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- Get a Grip

Little Big Planet Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Little Big Planet Guide - Walkthrough

Get a Grip

|# Prize Bubbles In Level:| 51                                                 |
|Complete Level Once:     | Costume: Happy Eyes, Pink Cat Nose                 |
|100% Completion Prize:   | Sticker: The Fairy Tale Concept                   |
|                         | Object: The Fairy Tale Concept with Frame          |
|Ace Level Prize:         | Costume: Pirate Waistcoat Pirate Shorts          |
|PRIZE BUBBLE PICKUPS IN LEVEL:                                                |
|STICKERS:                                         |MATERIALS:                 |
|[] Black Brown Outline (28)|[] Orange Flowers (10)|[] Dark Green Wood (45)    |
|[] Blue Monkey (1)         |[] Red Flowers (30)   |[] Grass (21)              |
|[] Castle Sketch Window(15)|[] Red Mushroom (41)  |[] Green Check Denim (33)  |
|[] English Rose (5)        |[] Sum Doodle (46)    |[] Green Floral Fabric (51)|
|[] Golf Club Bottom (9)    |[] Tea Pot (14)       |[] Grey Tweed (12)         |
|[] Grass Rough Doodle (18) |[] Tudor House (2)    |[] Orange Floral Fabric(40)|
|[] Green Castle Banner (36)|[] Tudor View (20)    |---------------------------|
|[] Leaf Doodle (27)        |[] Victorian Man      |TOOLS:                     |
|[] Moody Cloud (19)        |   Sketch (13)        |---------------------------|
|[] Noughts & Crosses (29)  |[] Wooden Steed (23)  |[] Sticker & Decoration    |
|                           |                      |   Edit Tool (24)          |
|OBJECTS:                                             |DECORATIONS:            |
|[] Blue Moon (35)         |[] Round Cloud (7)        |[] Donkey Tail (39)     |
|[] Cheering Crowd (6)     |[] Seesaw (31)            |[] Eye Spring (49)      |
|[] Curly Cloud (4)        |[] Small Flag (22)        |[] Orange Flower (11)   |
|[] Fancy Cloud (16)       |[] Small Wooden Steed (48)|[] Pink Flower (32)     |
|[] Gold Tea Cup (38)      |[] Smart Hovel (3)        |[] Purple Flower (17)   |
|[] Hovel (50)             |[] Snail Shell (25)       |------------------------'
|[] Large Wooden Steed (34)|[] Soccer Ball (42)       |
|[] Loose Cloud (43)       |[] Tall Tree (8)          |
|[] Mushroom Block (44)    |[] Tower (26)             |
|[] Oak Tree (37)          |[] Twisty Cloud (47)      |


You can grab materials with R1, so try and push the crate near the wall in order to jump over. Same goes for the next wall, except with two crates. If you want to grab two hidden stickers, and I'm sure you'd like to, push the big crate to the left, near the rooftops. Use the other crate to jump on and head to the left to find the [TUDOR HOUSE] and [TUDOR VIEW STICKERS]. Also remember the cardboard star on the left of the rooftops. You'll be able to get that sticker later, at the end of the 3rd level.

For the next wall beyond, simply jump on, walk to the higher edge, grab it and knock it down, push it to the wall and voila. Grab the [TEA POT] sticker here, and attach it to the teapot in the background to reveal two prize bubbles with [GOLF CLUB BOTTOM] and [NOUGHTS & CROSSES]. There is also another Star here, which we'll get to in a later playthrough.

Yes, this really is a horse, not a donkey.

Continue to the horse and ride it down the hills (ride through the prize sticker holding [LEAF DOODLE]). If you want to get another hidden sticker - and beware because it's a little tricky to get - you must jump on the treetops about halfway down the hill. You have only one shot at doing this, and you must turn the analog stick a little bit so Sackboy will move away from you, deeper into the level as you will. If you fail, you can always restart the level later, but if you do make it on there, head to the right and carefully drop down for the [VICTORIAN MAN SKETCH] sticker. Also take note of the 3rd Star here.

Don't miss this hidden prize bubble.

The second horse you come across will reveal the [WOODEN STEED] sticker if you pull it. When you jump off the wall, be careful to grab all points, or it'll be a little tricky to grab them. Left of the gong, head to the background and look behind the bushes to find another prize bubble with the [SUN DOODLE]. Climb the walls, grab the prize bubble on the left with the [ENGLISH ROSE] sticker, then race the horse off on the right and grab the prize bubbles at the left bottom of the hill, which contain [ORANGE FLOWERS], [GRASS ROUGH DOODLE], and [RED FLOWERS] stickers.

In the next section, grab one of the objects and swing to another in order to make it across the water. Get the [BLUE MONKEY]  and [CASTLE SKETCH WINDOW] stickers. Head up (take note of the 4th Star here) and climb the treetops by making good use of the stacked crates; Your reward are two more prize bubbles with the [GREEN CASTLE BANNER] and [MOODY CLOUD] sticker. If you check the clouds further to the left you'll also notice a 5th Star.

Head back and you'll stumble on the first Key - these things unlock challenges - which you can grab by swinging the object towards it. This Key unlocks the Castle Climb Challenge, a Mini Level. Head right afterwards and watch the decoration tutorial. Grab the [DONKEY TAIL] and [STICKER & DECORATION EDIT] tool. Look behind the talking doll to find another hidden prize bubble with the [BLACK CROWN OUTLINE] sticker. Put a tail on the donkey and grab the [EYE SPRING], [ORANGE FLOWER], [PURPLE FLOWER], and [PINK FLOWER]. Jump on the donkey, hold it tight, and ride it to the near end of the level. Get the [RED MUSHROOM] sticker, and during the race take note of the sixth and final Star that you surely should pay a visit sometime soon.

You need not replay this level right away - it's better to wait until you have the Yellow Star sticker (which can be gotten at the end of the next level). When you have it, replay this level and get the following items from the stars:







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Comments for - Get a Grip

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Jan 25th 2012 Guest
To get the Sum Doodle,

After the SECOND horse, jump over the big block and go behind the tree, walk to the right and you'll get the 'Sum Doodle'
ID #109278
Dec 23rd 2011 Guest
I replayed it, and got a new material and the soccer ball.....but it won't let me use them. Why?
ID #97967
Nov 20th 2011 Guest
Where is the star 3?
ID #88719
Sep 14th 2011 Guest
Someone please help with the location of the donkey tail.
ID #74483
Jul 30th 2011 Guest
i need help to find number 46 the sun doodle! some1 plz help me!!!!
ID #62702
Jul 29th 2011 Guest
I can't find the 3rd the 26th and the 50th

ID #62315
Jul 18th 2011 Guest
where is this donkey tail?
ID #58868
May 22nd 2011 Guest
go to the start of the race and drag the material block to the mushroom!!!
ID #44390
Mar 9th 2011 Guest
im having trouble reaching that bubble at the the top of the last tree. its just impossible
ID #32024
Jan 16th 2011 Guest
happy 2 say i found the buble i was looking for like 2 months ago. i was theironfist1649

ID #25684
Jan 8th 2011 Guest
I put the tail on the donkey, but can't get any further than this. Can someone please help. Thanks.
ID #24647
Jan 6th 2011 Guest
number 28 is behind the queen before you pin the tail on the donkey
ID #24275
Dec 19th 2010 Guest
where can i find number 28 I CANNOT FIND IT!!!! SOME ONE HELP ME!
ID #21603
Oct 15th 2010 Guest
ok good

ID #15270
Sep 6th 2010 Guest
i cant find 1 bubble in this level. i played it so mutch i have it memorized.hey want some friends about 12 almost all my friends are under 7 (no offense) PSN:theironfist1649 (easiley remeber by the iron fist 16 49)in 1 word
ID #11723