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The Level Factory

Little Big Planet Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Little Big Planet Guide - Metal Gear Solid DLC

Act 4: The Level Factory

|# Prize Bubbles In Level:| 36                                                 |
|Complete Level Once:     | Gekko Armour Plating                              |
|                         | Gekko Skin                                        |
|                         | Middle Eastern Stone Relief                        |
|100% Completion Prize:   | Metal Gear Rex                                    |
|                         | Metal Gear Mk.II                                   |
|Ace Level Prize:         |                                                    |
|PRIZE BUBBLE PICKUPS IN LEVEL:                                                |
|1. [] Eye Have You Logo   2. [] Decal 4            3. [] Big                  |
|4. [] Camouflage 2        5. [] Red Eagle          6. [] Circular Armour Plate|
|7. [] Bubbles Container   8. [] Target Platform    9. [] Old Snake Arm 2      |
|10.[] Single Bullet Hole 11. [] Decal 2           12. [] Old Snake Body       |
|13.[] Grenade Silo       14. [] Tin Bunker Front  15. [] Super Sentry Turret  |
|16.[] Orange Gecko       17. [] Gekko Leg         18. [] Tin Bunker           |
|19.[] Teabag             20. [] Pop-down Sentry   21. [] Boss                 |
|                                Turret                                        |
|22.[] Gekko Skin Edge    23. [] MGS2 'Yell "Dead  24. [] Bubble Vendor        |
|                                Cell" (VR Remix)'                             |
|25.[] Decal 1            26. [] Black Spider      27. [] Missile              |
|28.[] Old Snake Arm 1    29. [] Screaming Mantis  30. [] Decal 3              |
|                                Helmet                                        |
|31.[] Stryker Rex        32. [] Camouflage 1      33. [] Old Snake Leg        |
|34.[] Long Armour Plate  35. [] Utility Pack      36. [] Pop-up Sentry Turret |

Head right and shoot the VR diamond (1) before continuing.  Move to the right and bring down the platform by shooting it.  Hop on the left edge and find two prize bubbles: [#8: TARGET PLATFORM], [#35: UTILITY PACK]. Continue to the right and bring down another platform lift.  When you've made it across the gap, grab the three prize bubbles: [#26: BLACK SPIDER], [#27: MISSILE], [#34: LONG ARMOUR PLATE].

You can also use the previous lift platform to move to an area on the upper left.  There are two switches on the wall here, move back and forth planes in order to activate them at the same time; This is easier with two players but not at all necessary.  A cardboard will come up, but you don't have the sticker for this yet.  When you obtain the Crouching Gecko 1 Sticker (Level 1, but only after finishing level 5 for an other sticker) you can stamp it on the cardboard and receive 4 prize bubbles: [#11: DECAL 2], [#30: DECAL 3], [#2: DECAL 4], [#22: GEKKO SKIN EDGE].

If you head right and take the upper path you can shoot another VR diamond (2).  Take the lower path and shoot the three platforms, then quickly make your way over the spikey gap.

In the next area you'll find heavy defenses.  Destroy any turrets and hide in the small bunkers when you feel the need.  Speaking of these bunkers, you can find two prize bubbles in the first and one more in the second: [#14: TIN BUNKER FRONT], [#18: TIN BUNKER], [#7: BUBBLES CONTAINER].  Continue some more, blast a few turrets in your way and collect [#24: BUBBLE VENDOR] on your way.  Look up in this middle alcove and shoot another VR diamond (3).

The next two turrets can be tricky; You'll want to take shelter in the next alcove, right under the ceiling turret - time this well - then shoot a few bullets whenever you can move to the front layer, and back out again. When they're destroyed, grab the [#6: CIRCULAR ARMOUR PLATE] from the alcove.

Move up by using the moving blocks until you reach the enemy HQ according to Otacon.  Check out the switch on top of the left wall.  Activate it to bring out a small Otacon cardboard.  Use the Otacon Sticker (from level 1) and stamp it on the cardboard to bring out 4 prize bubbles: [#9 OLD SNAKE ARM 2], [#12: OLD SNAKE BODY], [#25: DECAL 1], [#29: SCREAMING MANTIS HELMET].

This is how to score a few more Prize Bubbles.

Continue through the electrified plus by shooting it carefully and making your way over three platforms - shoot these one by one to ensure a safe overpass.  Move under the green walkway and shoot it to flip the other direction, cross it, shoot the elevator platforms and use them to reach the second level.

You can head upwards by jumping in the back.  This allows you to shoot another VR triangle (4) and get the [#16: ORANGE GECKO] and [#21: BOSS] stickers.  Now head left and use the Sack Cannon, but use it when it's completely pointing DOWN.  It will now launch you to a platform with the last VR diamond (5).  Return to the Sack Cannon and have it blow you to the new area above.  Use the ledge on your right to move to a sticker puzzle: Shoot the three switches, quickly select your Black Spider Sticker and claim your reward: [#4: CAMOUFLAGE 2], [#17: GEKKO LEG], [#28: OLD SNAKE ARM 1], [#32: CAMOUFLAGE 1].

Head back over the ledge and continue to the left.  Ride the elevator up, but prepare yourself for various stops: The first stop requires you to destroy one ground turret on your right in order to proceed upwards.  The second stop features two turrets on your left; Be sure to take cover behind the boxes and only fire when you're absolutely sure it's safe.  The third stop gets harder as you get attacked from both sides, two turrets on the right and one on the left.  Solely concentrate on the plasma balls, duck out whenever it's safe, and simply shoot bursts of paint bullets in the right direction until one of the turrets blows up, making things a little easier for you.  The fourth encounter is actually easier than the third and features a machine gun turret that shoots many double barrelled plasma shots in mere seconds.

As to be expected, the fourth encounter was a mere ‘introductory' encounter as we'd like to call it in videogames.  The fifth encounter features the machine gun turret on the right in combination with a regular turret on the left.

When you finally reach the top, head right and grab all prize bubbles from the (hopefully) unlocked triangle-marked gates.  These will open accordingly if you shot the triangular targets before.

First:  [#23: MGS2 ‘YELL “DEAD CELL” (VR REMIX)'] [VR Survival Challenge].
Second: [#3: BIG], [#13: GRENADE SILO], [#36: POP-UP SENTRY TURRET].
Third:  [#5: RED EAGLE], [#33: OLD SNAKE LEG], [#31: STRYKER REX].

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