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Little Big Planet Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Little Big Planet Guide - Trophies


This is a list of all the trophies you can get in LBP, along with requirements to unlock them.

Note: New Level Content-related Trophies are not required purchases in order to get 100% on Trophies: You can still join someone's game online – someone who has bought the Level Pack - and get the corresponding Trophy.  The Platinum Trophy is still gotten by completing the main game's Trophies, and you are not required to get any additional DLC Trophies for it.

The Main Game Trophies:

o 1 Platinum Trophy
o 3 Gold Trophies
o 8 Silver Trophies
o 36 Bronze Trophies

|Trophy Name:      |Trophy Type:|How to Unlock:                                |
|100% Complete     |Platinum    |Earn all other LBP trophies.                  |
|Create            |Gold        |A level published by you was hearted by 50    |
|                  |            |people, and you were hearted by 30 people.   |
|Share             |Gold        |Play 150 community levels, tag 50 community   |
|                  |            |levels, and heart 10 community levels.        |
|Play              |Gold        |Complete all Storyline levels without dying.  |
|                  |            |Exceptions are levels that end when you die.  |
|20X Multiplier!   |Silver      |Get a 20X Multiplier from bubbles.            |
|Booty Master      |Silver      |Collect all prize bubbles on storyline levels.|
|Celebrity         |Silver      |You were hearted by 5 people as a player.    |
|Crowd Pleaser     |Silver      |A level you publised was played by 50 people.|
|Dr Frankenstein   |Silver      |Create a living creature with at least two    |
|                  |            |eyes, two wheels/legs, and brains.            |
|Feel the love     |Silver      |A level you published, hearted by 10 people. |
|Hi Score          |Silver      |Collect one million points over all the levels|
|                  |            |you have played.                              |
|Just Beginning    |Silver      |Complete all main story levels.               |
|2X Multiplier!    |Bronze      |Get a 2X Multiplier from bubbles.             |
|8X Multiplier!    |Bronze      |Get a 8X Multiplier from bubbles.             |
|Artist            |Bronze      |Place a sticker.                              |
|Cranium Collector |Bronze      |Kill 100 creatures in total over levels.      |
|Creator           |Bronze      |Build and save a level with the thermometer   |
|                  |            |more than 30% full.                           |
|Expert Creator    |Bronze      |Complete all levels in the tutorials.         |
|Fashion Sense     |Bronze      |Choose a costume for sackboy with at least one|
|                  |            |hat, at least one body item, and a material.  |
|FIRST!            |Bronze      |Be one of the first ten to complete any       |
|                  |            |community level.                              |
|Forager           |Bronze      |Collect 25% of the bubbles on the story levels|
|Friendly          |Bronze      |Complete a level with more than one player.   |
|Homemaker         |Bronze      |Place 10 stickers or decorations in your pod. |
|Incredible Height!|Bronze      |Travel to an incredible height.               |
|Incredible Speed! |Bronze      |Travel at incredible speed.                   |
|Look what I made! |Bronze      |A level you published was played by 5 people.|
|Neighbourhood     |Bronze      |Watch heart 5 community levels.               |
|Networking        |Bronze      |Heart 3 authors.                              |
|Opinionated       |Bronze      |Tag a community level.                        |
|Party Person      |Bronze      |Complete a level online with 3 people that are|
|                  |            |on your friends list.                         |
|Publisher         |Bronze      |Publish a level.                              |
|Sackbird          |Bronze      |Spend 8 seconds in the air.                  |
|Secret Stickerist |Bronze      |Unlock the race in the level First Steps.     |
|Socialite         |Bronze      |Complete a level online with 3 people that are|
|                  |            |not on your friends list.                     |
|Sticky Fingers    |Bronze      |Collect 50% of the bubbles during storymode.  |
|Talkative         |Bronze      |Post a comment on a community level.          |
|Team Creator      |Bronze      |Build and save a level with an other person,  |
|                  |            |with the thermometer more than 30% full.      |
|The Gardens       |Bronze      |Complete all levels in The Gardens.           |
|The Savannah      |Bronze      |Complete all levels in The Savannah.          |
|The Wedding       |Bronze      |Complete all levels in The Wedding.           |
|The Canyons       |Bronze      |Complete all levels in The Canyons.           |
|The Metropolis    |Bronze      |Complete all levels in The Metropolis.        |
|The Islands       |Bronze      |Complete all levels in The Islands.           |
|The Temples       |Bronze      |Complete all levels in The Temples.           |
|The Wilderness    |Bronze      |Complete all levels in The Wilderness.        |
|Top of the class  |Bronze      |Win a 4-player game.                          |
|Traveller         |Bronze      |Complete a community level.                   |
|Treasure Hunter   |Bronze      |Collect 75% of the bubbles during storyline.  |
|Trendsetter       |Bronze      |Place a decoration or sticker an someone else |
|                  |            |their Sackboy.                                |

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Comments for Trophies

3 comments, latest first.
Jun 26th 2011 Cool12309
How do you get the hidden trophy?
ID #52516
Nov 30th 2010 Guest
with the create trophy, its it one level has to have 50 hearts or it all your levels hearts put together
ID #19826
Jul 6th 2010 Guest
no one ever metions the pirate of the carribeans trophies, whats the deal? I just got the game in april2010 so maybe they are new trophies, I thought it was lame that I had to buy a $6 kit to aquire trophies.
ID #3373