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Weapon Properties

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Project Wingman features 29 weapons as of this writing. The weapons listed here will be bundled along with their respective aircraft so there’s no need to unlock them or purchase them individually. In this page, we will discuss the properties of the weapons featured in the game. Take note that we don’t need to describe the weapons individually unless it is warranted; instead, we will group them together whenever possible.

Standard Missiles

  • STDM: Standard Missiles - This is the default weapon of almost all aircraft in the game, with average firepower, speed, and very reliable tracking. This weapon can lock-on on both air, ground, and naval targets with fair reload speed.
  • RDBM: Remote Detonation Burst Missiles

Gun Pods

All aircraft come along with one form of gun pod or another. Similar to standard missiles, these weapons can be used on almost any target. Heavily-armored targets will take more rounds before getting destroyed. Gun pods will have limited ammo so use it only when at effective range or when finishing off targets that have been softened up by other (explosive) weapons.

When a target is within the gun’s effective range, a pipper will appear. While stationary or slow-moving targets are easier to shoot at, shooting down aircraft with your gun will require an maneuverable plane and leading your shot. One good example is matching the target’s turning direction and shooting “above” or ahead where the target is heading. The trajectory/bullet drop effect will allow you to score hits and even destroy the target.

  • RGP: Rapid Gun Pod - Highest rate of fire among all gun pods but with reduced damage.
  • MGP: Medium Gun Pod - This gun pod boasts a good balance of fire rate, damage, and ammo pool.
  • HGP: Heavy Gun Pod - This weapon has a smaller ammo pool but each round packs a punch.
  • CGP: Canister Gun Pod. - This is a unique variation of gun pods since it has a shotgun effect where a bunch of fletchettes are shot out instead of individual rounds.

Manually targeting enemy aircraft while waiting for pipper to adjust (Project Wingman)

Anti-Air Missiles

These missiles can only lock-on aerial targets and will always have more firepower than the standard missile. Their tracking accuracy will entirely depend on the weapon type.

  • SAA: Semi-Active Anti-Air Missiles - This weapon will require you to manually keep the target in the targeting circle. If the target moves away from the targeting circle, the missile will lose its tracking. This weapon is most effective at medium and long ranges, as well as against slow targets because of its power and range.
  • MLAA: Multi-Lock Anti-Air Missiles - As the name suggests, this weapon is capable of tracking multiple targets at once, with one missile automatically assigned to one target. If there are fewer targets than the available missiles, the system will not double-lock on a target so no ammo will be wasted. This weapon has a considerable lock-on distance but with reduced tracking, making it ideal against slow targets, airships (perfect for destroying several subsystems per MLAA salvo), or against incoming/chasing after enemy flight formation, as long as you’re head-on or directly behind them.

Anti-Ground Missiles

These smart weapons can lock-on ground targets at a considerable range. They are quite accurate, capable of changing their trajectory if there’s enough clearance towards the target.

  • MLAG: Multi-Lock Anti-Ground Missiles - Similar to their anti-air counterparts, this weapon is capable of tracking multiple targets at once, with one missile automatically assigned to one target. If there are fewer targets than the available missiles, the system will not double-lock on a target so no ammo will be wasted.
  • MLAG-2: Multi-Lock Anti-Ground Missiles, Dual Volley - This weapon is basically a MLAG but instead of one missile per target, this weapon can launch two missiles on per target, at the cost of lower ammo cost and longer reload time.

(Unguided) Bombs

These are freefall bombs that don’t lock on the target but instead deal AoE (area of effect) damage from the impact point. The size of the AoE radius will be displayed as soon as you select the bomb and will depend on the size (payload) of the bomb you’re carrying. Since these are unguided weapons, there are no lock-on and you’ll have to manually aim where you want the bombs to land.

A bomb’s impact point and blast radius will be displayed as long as you selected the weapon. This requires manual aiming. (Project Wingman)

  • UGBS/L: Unguided Bomb , Small/Large - These are standard bombs that have no other special properties. Their difference from one another include the size of their blast radius and the amount of bombs you can carry.
  • UGBS-3: Unguided Bomb, Small, Triple Volley - This variation of the UGBS drops three consecutive bombs per use. However, it will be quite tricky to pull off since there’s a delay with the launching of each bomb, which can affect the distribution and their spread. Other factors like drop height, high speed, angle of attack, or hard turns will also affect its effective blast area. For more efficient usage, this bomb is suitably used against slow targets (like naval ships) or ground targets clumped together in tight formation while flying low and slow.
  • EUFB: Experimental Uranium Freefall Bomb - (Conquest Mode only) This weapon is practically a tactical nuke. It has a massive blast area and deals massive damage, that can even shoot you down if you’re caught within its blast zone.

Unguided Rockets

These weapons fire off at a straight line at low velocity with any lock-on . They also tend to drop off when fired at long range. Even if they’re classified as ground weapons, you can still use them against slow naval or aerial targets such as airships. With proper timing and planning, you can even employ these weapons to shoot down aerial enemies.

  • URS/M: Unguided Rockets, Small/Medium - Fires seven rockets in a single volley.
  • URMB: Unguided Rockets, Medium BurstFires seven medium-sized rockets simultaneously.
  • SR: Standoff RocketThis is a single large rocket occupying two hardpoints, unlike the other smaller rockets that get launched from pods.


There are only two weapons belonging to this category since both of them are a league on their own.

  • ASM: Anti-Ship MissileThis weapon has a category on its own since it can only be fired from one hard point and can only target ships - including those on the sea, land, or air. This weapon has the special capability of directly targeting the ship itself, bypassing the normal method of destroying all their individual sub-systems/weapon systems first before you can target the actual ship. The downsides for this powerful weapon is the long reload time and very low ammo count.
  • RG: RailgunThis weapon is capable of launching a high-velocity explosive barrel with almost instantaneous effect if it connects. It can be used against any target and so far the only weapon in the game capable of damaging large ships directly without destroying their subsystems first.

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