Material Types

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Material Types

In the Materials Screen, accessed from the Goodies Bag, you have a wide variety of materials available to you. See below for a quick summary:

            Types of materials:
|Name of Material:|Description:  |Grabable:| o When you select a Material, a new
|=================|==============|=========|   window will open in which you can
|Cardboard        |Very Light    |   No    |   select a raw shape. Stars, Arch,
|Glass            |Slippery      |   No    |   Circular, you name it.
|Metal            |Heavy         |   No    |
|Polystyrene      |Very Light    |   Yes   | o The Material Changer function is
|Rubber           |For wheels    |   No    |   a nifty one. It allows you to
|Sponge           |Light         |   Yes   |   select any object and turn it
|Stone            |Heavy         |   No    |   into the material you previously
|Wood             |Basic         |   No    |   had selected. Saves lots of time!
|Dissolve         |Dissolves     |   Yes   |
|                 |when triggered|         | o Note: Cardboard, Polystyrene,
|Dark Matter      |Unmovable     |   No    |   Sponge, Dissolve, Pink and Peach
|Peach Floaty     |Floats away   |   Yes   |   Floaty are destructible materials
|Pink Floaty      |Floats where  |   Yes   |   and will blow up when explosives
|                 |it is placed  |         |   go off near them.

Of course, there are tons of variations available to you, especially after you have done some collecting during the storyline. You can practically create anything from these materials, but first, let's go over the Capture Object feature:

This allows you to save something that you have created so that you can use it again - whenever you might need it. Capturing objects places them into the ‘My Objects screen'.

It's possible to share these objects with your friends. Simply press Square and the game will tell you all about the possibilities.