower three platforms which are, admittedly, quite tiny. You have managed worse though, so don't fret and grab the [BLACK JAPANESE TEXT], [SHORT FENCE] and [PINK SUNDAE]. Now go down with the wheel, run over the small planks (don't jump!) and make it to yet another checkpoint.

Next up are more shaky platforms, but we've been there, done that. Pop the creatures and decide for yourself if you want to enter the 2 player stage above, or continue with the level by simply moving to the left.

The 2 Player Area is just up ahead.

2x Players:
Head up the platforms and use the trampoline to reach the 2 player area. Have one player stand on the lift, have the other one pull the lever. Have the first player step into the big wheel, and start rotating it. Player two can now advance because of the pillars going down. Just be sure to keep the pace steady, because the pillars close again behind player two. Grab the [PIÑATA CLOTH], [PINK MICROCHIP MOTIF], and the [SALMON SUSHI MONSTER]. Now return in the same way, and have the other player collect the [PINK UMBRELLA TOP], [WOODEN CANE] and the [FRIED EGG] from the wheel.

Continue to the left and jump from platform to platform, but time especially your first jump well, because you'll want to have some time to make it across.

There's a gong right before you start a race. It's a peculiar race, and a tricky one at that. You'll have to step from stone pillar to stone pillar until you reach the highest one. My advise, go slow, really slow. It's best to do this right in little attempts and save a lot of time. You can grab the [SHORT ROCKER PLATFORM], [LONG ROCKER PLATFORM], [DOUBLE ROCKER PLATFORM] and [QUADRUPLE ROCKER PLATFORM] during this race.

Cross the bridge and use the trampoline to eject you up. Grab the [ISLANDS INT MUSIC] audio, use the fabric balls here to reach a lift, and pull the lever to go up. Stop halfway and grab the prize bubble to your left.

This bubble is easy to overlook.

Continue to the top and head left. However, right before the gong you can move to the background and give yourself a perhaps not-so pleasant deja-vu. In order to grab the [RED FLOWER BUTTON], [DARUMA SAN], [JUMBO FLOWER BUTTON], [GIRLY GOODIE TWO SHOES]and last but not least a Challenge Key .. you will have to hop from tiny platform to platform once more. You may want to wait doing this, because there's also a sticker puzzle up there for which you need the Japanese Samurai Sticker, and you don't get it until the next level. You might as well swat two flies in one, right?

Continue with the main path and use the wheels to get down. At the end, the [GREEN FLOWER BUTTON] is waiting for you. Head down the ramp and before you proceed, have a look at the sticker puzzle here. This one requires a sticker you get in the third level of this world, but remember it for a Replay.

The second sticker puzzle you need the Japanese Samurai Sticker for, which you get in the Sensei's Lost Castle. Solve the puzzle and get [WAVY BEIGE MOTIF], [CLOCKWORK BOX], and the [LONG FENCE].
The third sticker puzzle near the end of the level requires the Japanese Stork Sticker, gotten from The Terrible Oni's Volcano. You get the [COAT HANGER], [GRAB-SWING PLATFORM], and the [LEMON GRAPHIC].

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Comments for - Endurance Dojo

7 comments, latest first.
Oct 2nd 2011 bigboy989
hey 77306, i had the same thing, try to time it so when you hit the 3rd to last stick, jump and try to make the ledge, took me a couple attempts but finally aced it the other day
ID #77979
Sep 29th 2011 Guest
when i try to ace this level there a glitch when u walk over the 3th sticks they always let me fall true :/

ID #77306
Sep 19th 2011 Guest
Where is the second sticker challenge?
ID #75463
Dec 6th 2010 Guest
the little doll is in the teples elephat tenple 2x challenge OK

ID #20422
Sep 11th 2010 Guest
Cool ,amazing ,funny , smart , creative , realistic
ID #12275
Sep 11th 2010 Guest
Hard and fun
ID #12273
Jul 28th 2010 Guest
were do you get the little doll in your hand?
ID #6368