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Conquest Mission Type Guide

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There are different types of missions in Project Wingman’s Conquest Mode that will differ from every run. These are randomly rotated and assigned to territories that players have to take back. In this page, we will discuss the various mission types and provide basic strategies in tackling them.

Project Wingman’s Conquest Mode has a total of 43 missions. As you tackle each mission, your Alert Level will gradually increase. Take note that the difficulty of these missions will be based on the Alert Level. The Alert Level represents how much of a threat the Federation views you and will reflect on the units they’ll throw at you. That said, the higher the alert level, the more difficult and numerous your enemies will be.

The Alert Level is based on the time spent on the mission. Before starting a Conquest playthrough, you can adjust the modifier for the Alert Level gauge fill up speed. You can set it as low as 0.5x and as high as 4x.

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There are different mission types and they will always have two phases: the main mission objective and the boss fight against an enemy ace squadron after completing the main objective. The ace squadrons you’ll face are randomized, and it is even possible to be unlucky enough to face prototype squadrons and/or airships at low alert levels.

Score Attack

This mission Type is straightforward; you just need to destroy any air-to-ground or air-to-air targets until you reach the score quota. For this mission, I suggest ignoring the ground targets since the high-score targets are found in the skies. Basically, you should prioritize taking out transports and bombers since they are easier targets and worth 400 points each. Airships can cost around 750 points at least, not counting the individual emplacements you have to destroy. If you destroy an airship with an ASM, that’s an easy 1000+ score. Your allies’ kills are also counted but at a fraction of the target’s normal score.

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Transport Hunt

This mission will mark transports as priority targets. These transports will have their own fighter escort but you only need to focus on the priority targets to complete the main objective.

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Anti-Air Defense Suppression

For this mission, you’ll have to eliminate AA defense systems scattered across the map. Bring anti-ground weapons, preferably MLAGs and a fast plane since you’ll have to cover a lot of ground. Like other priority-based targets, you can avoid engaging the fighters and just focus on taking out the priority ground targets.

Fleet Hunt

For this mission, more airships will appear and you’ll have to shoot all the ones marked as priority. Bring a plane with either ASM or MLAA. Since there are only a few planes in the game that have ASM, your weapon-to-go is MLAA. Try to carry MLAA on two slots if your plane is capable of doing so. Since airships have a lot of AA armaments, carry Flares instead of AoA to increase your survivability.

Most Wanted

For this mission, you’ll be facing several ace squadrons. They’re the same as the boss squadrons you’ll face on other missions. Bringing a plane with AoA is pretty much required to have an easier time shooting the enemies down. As for the weapons, the MLAA and SAA can be useful for ambushing enemy formations before you engage them. However, their effectiveness will wane quickly since you’ll be in a dogfight most of the time. You can bring an MLAA, but try slotting in gun pods or extra STDMs depending on your plane’s capability.

Experimental Unit Sabotage

This is similar to Most Wanted mission Type but the main difference will be that the enemies you’ll face will be carrying experimental weapons like backward-firing guns or projectiles. The same loadout and strategy for Most Wanted will apply but you’ll need to take extra precautions.

That concludes our dedicated page for Conquest Mode’s Mission Types in Project Wingman. Please check out our other pages within the guide for more helpful tips and tidbits about this outstanding flight combat sim.

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