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Weapons List

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Project Wingman features 29 weapons as of this writing. The weapons listed here will be bundled along with their respective aircraft so there’s no need to unlock them or purchase them individually. Weapons are not interchangeable and will be included as a bundle if you ever decide to sell the aircraft. In this page, we’ll cover all the weapons featured in the game and a brief description for each.

About Weapons

Almost all aircraft in the game come along with STDM (standard missiles) on two hardpoints (weapon slots), which allows players to fire two STDM in quick succession. Each hardpoint has its own reload/cooldown and the overall ammo is shared between the two. At the same time, most aircraft have a default internal gun that’s something similar to an MGP (Medium Gun Pod) with around 2400 rounds of ammunition. The exceptions for these are the SK.25U and PW-MK.1 which carries an HGP (Heavy Gunpod) with around 550 ammunition and the SP-34R that carries 12000 rounds to compensate for its lack of missiles.

Each aircraft has between 1-3 slots for weapons, with each slot having a selection of weapons to choose from. It’s possible to select the same SP weapon for different slots (if applicable); however, take note that the ammo count for both weapons will be merged and counted as a single ammo pool and into a single-in-game selection. Similar to standard missiles, each hardpoint will have its own reload time/cooldown. So for example, an aircraft carrying SAA on two slots will have a total of 32 ammo (16 x 2) but will only be able to fire two at once. Carrying the same weapon on two slots doesn’t have any effect on the weapon’s damage or reload rate.

You can choose from a selection of weapon options per slot before starting a mission (Project Wingman)

Weapon Classifications

These weapon classifications determine the type of targets the weapon can be used on. For weapons with lock-on capability, they’ll only be able to lock-on the targets that they’re designed to destroy. For example, if you have selected ASM (Anti-Ship Missile), you won’t be able to lock-on on any ground or aerial targets.

Invalid targets will be marked as X, depending on the weapon equipped (Project Wingman)

Take note however, that when using any other weapon aside from ASM, large targets like naval ships or airships will have an X marked on their main hull if their subsystems are not entirely destroyed.

Weapons List

Project Wingman features 29 weapons as of this writing. The weapons listed here will be bundled along with their respective aircraft so there’s no need to unlock them or purchase them individually. Please refer to the following section for more information about some of the weapons’ full description.

Weapon Full Designation Classification Ammo Count
STDM Standard Missiles Multi-Purpose 184
HISM High-Impact Standard Missiles Multi-Purpose 48
HVSM High-Velocity Standard Missiles Multi-Purpose 64
RDBM (Conquest Mode only) Remote Detonation Burst Missiles Multi-Purpose NA
RGP Rapid Gunpod Multi-Purpose 3800
RGP Medium Gunpod Multi-Purpose 1200
MGP Medium Gunpod Multi-Purpose 1200
HGP Medium Gunpod Multi-Purpose 320
CGP Canister Gunpod Multi-Purpose 320
MGP-1 (SP-34R only) Medium Gunpod Multi-Purpose 1200
HGP-1 (SP-34R only) Medium Gunpod Multi-Purpose 320
CGP-1 (SP-34R only) Canister Gunpod Multi-Purpose 320
SAA Semi-Active Anti-Air Missiles Anti-Air 16
MLAA Multi-Lock Anti-Air Missiles Anti-Air 36
MLAA-2 Multi-Lock Anti-Air Missiles, Dual Volley Anti-Air 30
MLAA-3 Multi-Lock Anti-Air Missiles, Triple Volley Anti-Air 20
MLAG Multi-Lock Anti-Ground Missiles Anti-Ground 48
MLAG-2 Multi-Lock Anti-Ground Missiles, Dual Volley Anti-Ground 36
DT Drop Tank Anti-Ground, Unguided 4
UGBS Unguided Bomb, Small Anti-Ground, Unguided 40
UGBS-3 Unguided Bomb, Small, Triple Volley Anti-Ground, Unguided 26
UGBL Unguided Bomb, Large Anti-Ground, Unguided 8
EUFB (Conquest Mode only) Experimental Uranium Freefall Bomb Anti-Ground, Unguided 2
URS Unguided Rockets, Small Anti-Ground, Unguided 18
URS Unguided Rockets, Small Anti-Ground, Unguided 18
URM Unguided Rockets, Medium Anti-Ground, Unguided 14
URMB Unguided Rockets, Medium Burst Anti-Ground, Unguided 14
SR Standoff Rocket Anti-Ground, Unguided 40
ASM Anti-Ship Missile Misc 8
BML-U Burst Missile Launcher - Universal Multi-Purpose, Prototype 32
RG Railgun Multi-Purpose, Prototype 30
That’s all the weapons featured in the game. To your convenience, we have posted a separate page about the weapon descriptions, to have a detailed look about each weapon’s properties. Please check out our other pages within the guide for more helpful tips and tidbits about Project Wingman.
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