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The Gardens

The Gardens

Little Big Planet Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Little Big Planet Guide - Walkthrough

The Gardens

General Information:

Levels have prize bubbles. There are tiny blue bubbles which give 10 points.  Furthermore, there are Pickups inside large prize bubbles to be found when you play through levels. If you grab these and play the level again, the pickup will be replaced by bubbles. Regardless of the Pickup, these bubbles are always worth 50 points. If you complete a level 100% by getting all pickups (small bubbles are not necessary), then you'll unlock a prize. Lastly, if you manage to “Ace” a level, which is a different term for beating a level without dying once, you get a prize once more. This walkthrough mostly only mentions prize bubbles with  pick-ups.

Take note of Cardboards hanging in the background. You will not always be able to place stickers on these the very first time you play the level, but after doing the level (and some other levels) you can place stickers in order to get more pick-ups.

You'll often come across a little sign in the background that flips when you pass it. It has a red cross through a sackboy. This means that - should you be playing online - other players can no longer join you on this level.

This walkthrough will guide you through the level in a way that you can get all prize bubbles you can normally get the first time you play the level.  Switches will be pointed out, and summarized at the end of the text, so that when you come back to the level with the necessary stickers, you can immediately skip ahead to that paragraph. Furthermore, the levels always have a nifty checklist in which you can check for any missed items. 100%, here we come!

As for the checklists, the numbers in brackets () behind the items indicate the items' position at the in-game inventory. This goes from left to right, and there are 6 items in a row. If you see an asterisk (*), this means you can only get the item by doing a multiplayer stage - not on your own.

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ID #23697 | Jan 2nd 2011 Guest
this is not very helpful