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- Subway

Little Big Planet Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Little Big Planet Guide - Walkthrough


|# Prize Bubbles In Level:| 48                                                 |
|Complete Level Once:     | Costume: Wellington Boots Green Damask           |
|100% Completion Prize:   | Objects: Grabbing Machine                         |
|                         |          Rock God Concept with Frame               |
|Ace Level Prize:         | Costume: Green Sock Puppet                         |
|PRIZE BUBBLE PICKUPS IN LEVEL:                                                |
|STICKERS:                 |OBJECTS:                 |COSTUMES:                |
|[] Big Burger (41)        |[] Airvent (18)          |[] Pink Hair Wig* (46)   |
|[] Blue Arm (22)          |[] Double Airvent (35)   |[] Stitched Button       |
|[] Blue Leg (24)          |[] Female Doll Arm (15)  |   Eyes* (28)            |
|[] Blue Star Banner (33)  |[] Female Doll Head (39) |[] White Weave (10)      |
|[] Brown Beard (20)       |[] Female Doll Leg (34)  |-------------------------|
|[] Cassetta Tape (44)     |[] Female Doll Torso (8) |MATERIALS:               |
|[] Chug Lite (11)         |[] Powered Airvent (17)  |-------------------------|
|[] Eagle Drawing (27)     |[] Quadruple Airvent (9) |[] Blue Deck Chair (12)  |
|[] Eagle Wing Drawing (4) |[] Railroad Crossing (26)|[] Blue Denim (36)       |
|[] Hairy Leg (45)         |[] Rollerskate (30)      |[] Blue Felt (3)         |
|[] Hello Card (6)         |[] Rollerskate Lift (21) |[] Blue Knit (40)        |
|[] Hut Roof (32)          |[] Rollerskate Wheel (5) |[] Red Deck Chair (31)   |
|[] Old Guitar (13)        |[] Straight Subway       |[] Rusty Metal Grill (38)|
|[] Old-Timer (25)         |   Tunnel (1)            |[] Shiny Metal (29)      |
|[] Pink Stetson (2)       |[] Subway Slide Tunnel(42|-------------------------'
|[] Red Star Banner (14)   |[] Subway Train (48)     |
|[] Sackboy Spray Paint(16)|[] Triple Airvent (47)   |
|[] Scary Mouth (7)        |[] Ze Dude's Wheels (23) |
|[] Skyline 4 (43)         |-------------------------'
|[] Waffle (19)            |
|[] Yellow Fries (37)      |

Head to the right, meet up with Mags again, and ride the elevator down. There are a total of 13 prize bubbles to be found during your descent, and you can't get them all during one playthrough, unfortunately. You can get: [BLUE KNIT], [FEMALE DOLL HEAD], [YELLOW FRIES], [RED DECK CHAIR], [FEMALE DOLL], [BLUE DENIM], [ROLLERSKATE LIFT], [FEMALE DOLL ARM], [FEMALE DOLL TORSO], [BLUE FELT], [ROLLERSKATE WHEEL], [BLUE DECK CHAIR], and [ROLLERSKATE].

Head to the right and hop onto the metro. Hop on the platform coming up at the right when you get the chance. Hop to the left part and get the Yellow Fries Sticker (which you should or could've gotten just now from the elevator), and stamp it on the wall below when no metro is passing in front of it. This will release two prize bubbles: [WHITE WEAVE] and [SUBWAY TRAIN]. Ah, so they're called trains here? In my country we have Trams, Metros and Trains, and when something is driving in the subway, it's called a Metro. It's also possible for a Train to go underground (which essentially can also called a subway, but not on the streets), but trains are much larger - and they're yellow. Anyway, what am I talking about? let's get back to the game, shall we?

Go through the ventilators, grab the [DOUBLE AIRVENT] and make your way over the next gap by using another train/metro/whatever (I'm 100% sure it's not a tram, though!). Head right and step into the elevator. Pull the lever down, and.. down goes you. Make a stop about at the 2nd electrified tracks, and look to the left.  You'll notice an opening and you can move through the ventilators to find five prize bubbles containing: [BIG BURGER], [TRIPLE AIRVENT], [AIRVENT], [POWERED AIRVENT] and [QUADRUPLE AIRVENT]. Head back to the elevator and ride it all the way down.

Look to your left and find a hidden area.

Hop onto the metro going left and prepare yourself to jump over some (electrified) objects. Grab the [STRAIGHT SUBWAY TUNNEL] and take a breather at the gong. Continue, going down this time, and make your way to the next platform with a gong. Also grab the [SUBWAY SLIDE TUNNEL] object on the left by going to the background and use the other metro (See? I'm being consistent now) to reach it.

Hop onto the metro in the background. Be warned, you'll soon have to manoeuvre through some tricky placed ventilators that can easily kick you off the metro, but you know what they say: A warned Sackboy counts for two! Head to the end, and prepare yourself for a race. Also take note of the sticker puzzle here, which you can't solve yet, because the Intense Blue Graffiti Sticker is found in the next level.

The Intense Blue Graffiti Sticker can be solved when you replay the level after getting this sticker.

In the race, you must crawl through the rotating vents while trying to make it in time, and also grab the Challenge Key, [SKYLINE 4] and [RAILROAD CROSSING].  You and I both know that's not going to happen the first time through, and the Challenge Key will take some practice. But don't worry (be happy), there's always the Replay option.

Meet up with Mags again, and pull the lever to the left. Drop the crane and her car will be pulled out of the sewer drains. Grab the filthy prize bubble that holds [ZE DUDE'S WHEELS]. On the stacked boxes in the background, the [RUSTY METAL GRILL] is sneakily hidden. Before you continue, check out the 2 player area on the very left (before Mags).

2x Players:
Have one player jump in the vent, have the other press the button. Have the player on the left side jump on the button there so that the first player can also continue. Have one player hop onto the cart to the left. The lever on the car manouvrers left/right, and the lever available for the other player allows the up/down movement to be controlled. With a few attempts you should be able to make your way through the gas with some teamwork, so you can snatch the [PINK HAIR WIG] and the [STITCHED BUTTON EYES].
Continue by riding the elevator up and grabbing tons of (well, 13 actually) prize bubbles. Many come right after a lethal gas leak which you should try to avoid. You may want to replay the level to get all prize bubbles here: [BLUE ARM], [BLUE LEG], [SACKBOY SPRAY PAINT], [CASSETTE TAPE], [HUT ROOF], [CHUG LITE], [EAGLE DRAWING], [EAGLE WING DRAWING], [BROWN BEARD], [PINK STETSON], [HAIRY LEG], [OLD GUITAR] and [OLD-TIMER].

When you get to the surface, grab the three prize bubbles on top (and one behind) the stacked boxes: [SCARY MOUTH], [HELLO CARD] and [WAFFLE].

You'll want to replay the level to grab the prize bubbles from the elevators, plus before the race starts you can put the Intense Blue Graffiti Sticker (from the next level, Construction Site) in place to get the [BLUE STAR BANNER], [SHINY METAL] and [RED STAR BANNER].

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ive seen people with wristbands and collars, where are they?
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I was wondering where I could find the rainbow sticker? I've looked through your entire walkthrough 3 times and couldn't find it. It's probably a stupid mistake on my behalf.
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thx i was wanting the doll torso
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thx i was looking for the white weave and train
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