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- The Frozen Tundra

- The Frozen Tundra

Little Big Planet Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Little Big Planet Guide - Walkthrough

The Frozen Tundra

|# Prize Bubbles In Level:| 51                                                 |
|Complete Level Once:     | Costume: Green Camo Robot Box Helmet             |
|100% Completion Prize:   | Stickers: Circus Concept                          |
|                         | Objects: Circus Concept with Frame                 |
|Ace Level Prize:         | Costume: White Neon Eyes                           |
|PRIZE BUBBLE PICKUPS IN LEVEL:                                                |
|STICKERS:                |OBJECTS:                   |COSTUMES:               |
|[] Brown Stripe          |[] Breakable Ice           |[] Devil Tail* (41)     |
|   Patch (16)            |   Platform (51)           |[] Devil Trousers* (1)  |
|[] Dice-6 (38)           |[] Falling Icicle (6)      |[] Fur Hat (42)         |
|[] Gear Graphic (23)     |[] Grenade Toy Soldier (31)|[] Long Grey Coat (4)   |
|[] Half Scissors (34)    |[] Gun Turret (10)         |[] Ponytail Hair Wig(20)|
|[] Hazard (11)           |[] Iron Bridge (43)        |[] PVC Raincoat (35)    |
|[] Jigsaw Piece (25)     |[] Iron Oil Rig (39)       |[] PVC Trousers (12)    |
|[] Light Bulb Graphic(46)|[] Level Ice Slide (27)    |[] Red Dress* (37)      |
|[] Merman Fork (9)       |[] Lone Double-Wiper       |[] Red Horns* (32)      |
|[] Pencil (33)           |   Enemy (40)              |[] Pink Splat (49)      |
|[] Red Circles           |[] Lone Wiper Enemy (45)   |[] Red Devil* (26)      |
|   Pattern (14)          |[] Missile (13)            |[] Tree (21)            |
|[] Retro TV (7)          |[] Narrow Hammer (44)      |------------------------|
|[] Spiral Graphic (5)    |[] Relaxed Toy Soldier (48)|MATERIALS:              |
|[] Stylized Red Smoke(22)|[] Rocket Dog with Sled(29)|------------------------|
|[] Wiry Tree (30)        |[] Shooting Toy Soldier(24)|[] Bunker Stone (2)     |
|-------------------------|[] Short Ice Slide (3)     |[] Cream Concrete (36)  |
|AUDIO:                   |[] The Last Stand (28)     |[] Newspaper (15)       |
|-------------------------|[] Soldier* (19)           |[] Snow Paper (8)       |
|[] Wilderness Int        |[] Triple-Decker Enemy (47)|                        |
|   Music (50)            |[] Winter Tree (18)        |                        |
|                         |[] Long Ice Slide (17)     |------------------------'

Head to the right for some appropriate costumes: [PVC RAINCOAT], [FUR HAT], [PVC TROUSERS], [LONG GREY COAT] and [PONYTAIL HAIR WIG]. Also grab the [WINTER TREE] and proceed to Mr. Bear. He holds the [IRON OIL RIG].
Continue to the sleds and ride the one in the back. During your ride, add the [ROCKET DOG WITH SLED] to your collection. Hop off and proceed to the right.  Things are about to get slippy. Next to the gong is a sticker puzzle that you can't solve - yet - as you need the Gear Graphic Sticker (this level, later on).

Use the upper sled to snag a Prize Bubble along the way.

Continue to the right and hop on the higher ice platforms. Be sure to rush it across, because all platforms in the background will collapse rather sooner than later, and there's a fine collection of prize bubbles you would otherwise have to leave alone in the poison gas below. The prize bubbles below can be gotten at any time. All in all, collect the: [DICE-6], [JIGSAW PIECE], [HAZARD],  [RETRO TV], [BROWN STRIPE PATCH], [MERMAN FORK], [PENCIL], [GEAR GRAPHIC], [HALF SCISSORS], [BREAKABLE ICE PLATFORM], [FALLING ICICLE] and [SNOW PAPER].

If you hop to the middle row you can push the iron block to the right to reach some more prize bubbles, 6 in total: [IRON BRIDGE], [STYLIZED RED SMOKE], [RED CIRCLES PATTERN], [RELAXED TOY SOLDIER], [GRENADE TOY SOLDIER] and [SHOOTING TOY SOLDIER].

If you continue to the right, icicles will drop down so make sure you dodge them. At the very right, you can use the fallen icicle to climb the platform holding the [NEWSPAPER] material.

The ledge in the background can also be reached with the help of an icicle. Pop the creatures (don't get crisped!) and collect the [CREAM CONCRETE], [SPIRAL GRAPHIC] and [LONE WIPER ENEMY]. Continue right and a very unique creature will drive away from you. Chase it and make sure you don't get crushed by icicles that tear the bridge apart behind you. Collect the [GUN TURRET].

You can now go down the stairs to collect more prize bubbles. One prize bubble can be found near the stairs, two more are at the end, along with a Challenge Key. The prize bubbles hold: [BUNKER STONE], [LIGHT BULB GRAPHIC] and [THE LAST STAND]. Continue to the right and watch out for the rockets. Drop in the holes between until you reach the button to destroy the mechanism. Continue in the background. You can now choose from two strategies.

The first one is to come out of your hole and jump to the left. Wait for the rocket to be shot, jump over it, then quickly move left, jump over the machine and the soldiers, and hit the red button to destroy the machine. This will net you the [MISSILE] object. The other strategy is to continue to the right in a similar way like you did with the previous machine, but without destroying this one. Either way, drop down at the end of the path.

Start the race and drop down the slippery ice. It's best to just try and move as fast as possible. On your descent you can grab the [SHORT ICE SLIDE], [LONG ICE SLIDE], [WIRY TREE] and [WILDERNESS INT MUSIC]. At the very end of the course the [LEVEL ICE SLIDE] can be found either by leaping into it, or by doing some tricks by jumping on and over the boxes. Continue and drag the general all the way to the right (or do a 4 Player area first).

4x Players:
Have all four players stand on the red buttons, and happily hop on the elevator.  There are four wheels that can be spinned, and you should see them as a safe combination. From left to right, the correct code is: Skull, Egg, Target, World.  Have each player hang onto a wheel and fixate it at the right picture. Then proceed to the right. You'll have to hop simultaneously on the jumping platform in order to blow the place to smithereens and unlock 6 elusive prize bubbles:
[DEVIL TAIL], [RED HORNS], [RED DEVIL], [RED DRESS], [DEVIL TROUSERS]. Head down the nearby shaft and collect the [SOLDIER].

The enemies on the right are quite nasty, don't get electrocuted and pop the first creature, then the other one with three brains. Be wary of the rotating electric device inside, and be sure to get the [LONE DOUBLE-WIPER ENEMY] and [TRIPLE-DECKER ENEMY]. Drag the general to the right and finish the level.

Do the sticker puzzle with the Gear Graphic Sticker (this level) and receive the [TREE] and [PINK SPLAT].

The Gear Graphic Sticker can be used early on in the level.

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ID #302329 | Aug 3rd 2013 Guest
i need help with 17th item
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I need help with getting the devil clothing
ID #62569 | Jul 30th 2011 Guest
how do you get the long sled dog thats at the beggining of the level
ID #39067 | Apr 22nd 2011 Guest
ID #16804 | Oct 30th 2010 Guest
Oh wow thank you! The last prize bubble I had to find was in this level; turns out I'd missed the soldier coming down the chute. :D
ID #13983 | Sep 30th 2010 Guest