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Episode 3: Test your true abilities

Fairy Tail Walkthrough and Guide by Paul (vhayste)
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Back in the guild, you’ll get a notification that your maximum team size has increased to four and that you can now remodel Facilities. For more information about remodeling, please check out our Guild and Facilities Guide

[-] Raise one character’s level to 15
[-] Report to the master
If any of your party members is already at level 15 or higher at this point, you only need to talk to Master to continue with the story. Before talking to the master, you can tackle Gray’s character story as well as accept new Requests from the board. If you have new Bond Rank conversations available, you’ll need to do them as well.
* Dude, Where’re My Clothes?

New Requests:
* Something Fishy Going On
* Beach Ecology
* A Treasure Hidden in Sand

Once you’re done with the normal Requests (and some Regular Requests, if you wanted to farm some EXP), talk to the master to continue with the story and update the objective.

[-] Search for Jellal at the Great Plains
Travel to the Great Plains and head to the mission where Jellal and Ultear are waiting. Talk to them to show them the fruits of your training via friendly match.

Boss Weaknesses Resistances
Jellal Fire, Ice Holy, Demon
Ultear Fire Ice, Demon

For the first phase, Jellal will take the first turn and hit your entire party with Jiu Leixing. You’ll also get a quick tip about activating Awakening to react during an enemy’s attack and prevent incoming damage while also making you immune to enemy attacks while Awakened. The only downside for Awakening in this manner is that the special status will be 2 turns shorter than usual - but when used at the right time, can be a life-saver.

During your turn, heal up your party using Lucy or Wendy’s healing magic then have Natsu and Erza lay down the offense. If you have a full Fairy Gauge, start the battle with a Magic Chain, which should be powerful enough to at least eliminate Ultear and heavily damage Jellal. While you can use Awakening to help you deal more damage and survive longer, you can also opt to use Follow Up attacks instead, especially if your characters can deal considerable damage per attack. After depleting both of their HP, the battle will move on to the second phase.

At the start of the second phase, Meredy will cast Maguilty Sense on both Jellal and Ultear, boosting their ATK and DEF. They get repositioned as well, making it harder to hit them using the same attack. You may want to use Gray or Wendy’s support magic that boosts your party’s DEF to offset the ATK Buff of the opponents. Prioritize focusing-fire on Ultear first since she’s the squisher target with less HP. Other than that, it will help get rid of her to prevent her from using her healing magic and Rosenkrone spell which is quite potent against Natsu. Natsu will still be your main damage-dealer in this battle since his fire attacks are effective against Jellal and Ultear.

For the final phase, Ultear will retreat and Jellal will use an ultimate magic called Sema which will result in an instant defeat if he’s not defeated within three turns. At this point, you should have a full Fairy Gauge in which you should not hesitate to activate. If you still fail to defeat Jellal at this point, I suggest taking on repeatable quests and grind to increase your levels further.

After this battle, the episode and chapter will be finally complete!

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