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Monopoly GO! Cheats and Tips

Android, iPhone/iPad
Last Updated: by Richard
Monopoly GO Cheats

If you need help to keep rolling in Monopoly GO, our cheats and tips will help you to get stacked with dice. We've got for you a ton of suggestions to help you get a load of free dice in the game every day.

Monopoly GO Cheats

If you are a regular player of the game, you'll know there are no legitimate tap in cheats in the game. There are codes to get free dice, these generally come out daily and we keep a list of Monopoly GO free dice links.

Also, if you've been searching around for Monopoly GO cheats, you've probably come across a couple of sites that are promising thousands of free dice if you just follow a link or download a special app. Well we are here to tell you that won't work, and you may just end up downloading a harmful virus.

Be alert to any website that is offering thousands of free dice, it's just not possible, and even if you did get them, it's likely Scopely will flag your account for some kind of inspection somewhere down the line so you'll risk getting your account closed too.

On our page, we look at the legitimate ways of getting free dice in Monopoly GO, the things you can do during gameplay, and also from adding friends. Our Monopoly GO cheats have been updated on September 21, 2023 with a complete rewrite of the content to bring in some new ideas based on recent changes to the game. Our article is also written by an expert in the game who has been playing it every day since it launched earlier this year.

Here are our best cheats and tips for free dice in Monopoly GO.

Check the Shop Every 8 Hours

You can bag yourself about 25 or so free dice every 8 hours. Just open the game, tap on the three lines at the top right of the page, select shop, then in the very top section, scroll the offer all the way to the right and you can then collect a free reward.

This free reward refreshes every 8 hours and usually includes about 25 free dice and some money, but may also include stickers and special event tokens if any are running.

Daily Treats

Log in once per 24 hours to collect the daily treats. These build up every day for a week and generally get bigger and bigger. Although you can only get one of these per day, as well as the free dice, you can get 1 star gold cards too on some of the days.

Daily Treats

As well as the daily prizes, there is also a meter across the top, as you collect prizes every day, this meter will fill up and reach milestones with extra rewards, until you reach the final reward, then it resets. It takes a while to move the meter all the way to the end, certainly more than a week... More like 2.

Quick Wins

Every day at 13:00 UTC Quick Wins are reset and you have three new ways to potentially get some free dice. Free wins are great, especially if you are active enough to complete them at heast 6 out of the 7 days every week. In that case as well as the individual quick win prizes, the free dice along the bottom meter, you should get enough Quick Win points to win the weekly prize which is usually something pretty good like a goldpink sticker pack, a shield skin or in game money.

Quick Wins

Quick Wins, are as the name implies, relatively easy to complete, one tip though is if you are low on dice and trying to complete the Quick Wins, set your multiplier to 1, that way you'll have more chances to complete particular quick win tasks such as pass go 2 times, or land on a utility.

Play When the Flash Events are Running

There are almost always two events running at the same time, a main event, and a tournament. But also there are flash events which run from time to time and these include:

  • Mega Heist - Adds an extra level to Bank Heist for a lot more money

  • Cash Grab - Activated by landing on Chance, tap the screen and collect the dough
  • Wheel Boost - Get 2 spins of the wheel when you complete a color set.
  • Board Rush - Complete your current board for dice and money bonuses.
  • Cash Boost - Every roll on the board gives you x2 cash.
  • Landmark Rush - Complete landmarks for dice and money bonuses.
  • Free Parking - Get dice or money by landing on the tax tiles or utilities, then collect them all by landing on Free Parking
  • High Roller - Greatly increases your multiplier.

When these Flash Events are running it gives you another avenue to win rewards in the game, at the same time as the main and tournament events.

There is no way to tell when the Flash Events will appear they come up often and last for a little while, about 5 mins to an hour, depending on the event, every few hours.

Complete a Landmark for a Reward

Add Facebook Friend

The rewards are big for adding Facebook friends which is why the have recently capped the amount of rewards you can get for adding Facebook friends to 1,000 free dice.

For every friend (up to 10) that you know on Facebook that downloads and plays Monopoly you'll get 100 free dice.

There has been a lot of cheating with this method with people setting up fake Facebook account just to get the free dice which is why it's now been lowered from 100 to 10 friends that you can do this with.

Collecting Tokens and Shield Skins

If you manage to collect enough tokens and skins you'll be able to get some more free rewards in the game. To see your progress and current collection of these items, tap on the three lines int he top right of the game screen and select My Showroom.

Here you can see your tokens, tap one of the M symbols to see what you need to get the next reward and what it will be.

Tap the shield icon at the bottom of the Showroom to see the same info for Shield Skins.

The Best Way to Play Main Events

The main events are the ones that are front and center of the game app. They usually last anywhere between 2 and 4 days and there are thousands of dice and some decent sticker packs to collect as you work your way through the milestones.

The best way to find out more about events on our site is on this page, All Events and Tournaments Guide.

Main events are notoriously difficult to complete. For most players the best option is to pick a good place to stop such as when the jump to the next reward requires too many points, or after you've just won a stack or dice.

In those cases, sometimes it's best to wait until the next main event especially if you don't pay for dice.

The Best Way to Play Tournaments

Tournaments are very similar to main events in so much as there are a number of milestone rewards that you can progress through by earning points.

The main differences is that they are often shorter in duration, usually 1 or 2 days, and there is a final reward based on your final position versus other people that you've been grouped with.

There are a number of strategies you can try to end up near the top, some may work for you.

  • I've heard it suggested to not play the tournament until the last hour or so to get into an easier group.
  • Another trick could be to not try in a few tournaments in a row, then you may get placed in an easier group eventually.
  • Watch out for snipers. Just as you think you may have one a tournament with minutes to go, often someone comes for out of nowhere to take that top prize. So if you are going for the win, make sure you have some dice in reserve in case you need a last minute push.

Trade Stickers to Complete Collections

In order to complete sticker collections you could try trading with other players. Try to trade with people that have a good reputiation otherwise you may run into a scammer that just keeps your card!

Remove Friends that Attack too Much

If you notice that friends are targeting you too much, just remove them. Sometimes this happens if they think you have no shields.

Don't build until you have the money to complete the level

General rule is that the cost to build the complete level is x100 of the first build of the first landmark of that level.

x100 the first landmark to get the total for that level


  • shields stay full, so you'll get your dice back whenever you land on them
  • you can't be attacked in shutdown


  • You can still be attacked in Bank Heist and Mega Heist so you are always in danger of losing everything in your account.

Be Clever with the Multiplier

If you have the time, sometimes it's better to roll manually and select the multiplier on each throw, that way if you think it is more likely that you will land on a square with a good reward you can increase the multiplier. And if you think there is little chance of landing on a good square on the next throw, just set the multiplier low.

The Hi Roller Flash event can be useful in bagging some massive tournament scores, but it's always a question of chance and probability if you get the throw that you need, and you can easily run through a ton of dice with the hi roller event. Generally, as a free to play player I don't even use the Hi Roller when it appears, and usually stick to x10 max even when I have over a thousand dice!

Land on Jail with high multiplier for a chance of massive free dice.

This is a trick that I've not tried myself yet but I've heard about in various Discord channels. The idea two fold:

  • Try to land on Go to Jail with the highest multiplier possible
  • Hope that you'll throw a high double to get out of jail!

You'll then get the score of one of the dice multiplied by the multiplier that you used to get into jail. So you really can win a lot of dice, but you are probably likely to lose more in my opinion! Good luck it you try it.

Summary of our Monopoly GO Cheats

While Monopoly GO! Is a simple concept, there are some strategies to the game, including when to deploy your max multiplier, coming back to the game often to pick up free rewards, and playing through the events and tournaments for big rewards. Keep it fun and if you are spending on the game, don't spend more than you can afford to. Personally, I'm having great fun with it without spending any cash... OK, I spent once at the end of the event to get hundreds of dice that I was a few points short of, but apart from that I'm strictly free to play and taking it easy! Good luck whatever your strategy in the game is.

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