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Follow the dark path or use the light


- Swinging Safari

Little Big Planet Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Little Big Planet Guide - Walkthrough

Swinging Safari

|# Prize Bubbles In Level:| 54                                                 |
|Complete Level Once:     | Costume: Pink Fashion Sunglasses                   |
|                         |          Green Daisy                             |
|100% Completion Prize:   | Sticker: The Savannah Concept                     |
|                         | Object:  The Savannah Concept with Frame           |
|Ace Level Prize:         | Costume: Ringmaster Jacket                         |
|PRIZE BUBBLE PICKUPS IN LEVEL:                                                |
|STICKERS:                |MATERIALS:              |DECORATIONS:               |
|[] Horror Face (10)      |[] Orange Foliage (3)   |[] Butterfly (51)          |
|[] Fluffy Tree (21)      |[] Beaded Fabric (24)   |[] Sharp Tooth (53)        |
|[] Stylized Antelope (27)|[] Blue Fabric          |[] Starfish (5)            |
|[] Grin Face (39)        |[] Leather & Beaded     |[] Orange & Blue Fish (9)  |
|[] Voodoo Face* (48)     |   Wood (49)            |[] Real Green Leaf (14)    |
|[] Zebra Skin Pattern(30)|------------------------|[] Real Brown Leaf* (52)   |
|-------------------------|AUDIO:                  |[] Orange African Mask (18)|
|OBJECTS:                 |------------------------|[] Barnacle (20)           |
|-------------------------|[] 'Tapha Niang' (7)    |[] Bunny Ear (22)          |
|[] Submarine Launcher (2)|------------------------|[] Large Peacock Feather(15|
|[] Large Drum (6)        |COSTUMES:               |[] Peacock Feather (26)    |
|[] Giraffe & Tree (8)    |------------------------|[] Seahorse (33)           |
|[] Jumping Ape (13)      |[] Stripy Lycra (12)    |[] Grey African Mask (36)  |
|[] Hanging Ape (28)      |[] Zebra (34)           |[] Seaweed (38)            |
|[] Wobbly Ape (46)       |[] Cat Eyes (16)        |[] Shield 2 (42)           |
|[] Big Crab Claw* (25)   |[] Cork Hat* (19)       |[] Brown African Mask (44) |
|[] Octopus Tentacle (32) |[] Zebra Head (29)      |[] Sea Shell (45)          |
|[] Orange Boar Fish* (11)|[] Cute Lion Ears (31)  |[] Pink Fish (47)          |
|[] Mean Piranha Fish*(40)|[] Lion Mask (35)       |                           |
|[] Giraffe & Tree        |[] Scary Fangs (43)     |                           |
|   & Platform (41)       |[] Lion's Mane (54)     |                           |
|[] Banana (4)            |[] Lion Nose (1)        |                           |
|[] Bird Wing (50)        |[] Lion's Tail (17)     |                           |
'-------------------------|[] Zebra Tail (23)      |---------------------------'

Push the button in the submarine to bash into a statue. A prize bubble can be found below containing [SEAWEED], and one more can be found on the very left with [SUBMARINE LAUNCHER]. Proceed to find tons of prize bubbles: [CAT'S EYES], [ZEBRA COSTUME], [ZEBRA HEAD], [ZEBRA TAIL], [CUTE LION EARS], [LION MASK], [SCARY FANGS], [LION'S TAIL], [LION'S MANE], [LION NOSE]. The floating bubble holds [WOBBLY APE]. Walk behind the first giraffe to find a more hidden prize bubble with [ORANGE & BLUE FISH].

Between the legs, haha. Wait, what?

Climb it's neck and head to the right to find yet more. The easiest to collect holds the [LARGE PEACOCK FEATHER]. Use the Rose Sticker (from The Gardens; Get A Grip) and put it on the cardboard leaf in the background to grab the prize bubbles, which hold [GIRAFFE & TREE] and [STRIPY LYCRA].


Head back, climb up while grabbing the prize bubble on the 2nd giraffe containing [GIRAFFE & TREE & PLATFORM] and get the [PEACOCK FEATHER] and [BUTTERFLY] decorations more ahead.  When you reach the third giraffe, swing to the left by making good use of the monkey tail in order to find two more prize bubbles with [ORANGE FOLIAGE] and [BEADED FABRIC].

Monkey *tails*, right?

Continue to the right and swing across the bed of spikes by using three monkey tails. The next monkey also lends a tail. You can use the wooden plank to eject you while jumping, allowing you to reach the [GRIN FACE] sticker nearby on the right. Admittedly this one can be tricky. (You can also get the giraffe's butt and try to get it that way.) The giraffe more to the right can be grabbed, after which he'll lift you up. However, if you stand between his legs and move to the background, you will then be able to move to the right and grab the seemingly inaccessible prize bubble that holds [HORROR FACE]. Climb the giraffe's neck and proceed more to the left to find three more prize bubbles with [REAL GREEN LEAF], [STYLIZED ANTELOPE], [HANGING APE].

A seemingly inaccessible prize bubble. Seemingly.

2x Players:
Head back to where you came from and climb the giraffe. To the right is a two player section. Have one player stand on the button so the other can grab three prize bubbles from above containing [VOODOO FACE], [REAL BROWN LEAF], [CORK HAT]. Then have the player above step on the button there to reveal three more prize bubbles below, holding [BIG CRAB CLAW], [ORANGE BOAR FISH] and [MEAN PIRANHA].

The second giraffe has two more prize bubbles between his legs, no pun intended obviously, plus one on his back. They hold [SEA SHELL], [BUNNY EAR] and [LARGE DRUM]. Follow the path and use the monkey tail to swing to the left where a whole punch of points and prize bubbles await you. The prize bubble on the far left holds [BLUE FABRIC]. There is also a monkey there which will lift you, so continue the path there (after grabbing everything on the very left). The upper path will lead you to five prize bubbles, holding: [LEATHER & BEADED WOOD], [BANANA], [GREY AFRICAN MASK], [BROWN AFRICAN MASK] and [ORANGE AFRICAN MASK].

Collect a few hidden prize bubbles this way.

After getting it all that stuff, continue to the right until you reach monkeys dancing in fire. Carefully jump past them, grab the somewhat hidden prize bubble below the next platform (which gives you the [JUMPING APE] object) and grab the prize bubble at Zola's Throne, which holds the [TAPHA NIANG]. Swing (and do NOT let go but swing back) with the monkey to grab another prize bubble for a [BIRD WING]. One more prize bubble can be found near the flower, and you'll have to drop down from the platform below. It holds the [PINK FISH] decoration. In the area below on the left you can place a donkey sticker on the wooden, well, donkey, and release four prize bubbles with: [SHIELD 2], [SEAHORSE], [BARNACLE], and [SHARP TOOTH].

Says the cow to the milk: “Milk, I am your father!” Err, mother, actually. And aren't these like buffalo's?

Proceed to the race. You can step into the fore- or background and avoid the buffalo's, (don't forget the prize bubble halfway that holds a [STARFISH]) but you'll have to jump on the last one in order to reach the monkey's tail. Swing to the left in order to find three more prize bubbles with [FLUFFY TREE], [ZEBRA SKIN PATTERN] and [OCTOPUS TENTACLE], swing to the right to finish the race and the level.

Well, basically try to ace the level and do the 2-player stage if you haven't done so already.