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Sunken Treasures milestones and how to get more pickaxes

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Sunken Treasures milestones and how to get more pickaxes

Hot off the heels of the recent partner event, Robo Partners, Monopoly Go continues with a new digging event, Sunken Treasures. Starting at 9 AM ET on May 23rd and running until 4 PM ET on May 26th, Sunken Treasures is the next big chance to get a free wild sticker if you can make it through all 16 levels of this event. Apart from a wild sticker, there are loads of dice, more sticker packs, and an Octopus token and Ship's Wheel shield to win too. You can check out the full list of rewards for this event in our Sunken Treasures milestones list below.

Dig events are great, because it means you'll be playing Monopoly Go with this special event running alongside a banner event and a tournament, which means there are three events running at the same time that you can win rewards for. All events that are running today, can always be found on our daily events schedule which links to the milestones lists for each event and also lists the times of all the expected flash boost events each day.

To play this event you simply need to get pickaxes while playing Monopoly Go, then use them to uncover squares in the Sunken Treasures game. Below the rewards list we take you through all the ways to get pickaxes in the game, and our tips to select which squares to uncover to help you maximize your chances of completing this event and getting that Wild Sticker.

Please remember that this event does not start until May 23rd 2024, so you may not see it in your game until then..

All Sunken Treasures milestones and rewards

Here's everything you can win in this event level by level.

Level Size Reward
1 4x4 50 free rolls
2 5x5 Cash
3 4x6 100 free rolls
4 6x4 Two star yellow sticker pack, 5 pickaxes and cash
5 5x5 200 free rolls
6 4x6 Cash
7 7x4 150 free rolls
8 7x6 Three star pink sticker pack, cash and Ship's Wheel shield skin
9 8x5 200 free rolls
10 8x6 Four star blue sticker pack and 800 free rolls
11 6x7 Cash
12 8x7 400 free rolls
13 7x6 15 pickaxes and Octopus board token
14 8x4 300 free rolls
15 6x6 Cash
16 4x4 2,000 free rolls, wild sticker and cash

How many Pickaxes will I need to finish Sunken Treasures?

Normally in dig events you need roughly around 350-400 pickaxes to complete the event. However, that number has been based on dig events with 20 levels. Sunken Treasures has only 16 and after playing most of this event already I think you'll need to aim for around 300 pickaxes if you want to complete this event. You may get away with less, or you may need a few more. But nowhere near the 350-400 we usually need.

Remember that there will be two tournaments and two banner events that you'll be able to get pickaxes from. So if you got about 100 from each of the banner events and 50 from each of the tournaments, plus quick wins and free shop gifts, you'll likely have enough pickaxes to complete Sunken Treasures.

How can I get more Pickaxes for Sunken Treasures?

There are various ways to easily get pickaxes in Sunken Treasures, here is a complete rundown. Be aware that this event only lasts for three days and seven hours, which is a day less than most previous dig events.

  1. Main Banner Milestone Events

    These are the events that you see advertised in the game in the top center of the screen. You can find out which banner milestone event is currently running and get a complete rewards list for it by heading over to our daily events schedule and finding a link to the solo milestone event. Usually, the solo milestone event is the single BEST way to get the bulk of the pickaxes that you need to complete this Sunken Treasures.

  2. Tournaments

    Tournaments are listed on the right of the game screen, these are the events that you have to play either Shutdown or Bank Heist when you land on a Railroad. These tournaments also have milestones, and when digging events such as Sunken Treasures are running you'll be able get some pickaxes within the milestone rewards for the tournament. You'll be able to find details of today's tournament plus a link to the milestone rewards where you can see how far you need to play the tournament to get more pickaxes over on our daily events schedule. Tournaments are the second best way to get pickaxes in Monopoly go.

  3. Quick Wins

    You can access Quick Wins via the 'WIN' tab at the bottom of the game screen, while there are special events running, you will usually get the event item as rewards in Quick Wins. You don't get as many as you do with sole milestone events and tournaments, but you can get a useful amount of pickaxes from Quick Wins, especially if you complete all three of them every day of Sunken Treasures.

  4. Shop gift

    Every eight hours you can collect a free gift from the shop. You can normally find this by going to the shop in the game and then swiping the top block to the left about five times until you get to the end. There will either be a free gift waiting for you which will normally include pickaxes while digging events are running, or a timer telling you when to come back to collect your free gift.

  5. By completing Sunken Treasures levels

    Some of the levels include free pickaxes as part of the rewards, look out for these in the rewards and milestones list in the table above. New for this event, is you also get small rewards for some misses, this can include pickaxes

Those are the only five ways to get free pickaxes in Monopoly Go in order from top to bottom.

Are there any Sunken Treasures pickaxes links?

Normally, there are no free pickaxe links. If we spot any however, you'll be able to find them on our free dice links page, which is a page we update every day with the latest free dice links to get you some extra free rolls in the game. These links are distributed by Scopely, and all are tested by us before we publish them on our website to make sure that they work and are legitimate links.

Sunken Treasures Event Tips

We've been playing all of the similar digging events in Monopoly such as Moonlight Treasures and Galactic Treasures, so have had the time to work out the best ways to give you the best chance to complete this event, here's what we've got.

  • Check the milestone lists of events and tournaments

    It's really important to check the milestones list of the sole milestone event and tournament that is running at the same time as Sunken Treasures, you can do this by heading to our daily events schedule to get a link to the current events to view their rewards and milestones list. This allows you to work out how far you should go in each of the events before it starts to get too difficult for you to get pickaxes. Having a plan by looking at these rewards lists can be really helpful. Remember to check the start and end dates for these events because usually you can have two or three tournaments which last for one day each, and only one solo milestone event which may last two or three days, so you may want to plan to stagger progress in the solo event and spread over the two or three tournaments that run over that time.

  • Don't waste your guesses

    Pay attention to the sizes of the items that you need to find in the game and only click on locations on the board that the remaining items will actually fit.

  • Use the Checkerboard technique

    If you are unsure where to start with your guesses, one suggestion is to use the checkerboard technique, so you leave a gap of one square between guesses, like a checkerboard. Some items that you need to find however are 1x1 so that technique won't work to find those!

  • Things can be rotated

    Remember that the items that you need to find can be rotated horizontally or vertically.

That more or less wraps up my guide to Sunken Treasures, I hope you have a lot of fun, find everything, and get that Wild Sticker!

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