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- The Meerkat Kingdom

Little Big Planet Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Little Big Planet Guide - Walkthrough

The Meerkat Kingdom

|# Prize Bubbles In Level:| 44                                                |
|Complete Level Once:     | Costume: Pink Scarf                               |
|100% Completion Prize:   | Sticker: Red Wolves Concept                      |
|                         | Object:  Red Wolves Concept with Frame           |
|                         |          Meerkat Mum & Scenery                    |
|Ace Level Prize:         | Costume: Gold Monocle Ringmaster Top Hat        |
|PRIZE BUBBLE PICKUPS IN LEVEL:                                               |
|STICKERS:                                      |MATERIALS:                   |
|[] Bat Wing (42)     |[] Mr Beaver Says No(36) |[] Brown Wood (18)           |
|[] Big Cute Nose*(15)|[] Orange Bird* (17)     |[] Carved Animals (14)       |
|[] Birdy Outline (26)|[] Red Boy (32)          |[] Carved Heads (27)         |
|[] Black Animal      |[] Red Butterfly (22)    |[] Engraved Metal (24)       |
|   Nose* (28)        |[] Red Lobster* (43)     |[] Green Felt (23)           |
|[] Blue Fish* (8)    |[] Rubber Duck (1)       |[] Orange Weave (10)         |
|[] Blue Wing         |[] Scary Fangs* (31)     |[] Pink Knit (44)            |
|   Graphic (33)      |[] Scratch Pattern (7)   |[] Wallpaper (9)             |
|[] Cat Head (35)     |[] Sleeping Elephant (40)|[] Wooden Planks (2)         |
|[] Cow Head (30)     |[] White Butterfly (25)  |-----------------------------|
|[] Cow Udders (5)    |[] Orange Block (6)      |OBJECTS:                     |
|[] Crazed Donkey (34)|-------------------------|-----------------------------|
|[] Growl Face (13)   |COSTUME:                 |[] Big-Belly Meerkat (16)    |
|---------------------|-------------------------|[] Baby Meerkats (20)        |
|DECORATIONS:         |[] Red Roman Cape* (21)  |[] Hanging Snapping Claw (19)|
|---------------------|[] Blue Circles Denim(37)|[] Jet Cheetah (29)          |
|[] Brown Stripy      |-------------------------|[] Meerkat Popup (38)        |
|   Buttton (12)      |AUDIO:                   |[] Snapping Claw (4)         |
|                     |-------------------------|[] Wooden Flamingo (39)      |
|                     |[] 'My Patch' (11)       |[] Wooden Zebra (3)          |
|                     |[] Savannah Int Music(41)|                             |
|                     |-------------------------'-----------------------------'
|                     |


Move through the wall on the right - yes, that's actually possible. Grab your Fluffy Tree Sticker (The Savannah; 1st Level - Swinging Safari) and place it on the submarine. The rocks will crumble and fall in the pit, releasing 5 prize bubbles: [ORANGE WEAVE], [PINK KNIT], [GREEN FELT], [BROWN STRIPY BUTTON], [BLUE CIRCLES DENIM]. Head left now.


Jump down the cliff and grab the [BABY MEERKATS] object. Continue until you get to a race. You can collect quite some points, plus a [CARVED HEADS] material, which is located behind the tiny white material on the right side of the center platform. Finish the race on the right.

This reveals a hole. Put your Sackhead in it to find a Prize Bubble.

Head more to the right and swing over to a little cave in which you'll have to jump over some spikes in order to find [COW UDDERS], [COW HEAD] and [CRAZED DONKEY] stickers. Swing down.

More Prize Bubbles to be found.

In the room to the left you can use the meerkats to eject you into the air. Get the Survival Key on the upper right among with [MY PATCH] audio, and the prize bubbles on the left which hold [MR BEAVER SAYS NO], [RUBBER DUCK] and [CARVED ANIMALS]. Continue your way.

The next part can be a bit tricky. Swing over to the left to find a [GROWL FACE] and swing back to the right to find a [CAT HEAD] sticker. The rocks nearby will be evaporated when you touch them, revealing a [BIRDY OUTLINE] sticker. When you drop to the ground, don't hit the spikes. (Should you fall down prematurely, you can use the spikes - or suicide - to get back on top)

2x Players:
To the left is a 2 Player stage. Have one player stand on the left side of the ledge so that the other player can go down and hold it down for the other one.  Have one player pull the zebra block away from the wall so the other can use it to jump on the ledge. Upon doing so, another zebra block will allow the other player to come over and grab the four prize bubbles with: [RED ROMAN CAPE], [BLACK ANIMAL NOSE], [ORANGE BLOCK], [SCARY FANGS].

Continue to the right and have one of the players launch the other into the air by jumping on the belly of the meerkat, while the other stands on it's head.  This allows the [WOODEN PLANKS] prize bubble to be grabbed.
The same applies for the second meerkat, which allows a [BIG-BELLY MEERKAT] prize bubble to be reached up above.

When you continue, beware of the ground that will crumble beneath your feet.  You'll have to be quick to get the prize bubble on the right, which holds a [BROWN WOOD] prize bubble. Tough luck if you don't reach it - which means you're going to have to play the level again some time. The prize bubble below holds a [RED BOY] sticker. Continue down below, mind the spikes. Jump on the bigger meerkat to grab the [JET CHEETAH] object. Proceed, and you'll find Meerkat Mum.

Hey Sack, my son is missing, can you find him? – Sure, Miss Meerkat Mum! I'm Sack!

Continue to the left and a meerkat will block the lower way. Jump on him and check out the background where the light is hanging (before any bubbles). From here, move right to a hidden area. The prize bubble contains the [SLEEPING ELEPHANT] sticker. Place the Growl Face sticker you found earlier in this level on the cardboard face, and some points and the [HANGING SNAPPING CLAW] object will become ripe for the taking. Head back and proceed left to the club.


Let's DANCE! *Beegees music starts*

2x Players:
This club is a 2 players stage, well, at least the prize bubbles are. Use the meerkats on the ground to launch one another in the air. You can get the [RED LOBSTER] sticker, and there are two more in the upper left part of the room that hold the [BIG CUTE NOSE] and [BLUE FISH] stickers.

Head to the left and climb the meerkat bouncer. You'll find Stripy Tail on the left side of the area, with some NICE looking female meerkats. My, HO my! Err, I meant, My OH my! Drag his ass off and check out the area behind the bouncer meerkat to find a [WOODEN FLAMINGO] object. Drag him all the way back to the similar situation with the other meerkat and grab a [SNAPPING CLAW] and [SAVANNAH INT MUSIC]. Now drag him back to his mommy and continue your way to the right.

You'll find a [WOODEN ZEBRA], [WALLPAPER] and [ENGRAVED METAL]. Jump over the spikes, and use the meerkats to jump to the higher levels here. In this area, look out for a Challenge Key, as well as prize bubbles with [SCRATH PATTERN], [RED BUTTERFLY] and [WHITE BUTTERFLY] stickers. When you get really high, head into the cave on the upper left with a Sackboy head. Select the Voodoo Face Sticker (The Savannah - Swinging Safari) and stick it on the head to release a [MEERKAT POPUP] object.

Head to the right and use the meerkats to launch you higher. The last meerkat will launch you almost straight into a few prize bubbles: The [BAT WING], [ORANGE BIRD], and [BLUE WING GRAPHIC] stickers are now yours. You can use the meerkat multiple times to score as many points as you like - but when you're tired of it you can also head right to end the level.

Not much to replay, except for the 2 player stages and a tricky item. Go ahead and ace this level too!

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Nov 24th 2014 Guest
This walkthrough is *drumroll* AWESOME!!!!!
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Dec 28th 2011 Guest
I cant find sticker 27
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Apr 30th 2011 Guest
i was on %98 because at the race prize bubble you are my hero
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Jan 28th 2011 Guest
u should post video on tricky sticker. =)
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