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Mission 11: Cold War

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Project Wingman’s campaign has 21 missions in total, with each mission averaging around 10-15 minutes to complete. On a good run without restarts, accidents, or grinding, you may finish the entire campaign more or less around 5 hours. Of course, accidents will happen and you may encounter challenges but don’t worry! We’ll do our best to help you.

While we’ll offer pointers and tips, ultimately, the pilot behind the plane is still you so if you’re having problems completing a mission, try a different plane or approach, or even swallow your pride and attempt the mission on a lower difficulty. In this page, we’ll discuss how to complete Mission 11: Cold War, including the recommended aircraft, strategies, and more.

Mission Overview

New Aircraft None
Initial Objective(s) Destroy all targets: Air to Air
Updated Objective(s) Defeat Crimson Team.

This mission will pit you in the middle of a massive aerial engagement between the warring factions - in aviation terms, a furball. There are no new planes unlocked as per last mission’s completion so it’s up to you if you want to buy one of the two of the most recently unlocked planes. The Sk.27 boasts the better response rate, a bit higher roll rate and costs 8,000 credits more. The F/C-15 has more hardpoints and anti-ground weapon options, making it viable for future missions.

However, if you want to save money, the F/E-18 is still a very good option since it still has really high stats (max speed, roll rate, turn rate) with a response rate that can quite keep up with the two aforementioned planes. Just make sure to have a pure AA loadout. (MLAA, SAA or STDM for more standard missile ammo). For this mission, the AoA Limiter module is highly recommended though you can stick with Flares if you’re confident how to properly use this module.

Mission Walkthrough

The mission is pretty straightforward. Just fly through the middle of the furball and shoot down as many enemy planes as you can, as quickly and efficiently as possible. There are also transports that will attempt to escape the AO to the north. You’re not required to shoot them all down but they’ll provide extra credit if you do. As you whittle down the enemy numbers, more enemy squadrons will trickle in. Just keep shooting down enemy aircraft until their numbers eventually dwindle and the allied forces wipe them out completely.

Guide Image
Guide Image

When you receive the mission update, the Crimson Squadron along with additional reinforcements will appear. Your aircraft will also be repaired by around 40-50% of its hull strength. While you have allies to help keep the heat off from you, you still need to do the main job of shooting down the Crimson Squadron members. Since they’re using annoyingly agile planes, you have to keep up using impossibly tight turns with the help of the AoA module. You need to maintain a high speed in order to keep up with them and ensure that you’re agile enough to dodge incoming missiles. Also, if you’re not actively chasing down a Crimson, you can also take out their reinforcements to reduce the threat to the allied forces and to yourself.

Guide Image

The best way to aggressively attack them is to focus on one Crimson, keep up with its maneuvers, then quickly release two missiles at once right after they’re about to recover from a turn. This will require good timing but if you keep observing them and tracking them, you’ll be able to see the right moments when they’re vulnerable. Don’t hesitate to use your gun in short and quick bursts to chip away their HP, no matter how small. You’re only required to shoot down at least any 5 members of the Crimson Squadron to force them to retreat and complete the mission.

Guide Image

Mercenary Difficulty

You’ll have to fight through more reinforcements utilizing higher-tier aircraft than the allied forces. The Crimson Squadron will also come along with a supporting flight of advanced planes.

That concludes our guide/walkthrough for Project Wingman’s Mission 11: Cold War. Please check out our other pages within the guide for more helpful tips and tidbits about this outstanding flight combat sim.
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