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Episode 2: Crime Sorciere

Fairy Tail Walkthrough and Guide by Paul (vhayste)
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After the cutscenes, you’re now free to explore the beach. There are new items that can be gathered from the gathering points here, as well as more treasures to loot.
Enemy Weaknesses Resistances
Baby Land Whales None None
Lizardman Holy Demon
Golem Fire Ice, Non-Elemental

[-] Go to the Suspension Bridge
[-] Cross over the Suspension Bridge
Follow the mission marker to the suspension bridge to trigger a cutscene. The broken bridge will now be fixed, allowing you to cross and explore the other sections of the map. Start by turning left on the first fork. The Stylish Woman there will award you with a Hidden Lacrima by completing her Community Service Request. In the dead end to the south, open the chest to get 2000J.

Backtrack to the main path and you should find a flutterer that carries Quality Flasks for the Laboratory upgrade. (This monster will only be present if you accepted the upgrade task beforehand) After getting the upgrade material, you can return to the base and hand it over to Levy or you can just continue exploring for now.

The path to the left is blocked by an obstacle that requires 30,000 Over Damage, which can’t be achieved at this point. Just head east for now and destroy the wooden crate to get a Delicious Candy. The other obstacle along the way requires around 10,000 Over Damage, which can be manageable. Make sure to have a full Fairy Gauge and save your game before attempting this. The total damage calculated in a Magic Chain includes all enemies in the field and your characters’ individual damage output. To get the most amount of damage, engage an enemy with a large group and use an ATK Buff to all your allies (like Wendy’s Ile Arms skill) before performing a Magic Chain.

If you’re able to destroy it now, refer to the map above for the location of the items you can loot from that area. Otherwise, continue to the mission marker and loot the chest there to get a Revival Remedy. Pick up the items from the gathering points then speak with Jelal for a cutscene.

[-] Talk to the suspicious people
[-] Show Jellal your newfound power
After talking to Jelal, Ultear, and Meredy, prepare your party for a (friendly) boss battle. Make sure their Lacrima are properly equipped and their HP/MP full. If you need to heal, simply Fast-Travel back to your base to completely heal your party for free. Once done, talk to Jellal to start the battle.

Boss Weaknesses Resistances
Crime Sorciere, Jellal Fire, Ice Holy, Demon

During this battle, Jelal will attack first and heavily damage your team. At this point, the Awakening mechanic will be unlocked and you’ll get a tutorial on how to use it. Activate Awakening during your characters’ turns then attack normally. Natsu will be a key player here since his fire attacks will hurt Jellal a lot. Using his Crimson Lotus: Fire Dragon Fist can be very helpful in delivering extra damage, thanks to the skill’s Counter Stance. Consider using Wendy and Erza as other party members for their support and additional power. Erza also has access to a counter skill called Pentagram Sword that you can use to quickly defeat Jellal.

After defeating Jellal, the episode will end after the cutscenes.

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