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- Serpent Shrine

Little Big Planet Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Little Big Planet Guide - Walkthrough

Serpent Shrine

|# Prize Bubbles In Level:| 31                                                 |
|Complete Level Once:     | Costume: Frying Pan Object: The Canyons          |
|100% Completion Prize:   | Sticker: The Mines Concept                        |
|                         | Object:  The Mines Concept with Frame             |
|                         |          Sheriff Zapata's Explosive Machine        |
|Ace Level Prize:         | Costume: Cowboy Hat                                |
|PRIZE BUBBLE PICKUPS IN LEVEL:                                                |
|OBJECTS:                  |STICKERS:                |MATERIALS:               |
|[] Jade Snake (28)        |[] Aztec Face (29)       |[] Aztec Gold (22)       |
|[] Jade Track Circle (5)  |[] Aztec Sackboy tm(12)  |[] Aztec Jade (19)       |
|[] Jade Track Cross (2)   |[] Face Motifs (7)       |[] Aztec Stone (17)      |
|[] Jade Track Emitter (9) |[] Mexican Dollar (13)   |[] Bevel Aztec Stone (8) |
|[] Jade Track Gate (10)   |[] Mexican Scary Mask(18)|-------------------------|
|[] Jade Track Straight(18)|[] Orange Mexican        |DECORATIONS:             |
|[] Jade Track Turn (14)   |   Pattern* (27)         |-------------------------|
|[] Raising Steps (21)     |[] Orange Motif (3)      |[] Face Stone (6)        |
|[] Sheriff Zapata (20)    |[] Strong Man Logo (16)  |[] Gold Motif (15)       |
|[] Snake Bubble           |                         |[] Man Stone* (31)       |
|   Guardian (23)          |                         |[] Quetzal Feather (11)  |
|[] Wooden Mask (1)        |-------------------------|[] Snake Stone (25)      |
|--------------------------|AUDIO:                   |                         |
|COSTUMES:                 |-------------------------|                         |
|--------------------------|[] Canyons Int Music (4) |                         |
|[] Zombie Brain* (30)     |                         |                         |
|[] Clown (26)             |-------------------------'-------------------------'

Head to the left and flip the switch to create a stairway. When at the top, jump to the left in order to grab the [RAISING STEPS] object. Continue and hop over the gap, grabbing the [SNAKE STONE] in the progress. Pop the creature's head and head right. Use the launcher to get a prize bubble with [AZTEC GOLD] high above.

Continue and hop over a few more gaps, then use the trampoline to jump into the air. Land on the snake and pop his three brains to reveal a prize bubble with a [AZTEC SACKBOY] sticker. Also pop the enemy below, and use the trampoline to land on the platform way in the upper right. You can find [FACE STONE], [AZTEC FACE] and [BEVEL AZTEK JADE] here. Pop the two creatures below, and continue to the right.

Before you use the trampoline, pop the creature and grab [AZTEK STONE]. Then proceed upwards and hop over the gap. Swing over the fire and head into the tunnel when the snake has just passed. Quickly drop down to a lower level, but beware of the snake. Take your time and pop it's three brains to reveal a [JADE TRACK STRAIGHT] object.

Head right again and leap over the gaps and fire until you reach another trampoline. First, head right and pop the creature. You can place the Aztek Face Sticker (this level) here to reveal [STRONG MAN LOGO], [GOLD MOTIF], and [MEXICAN DOLLAR].

img=serpent2.jpg title=And.. another sticker puzzle solved!]

Head up until you reach a gong. From here, walk to the left to find a prize bubble with a [JADE TRACK GATE] object. You can also use the Green Gecko Sticker here - which will lower a series of blocks that serve as a bridge.  Walk over them and don't get squashed between the ceiling and the blocks, until you reach your reward, three prize bubbles with [ORANGE MOTIF], [JADE TRACE EMITTER] and [CLOWN] costume. Head back to the gong.

The prize bubble nearby can be reached by popping the creature and get that extra jump boost. It holds a [JADE TRACK CROSS] object. Head over the bridge, jump over the gap, pop the snake, and grab it's [AZTEK JADE] material. Use the fabric ball on the right to ascend. You can go left to get some more prize bubbles. Head into the tunnel when the snake has just passed by, and grab onto the fabric ball (which comes tumbling down when the snake nears again), and use it to get to the left platform. The trampoline will do the rest of the work for you, and your rewards are: [WOODEN MASK] and [QUETZAL FEATHER].

Head back to the gong and hop from platform to platform while dodging the giant snakes. Continue right until you get to a fabric ball. Jump over the gap and grab the [MEXICAN SCARY MASK] sticker. You can hold onto another fabric ball right above you, which leads to a 2 player area.

2x Players:
Make your way to the trampoline and jump to the gong. Have one player hop over the gap and head for the red button - but don't press it yet - and have the other player make a run for the fabric ball in the tunnel, right when the snake has passed. When the player reaches the ball, have the other player stand on the button in time so that the other gets pulled into safety. Move onto the other two fabric balls and repeat the process. The other player can the grab the [MAN STONE], [ORANGE MEXICAN PATTERN] and [ZOMBIE BRAIN].

Head back and descend with the fabric ball. Pass the gong and push the crate to the right, and hop into the background to proceed further to the right. Here is a sticker puzzle, and you need the Orange Motif Sticker (this level, but only with the Green Gecko Sticker). Your reward will be [JADE SNAKE], [JADE TRACK TURN] and [CANYONS INT MUSIC] audio. Head back and proceed to the left.

Jump from platform to platform, and watch out for snakes and falling rocks. When you reach the tunnel with the gong, dive in after the gong. Here, pop the creature on the left and use it to reach the [JADE TRACK CIRCLE]. Also pop the snake to the right which holds the [SNAKE BUBBLE GUARDIAN]. Proceed to the right and carefully hop and hop and hop. When you reach the creatures, go from hop to pop, and do what you have to do to grab the [FACE MOTIF]. Cross the bridge - and beware - which will collapse when you pass halfway. Quickly make your way to the next gong.

When the snake has passed, hop into the tunnel and grab the fabric ball(s).  Proceed and hide in the alcove with a gong. Dive down and quickly grab the next fabric ball. Nearby is a huge gap which you should smoothly swing over.. SNAP! Proceed right and meet the evil sheriff again. When he leaves, jump on the ledge he was standing and jump to the left. In the eye of the serpent you'll find the [SHERIFF ZAPATA] object. Head right when you're ready, and you'll meet sheriff Zapata once more. Time to teach him a lesson!


First of all, note that the checkpoint has a double ring - which grants you twice as many lives as usual. Second, Zapata has a clear pattern. He will first throw three general bombs at you, one far away, one at medium distance, the last at close proximity. Stay in the middle and dodge these. He will then throw you a timed explosive, which you should immediately grab and lay next to his wall.  Do this three times successfully and the fight moves on to the next stage.

The next stage is harder in my opinion, and you have only one circle at the checkpoint. He'll toss out a timed explosive, then highlight the box which he will bomb with two bombs, then the next, and then another timed explosive. The boxes move up and down, so you'll have to be extremely quick with the explosive to drag it to the sheriff. Do it three times successfully and he'll be toast.  Only the middle box and the box closest to the sheriff will be bombed, by the way.

And here's how to do it!

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Comments for - Serpent Shrine

13 comments, latest first.
Jun 15th 2015 Guest
What about that Jade Track that Emmits Rocks Below?
ID #570581
Aug 5th 2014 Guest
I'm stuck on Zapata's 1st phase plz help[color=red][/color]
ID #431034
Jan 6th 2013 Guest
"Jade Track Straight" Should be 24 not 18
ID #238233
Aug 11th 2012 Guest
Im gonna need help getting the frying pan im at the level where you rescue that jelepeno guy [sorry if I couldnt spell] add me PSN:Lord Aszure
ID #174925
Jul 7th 2011 Guest
[b][/b] Hey just a heads up, you listed 18 twice, well the number 18 and left out 24. 18 is the Scary Mexican Mask and 24 is the Jade Track Straight.
ID #55701
Dec 15th 2010 Guest
Thanks for the guide. I now have 100% prizes.
ID #21125
Nov 27th 2010 Guest
im stuck plz describe more
ID #19549
Sep 25th 2010 Guest
you get the sticker on "the mines" level right at the you finish the level there is a few geko`s on the wall nd inside tht wall is the sticker Smile
ID #13520
Sep 21st 2010 Guest
you get that if im thinking clearly in the metal gear solid pack. if im thinking clearly lol
ID #13290
Sep 9th 2010 Guest
Where do you get the green gecko sticker?
ID #11997
Sep 6th 2010 Guest
hey want some friends about 12 almost all my friends are under 7 (no offense) PSN:theironfist1649 (easiley remeber by the iron fist 16 49)in 1 word. i also have ALL ACED LEVELS
ID #11742
Jul 28th 2010 Guest
Thank you it turns out it was the feather and mask i needed Smile
ID #6365
Jul 20th 2010 Guest
thank for all the help i now know how to bet the evil one.i hop it works out really well so off to ps3.i don't wont to forget and play the level again again i think ive played this level about 100 times so off.bye
ID #5357