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Mission 5: Sirens of Defeat

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Project Wingman’s campaign has 21 missions in total, with each mission averaging around 10-15 minutes to complete. On a good run without restarts, accidents, or grinding, you may finish the entire campaign more or less around 5 hours. Of course, accidents will happen and you may encounter challenges but don’t worry! We’ll do our best to help you.

While we’ll offer pointers and tips, ultimately, the pilot behind the plane is still you so if you’re having problems completing a mission, try a different plane or approach, or even swallow your pride and attempt the mission on a lower difficulty. In this page, we’ll discuss how to complete Mission 5: Sirens of Defeat, including the recommended aircraft, strategies, and more.

New Aircraft F/C-16, MG-31
Initial Objective(s) Destroy all targets: Air-to-Air
Updated Objective(s) None

F/C-16 is a great choice for this mission since it’s agile and maneuverable, perfect for dogfights. Consider equipping the HISM, MLAA, or SAA on it.

The ground units in this mission are minimal and can be taken out by standard missiles so focus on bringing AA SP weapons. Also, take note that there’s a red line further south. If you cross this line, a large naval fleet escorted by nine F/S-15s will spawn and intercept your forces, making the mission a lot harder. If you’re replaying this mission and you have access to advanced aircraft, you can deliberately cross this line and destroy the additional targets for more points and credits.

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Mission Walkthrough

Your primary targets are the three enemy flights composed of F/D-14s and F/C-16s. The surrounding sea will also have some non-priority ships that you can destroy for extra points. The AA emplacements in the city are far-between so you don’t really need to go out of your way to destroy them unless they’re within your immediate range while you’re dealing with the priority targets. When flying in the city, take note of the cityscape to avoid crashing or clipping to skyscrapers. Continue wiping out as many non-priority targets as you want then continue taking out the aerial priority targets to update the mission.

Guide Image

For the second part of the mission, five airships composed of Anura-class cruisers and Littoria-class battlecruiser with fighter escorts will arrive at the scene. To complete this mission, you’ll have to destroy all air cruisers and their escorts. It will be annoying to engage the escorts while near the airships thanks to their numerous AA modules. Since the enemy fighters will actively go after you, you can lure them away from the airships’ AA bubble. You can then effectively take them out like you’ll normally do.

Guide Image

Once the escorts are out, you can now focus on the airships. The process remains the same; you have to destroy all their onboard before you can target the hull. If you managed to take out all their escorts, then you can concentrate on stripping the airships of their weapons. Be careful not to crash into them especially after successfully disabling them and while they’re plummeting back to the ground.

Guide Image

Mercenary Difficulty

Additional naval targets will defend the mission area, including cruisers and railgun-equipped frigates. The number of priority targets during the first phase will remain unchanged. However, the final wave will now include seven airships, including a dreaded 205-class battleship.

That concludes our guide/walkthrough for Mission 5: Sirens of Defeat. Please check out our other pages within the guide for more helpful tips and tidbits about Project Wingman.
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