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Monopoly Go Today's Events Schedule - Daily Updates

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Monopoly Go All Events and Tournaments

With many events appearing on Monopoly Go, our daily events schedule is the best place to stay informed as to which events are running today.

The new Heartfelt Holidays season kicked off on December 1st and with it a whole new album to collect and a slew of new tournaments and events, we've got everything currently going on in the game listed below.

Today's Monopoly Go Events Schedule

Here is the Monopoly Go events schedule for today. Make a note of what is happening in the game and how long the events last for. Click through to our specific pages for events and tournaments to find more detailed information such as rewards and milestones lists.

This list also includes upcoming events, and where possible will give expected or predicted dates and times.

Current Main Event - Dec 6th - Dec 10th - Winter Wonderland Milestone Event

Winter Wonderland is the current main milestone event in Monopoly GO. Running from 6th December - 10th December 2023.

The Big Reward for completing the whole event is 6,500 dice and a 5-star purple sticker pack. You can also find the Santa's Hat token within the milestone rewards.

New Event Dec 6th - Dec 10th - Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland Rewards and Milestones

Current Tournament - Dec 8th - Dec 9th - Xmas Sweater Contest

The winter theme continues with Xmas Sweater Contest and there are a number of sticker packs to win via the leaderboard and loads of dice and more packs via the gift milestones..

For all of the rewards and milestones info follow the link to our dedicated page for this tournament.

New Tournament Dec 8 - Dec 9 - Xmas Sweater Contest

Xmas Sweater Contest Rewards and Milesontes

Today's Predicted Flash Events

The upcoming events below are predicted to appear later today, these may or nay not happen.

All times are EST, which is GMT -5

  • Wheel Boost - 30 mins - 9th December 2023 02:00
  • Cash Grab - 30 mins - 9th December 2023 08:00
  • Board Rush - 60 mins - 9th December 2023 11:00
  • Cash Boost - 5 mins - 9th December 2023 11:00
  • Sticker Boom - 60 mins - 9th December 2023 12:00
  • High Roller - 5 mins - 9th December 2023 14:00
  • Wheel Boost - 15 mins - 9th December 2023 20:00
  • Free Parking (Dice) - 60 mins - 9th December 2023 23:00

Current Season - Dec 1st - Jan 4th - Heartfelt Holidays

This 34 day season event brings to the game 12 standard sticker sets, each with 9 new stickers to collect. Complete these to win 10,000 dice a special token and a big bag of game money. Plus you'll unlock three further prestige packs so you can collect and win even more rewards. We've got all Heartfelt Holidays albums listed.

Special Event - Peg-E Prize Drop

The latest version of Peg-E Prize Drop started on 4th December at 10am ET and runs for 4 days and 3 hours. So there will be lots of chances to get prize drop tokens across the two milestone events that will be running during this period, and 3 tournaments too.

Look out as well for Prize Drop tokens appearing in Shop Gifts, Quick Wins and Daily Treats.

Golden Blitz

We are waiting for news of the first Golden Blitz of the Heartfelt Holidays season on Monopoly Go. There is not been a Golden Blitz yet this season, so we would expect one soon because it is a very short season event.

Monopoly Go Events Explained

Here you can find more details about the events in Monopoly Go, and includes info on the Season events main events, tournaments, flash and special events.

Monopoly Go Season Events

The new season event, Heartfelt Holidays started on December 1st and runs for 34 days. In that time you've got to complete 12 sticker sets, each one with 9 stickers.

Once that is done, there are three more prestige packs to get through, to keep even the most avid MoGo'er busy through the Holiday season. Here is a link to all of the sets and albums for this season.

Monopoly Go Main Events

Main events are always running in Monopoly Go These are the ones that are listed front and center on the game screen. Usually they last for either two or three days. Within an event there are upwards of 40 milestones to get through to complete them and gain the big reward which is usually thousands of dice and a purple sticker pack.

As you play through the event and get through each of the milestones you pick up a lot of helpful rewards along the way which could be free dice, stickers, in-game money or extra time in a side-event such as Peg-E, High Roller, Cash Grab etc...

While the ultimate goal is to complete a main event and bag the big reward at the end of it, doing this is really difficult because of the number of dice that you will need to get to the end. It may be better to check the milestones list for an event and work out a good place to aim for.

Remember also that at the same time as main events, there are usually tournaments too. The rewards from these can be helpful in working your way through a main event.

Monopoly Go Tournaments

Tournaments are very similar to main events in Monopoly Go You work your way through milestones, usually 25 or 30, each one of those milestones will give you a reward. At the end of the tournament you can get an additional reward based on your placing in that tournament. It depends on the tournament, but usually only the top two places get the purple sticker packs, and about the top 10 get dice as rewards. There are a few strategies that that you can use in tournaments to try to do well in them, you can read these below.

Monopoly Go Flash Events Explained

Various flash events run from time to time in Monopoly Go Here is a run down of some of them and what you have to do in each one.

  • Golden Blitz

    Golden Blitz is an event that usually runs more often towards the end of a season event. It usually appears every from every few days to weekly more or less. There is no set schedule that we are aware of.

    Golden Blitz usually lasts for 15 hours and during that that you can exchange either of the two gold cards that are specified in that event with other players. This is a great way to fill any gold card holes you may have in your collection. But you do have to look out for this event because usually there are different gold stickers featured each time, so if you are not paying attention, you may miss the Golden Blitz that allows the trading of a gold sticker that you need.

  • Cash Grab

    You can get cash grab when you see a notice that it is active in the side panel of the game. Then it is a matter of landing on a Chance tile, and the Chance card being one that sends you to play Cash Grab. In this side event, you have to tap the screen in order to collect the falling notes that you see on the screen. Look out for the gold ones, as these bring in the most cash.

    When you have your final score, it will be multiplied by whatever multiplier you had active when you landed on the Chance tile. While it does take a little time to get through, it is a handy way of bringing in a decent amount of cash to build with in the game.

  • Cash Boost

    Usually you can't manually activate this one, unless you arrive at a Cash Boost as a milestone in an event. Normally it just starts and runs for a set amount of time, 5 minutes or so. During a Cash Boost side event, your earnings on the board are doubled, so this may be one to set the auto roll on, and get through as many dice and rolls as you can.

  • Board Rush

    The board rush side event basically gives you extra rewards for completing landmarks on your board. You don't get many extra dice for this, usually about 30. So it's useful in the beginning of the game where it is quite easy to get through a load of landmark builds, but later, when locations are costing upwards of a billion, then the rewards are not really worth the effort of trying to put together the money to complete a landmark.

  • Rent Frenzy

    Rent Frenzy is where you get some extra players on your board to collect rent from, you'll probably be picking up more rent from these guys too when you land on their tile. Again, not too much to write home about, but at least it provides some kind of money boost to help with those builds.

  • Free Parking

    When the Free Parking event runs it can be quite useful, especially if you manage to accumulate a stack of dice to collect when you land on the Free Parking square. Basically, when the Free Parking event runs, you have to land on certain tiles that will bank some free rolls and that you can collect from the Free Parking tile if you land on it while the event is running.

    I've gotten hundreds of dice with this side event, and it's usually the really bad tax squares that accumulate dice in Free Parking. This one is definitely worth being aware of when it's running.

  • Wheel Boost

    When you complete color sets in Monopoly Go you get the spin the wheel for a bonus prize, this could be 5-15 free dice, some money or some stickers. When you complete a color set while the Wheel Boost is active, you'll get two spins instead of one for completing a color set.

  • Mega Heist

    When you land on a Railway, you get given either Shutdown or Heist. But when the Mega Heist is active for you, this will be indicated in the top right corner of the game board, you have the chance of playing the Mega Heist too.

    Basically this means there is a lot more in-game money that can be won. Find the three gold bars during a Mega Heist and you'll win a ton on money plus score well for any events or tournaments that are active and that need railways to be landed on for you to collect points.

  • Sticker Boom

    Open sticker packs while Sticker Boom is running to get 50% more stickers. This is definitely the best time that you can open sticker packs, even if you are getting duplicates, you'll get more stickers for stars that can be exchanged for vaults in the album.

Monopoly Go Special Events

There are a couple of events that currently don't fit into the other event categories, they are not main events, tournaments, season events or flash events, so we are putting them here, in Special Events!

  • Peg-E Prize Drop

    This is basically a game of Plinko, where you drop your tokens from the top of the game board in order to hit the bumpers and win prizes or drop into a good slot at the bottom of the board. It's all pretty random but you can win a healthy amount of dice in this event, especially if you unlock the milestone rewards too.

    Play Plink with Peg-E

    Peg-E often runs for many days, so take a note of the length of time you have left and make sure you use your tokens before the event finished, because if you don't they'll just be lost.

    Peg-E is started automatically by the game. You can get Peg-E tokens on the board when the event is activate, as Quick Win rewards, again while the event is active and by for some milestones in main events.

  • Egyptian Treasures

    Egyptian Treasures is another special event that first appeared in November 2023. In it you have to collect pickaxes from events, tournaments, quick wins and shop gifts in order to dig for treasure in a battleships type game.

    Uncover the treasures for each milestone to win the reward for that level, complete the event for the final big prize.

    Egyptian Treasures is a really good event with loads of dice and sticker packs to win, but to get enough pickaxes to complete the event is really difficult, but it is easy enough for most players that are active to get through most of the milestones without paying.

FAQs and Summary

  • How long do events run for?

    The season events usually run for about 34-90 days. The main events usually about two, three or four days and the tournaments, one or two days. Flash events usually last anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour and Special Events roughly around 5 days more or less. There is always a timer with the event telling you how long you have left.

  • Are events worth playing?

    Yes, definitely, although trying to complete this is often not worth it due to the sheer number of dice you will need.

That's about all we have for events and tournaments in Monopoly Go While the main events are packed with milestones and a massive reward at the end of it, don't be fooled into thinking that these are easy to complete, you will need thousands of dice. Try to check milestone lists for events and working out where you want to get to based on how many dice you have and if you are free to play or not.

Tournaments are another great way to get free dice, but be aware of finishing in the top of an event, may make the next events more difficult for you.

If you are planning to hit hard on an event or tournament, try to do this when you know you will have a largest net worth milestone approaching that will give you loads of free dice, or if you are luck enough to complete a sticker collection, this may also give you the dice you need to place well in a tournament or get to a part of an event where you will bag a heap of dice.

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