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How to Play Choco Partners Event

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At 11am local time, on 6th September, 2023 the Choco Partners event started in Monopoly GO! Your task is to team up with four other players and bake four chocolate cakes before the event time runs out. Here on SuperCheats, we've got all the details of the event, as well as our best tips on how to get your four cakes completed, what you can win and hard we think it will be to complete. Dive in and get baking!

If you are looking for details on the Toy Partners event, then go to this page on our site:

How to Play Toy Partners

Choco Partners!

How to Play Choco Partners in Monopoly GO!

When the event starts, and for the duration of the event, you'll see four cake making stations in the middle of your game board. Tap each one to add a partner and then send an invite via your friends list when prompted to. You may also receive invites from other players in your friends list inviting you to join them.

Choose your partners wisely! Make sure they are active and you can trust them enough to help build a cake with you.

You may want to consider hunting around for more potential friends to join you in Choco Partners. There are many discord channels dedicated to Monopoly GO! And while we cannot vouch for any of the members of those Discords, it may be as good a place as any to try to look for potential partners. One place to start could be the Official Monopoly GO! Discord where they even have a 'Find a Partner' channel.

You don't have to pick all of your partners right away, although as there is a time limit to the event, it's probably best to decide as early as you can who your partners will be and start baking!

To bake the chocolate cakes, you have to land on the pickup tiles with the that have the chocolate cookies on them, this will give you points that you can use on the wheel spin within the event.

Land on the tiles with the cookies

Once you have enough points, tap the cake that you want to work on, and then you can allocate your collected points to the wheel, spin it, and see how many points you get to add to your cake.

Spin the Wheel in Choco Partners

As you start completing your cakes, you'll arrive at milestones to give you rewards until you complete the cake and get the prize.

Complete all four cakes with your partners to get the big reward. It doesn't matter how much you contribute to a cake, you and your partner will get the same reward.

Choco Partner Rewards

As well as a ton of dice and in-game money, completing this event will get you this new chocolate cake token.

While you'll collect milestone awards as you complete each cake, you'll also get 5,000 dice and a 5 star purple sticker pack (not gold) if you manage to complete all four cakes in this event.

For the individual cakes, the milestones are as follows:

  • 160 Dice - 1,800 Points
  • Money - 6,800 Points
  • Blue Vault of 250 Dice and Money - 14,200 Points
  • There are more milestones to unlock as you arrive at the main prize for an individual cake which is 600 Dice, Money and a a Blue 4 Star Pack (Not Gold)

Chocolate Cake Token Reward

How to Choose Good Partners for this Team Event

If you want to complete one or all of the cakes then choosing active partners that you feel will help you contribute to the event is necessary.

This is the third partner event in Monopoly GO! Maybe you already have a good idea of who the reliable partners are from your friend list or mayne you are in a situation where your available friends are not too active, or you do't have enough activity yourself to attract a player that is mroe actitve than you.

As mentioned above, the Official Monopoly GO! Discord has a 'Find a Partner' channel where potentially you could find someone to partner up with. however be prepared to show your proof of dice and activity as they will also be vetting you and your ability to help them complete their own cake.

We've also seen some very active players actually selling slots and promising to carry all of their partners through.

Personally, that's not my bag, my strategy will be to find players that are more or less the same net worth as me, that way I know that they have been more or less as active as me in the past, and if they are still playing, then probably will contribute the same as me.


  • Can I change my partner?

    No, once you have selected a partner you can't change.

  • Can I select the same partner twice?

    For the same event, no. But of course you can select the same partner that you have used from previous partner events.

  • How to find partners?

    Your available partners are anyone on your friends list that has not got 4 partners already. You may receive invites from players on your friends list, or send out your own invites. You can also look on Reddit and Discord channels to try to add new friends to your friends list that could be potential team mates for Choco partners.

  • How much do I have to contribute to get a prize?

    Nothing or everything... Just being a partner will give you the right to the milestones and final rewards. And both of you will get the same reward too, no matter the size of the individual contribution.

  • What happens if I don't complete a cake?

    Then when the event is over all points you've not used to build the cake just get reset, nothing is carried over to the next event.

  • Is it possible to extend the event if I need more time?

    No, this has never happened in any of the partner events, or any event in Monopoly GO!

  • How to get more friends in my friends list to choose partners?

    Try some Discord or Reddit channels related to Monopoly GO! and get their friend links.


Great rewards await you if you manage to complete all of the Choco Partners milestones, and get all four cakes done. But as with the previous partner events, who you team up with is crucial to the success of failure in this event.

Prepare early, save your dice for the event, and do some research as to who you think will be the best partners for you.

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