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Mission 2: Frontiers

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Project Wingman’s campaign has 21 missions in total, with each mission averaging around 10-15 minutes to complete. On a good run without restarts, accidents, or grinding, you may finish the entire campaign more or less around 5 hours. Of course, accidents will happen and you may encounter challenges but don’t worry! We’ll do our best to help you.

While we’ll offer pointers and tips, ultimately, the pilot behind the plane is still you so if you’re having problems completing a mission, try a different plane or approach, or even swallow your pride and attempt the mission on a lower difficulty. In this page, we’ll discuss how to complete Mission 2: Frontiers, including the recommended aircraft, strategies, and more.

Mission Overview

New Aircraft F/E-4
Initial Objective(s) Air-to-air
Updated Objective(s) None

Mission Walkthrough

For this mission, the F/E-4 is the recommended plane for this mission due to its higher stats and a great variety of SP weapons. You should have enough funds to avail this plane at this point. This mission will pit you against aerial targets only so equip the HISM/MLAA, HGP, and MLAA/SAA on your plane.

During the mission, you’ll be facing three waves of F/C-15s. Your HISM can one-shot normal aircraft so don’t waste your ammo. The MLAA lacks reliable tracking against moving targets so they’re great for ambushing incoming enemy formations, when pursuing them, or when destroying slow aircraft or aircraft parts. Finally, the SAA has incredible tracking but will require manual targeting.

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For the first part of the battle, you’ll have to shoot down three F/C-15s squadrons. The third wave is accompanied by a FC-8 AEW&C. This is a large target and serves as the enemy’s AWACS. You can shoot it down or your allies will take care of it while you engage its escorts.

For the updated objective, you’ll have to face a squadron composed of four SK.27s, another FC-8, and a Littoria-class air battlecruiser. The SK.27s will pose a challenge to engage and shoot down, not to mention the annoying AA support provided by the battlecruiser. Take out the FC-8 then lure the SK.27s away from the battlecruiser’s AA range so you can focus on engaging the enemy fighters.

Guide Image

After taking out the fighters, you can now start destroying the battlecruiser’s armaments. The MLAA can be quite potent at this point, capable of destroying multiple armaments at once, especially when you’re in a favorable angle of attack. Keep destroying the armaments until you’re able to target the main hull of the battlecruiser itself. After shooting down the battlecruiser and wait for the chatter to end.

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For the last phase, you'll have an optional landing sequence. This sequence can be skipped. If you want to land manually, align your plane to the runway and slowly throttle down your speed and lower your altitude. The runway is also short so you should try touching down as far as possible. Once your tires hit the ground, brake hard until you reach a full stop. Mission complete!

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Mercenary Difficulty

Additional aircraft such as F/E-18s, SK.37s, F/E-4s and a MG-31 will be part of the enemy squadrons, along with some aces and experimental carriers. During the final wave, you’ll also face two Littoria-class air battlecruisers and 205-class battleship

Video Playthrough

Project Wingman - Mission 1: Black Flag playthrough

That concludes our guide/walkthrough for Mission 2: Frontiers. Please check out our other pages within the guide for more helpful tips and tidbits about Project Wingman.

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