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Story Progress and Quests Guide

Fairy Tail Walkthrough and Guide by Paul (vhayste)
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Like other RPGs, Fairy Tail revolves around a core story and several optional side quests. Some recruitable characters and features of the game can be unlocked by completing side quests and progressing through the story. The game doesn’t have any time limit or sort for these quests and tasks so players can progress through a pace they’re comfortable with. In this page, we will discuss the various quests and tasks that you can do in the game to help you strengthen your team and achieve your ultimate goal of being the highest ranked guild in Fiore.

Story Progress

The game’s story is divided into several chapters, with each chapter further broken down into Episodes. Complete all episodes to complete the chapter and move on to the next. Story Progress missions are marked with the orange book icon. The objectives are very straightforward, ranging from talking to specific characters, fighting story battles, or visiting specific areas. The active objective will be displayed in the upper-left corner of the screen. Furthermore, you can review all quests by accessing the main menu and accessing the Story tab.

While you have the freedom to do whatever you want, even during story missions, there are certain story progress tasks that will prevent you from straying too far from a specified location or accepting requests. During the course of the story, the base of operations may change but the Facilities between each of them can be accessed the same way.


These are optional sideqests that you can accept from the guild’s Request Board. Requests are a great source of jewels (money), renown (points to increase the guild’s rank), as well as Bonds for the characters who participated on the request. There are also certain requests that require specific characters. You’ll start off only with a handful of requests but as your Guild Rank increases, you’ll be able to accept higher-ranked requests and earn higher rewards. You can only accept one request at a time. Also, you won’t be able to accept a request if you have an ongoing story objective or character story.

Once you have accepted a request, you can abandon it by viewing the report again. If you’re inside your base, you can also press the L stick to abandon a request. Abandoning requests will reset their progress but will allow you to attempt it again from the start.

Like story quests, the objectives are very straightforward and easy to track. NPCs, objects, and locations that you have to talk to or visit will have the scroll icon shown on the map and floating above their heads (for NPCs) or over the location or object. Enemies that you have to defeat will have an exclamation point over their heads and will appear as such on your map.

After completing all objectives (missions) in the request, you’ll get the prompt to Fast-Travel automatically back to your base. Upon arrival, you have to report to Mirajane or accept the prompt to report the completion of the request automatically. Only then will you receive your reward.

Regular Requests

These are repeatable quests that will require defeating specific monsters in a certain location. After completing a Regular Request, another one will appear to take its place. These type of quests are a good source of jewel (money) and a small amount of renown. Depending on how many Medals you possess, you might even encounter strange enemies, extra gathering spots, and even treasure chests. You can check how many medals you have by examining the Bookcase in Lucy’s House.

Character Stories

These are character-specific quests that will allow you to increase the limit of a character’s rank. Increasing a character’s rank is necessary for them to learn new skills and become stronger. Furthermore, you can even recruit a new character upon completion of their character story if they haven’t joined your party yet. Progress through the story to unlock more character stories. You’ll know when a character story is available when you see a star icon hovering above the character’s head or on the map.

Community Service

These are minor requests given to you by townspeople. Community service requests will involve giving them the requested number of specified materials. These have no time limit and the materials can be handed over to them whenever it’s convenient for you. You can take on community service requests while working on other objectives. You’ll know which specific NPCs have available Community Service Requests by the icon above their heads or on the map. Completing these requests will reward you with Lacrima and will count towards the Guild Rank Goal.

Upgrade Tasks

These are the quests given by your guild mates that are related to upgrading a Facility. Aside from paying the necessary amount of jewels (money), you’ll also need to fetch an upgrade item from a specific spot or defeating a powerful monster. You can easily identify the location or monster you need to defeat by finding the hammer icon over the spot or the monster. This icon is also visible on the map for your convenience. The available upgrades are also tied to your story progress so you can only complete a certain number of upgrades at any given time.

Guild Rank Goals

Guild Rank Goals are a set of tasks that will be given to you for each Guild Rank. Complete all the listed tasks to receive a good amount of jewels, Fairy Points, and Lacrima. The required number of completions listed for the tasks are also cumulative so the progress you’ve made from a previous, similar task will be counted towards the current progression.

For example, Guild Rank Goal (D) will require you to complete 5 Community Service requests. If you already completed that task and when you reach Guild Rank Goal (B), you’ll get the task to complete 20 Community Service requests, in which you’ll start off with 5/20.

For tasks that involve dueling, only first-time victories are counted so forget about “farming” duel wins by defeating low-level members like Lucy and Wendy.

For the task that requires you to complete a specified number of ranked quests, both regular (repeatable) and ordinary requests are counted. However, repeatable quests marked “Complete” won’t be counted.

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