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Episode 2: Grand Magic Games - Day 4

Fairy Tail Walkthrough and Guide by Paul (vhayste)
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[-] Join the morning tournament activities
Leave the inn to encounter Yukino. After the conversation with her, continue to the arena and enter the main door. For this match, you can select 4 of your best combatants. Erza and Natsu are pretty much highly recommended. Once done, talk to the guard to start the battle.
The next game is not an actual battle. Your objective is to deal the highest amount of damage possible to the Magic Finder device. Your fairy gauge will also get automatically filled so you’ll have to unleash your Magic Chain on the first turn. One magic chain should be enough to destroy the MF, ending the battle.

After the cutscene and getting informed that the two Fairy Tail teams will be combined, you’ll be transported back to the inn.

[-] Join the afternoon tournament activities
Make your preparations and once available, travel back to the Arena and start the next match. Natsu and Gajeel will be required combatants so like before, make sure they have their unique Lacrima, wizard lacrima, and protection lacrima. Natsu can also have the Flame Lacrima/Charm/Talisman while Gajeel can have the Fear or Curse variant.

Boss Weaknesses Resistances
Sabertooth, Sting Dark Light
Sabertooth, Rogue Light Dark

For Natsu, start by using Crimson Lotus: Fire Dragon Fist to hit both enemies and give him the Counter stance. For Gajeel, use Iron Dragon Lance: Demon Logs since its range can hit both Sting and Rogue while also lowering their defense. Don’t hesitate to activate Follow-Up attacks as well since you don’t need to activate Awakening in this fight. If you managed to fill up your fairy gauge at this phase, don’t use it yet and just use ordinary attacks until you deplete their HP gauges.

After depleting their HP, the battle will enter the second phase. Both of them will use Dragon Drive, with Sting getting DEF Up and Barrier while Sting getting a SPD and LUC Buff. If you start this phase of the battle with a full fairy gauge, use a Magic Chain immediately. This will not instantly KO Sting and Rogue but will severely damage them. Pick them off with ordinary attacks to end this phase of the battle.

Finally, we enter the last phase of the battle. Sting and Rogue will activate their Dragon Force forms, giving them a significant Buff to their parameters, making them even more sturdier than before. At this point, you have to focus your attacks on each of them. Have Gajeel use his attack against Sting, especially those magic with the DEF down effect.

Continue your normal attacks until you’re able to fill up your fairy gauge again. Wait for the duo to use their powerful combo attack (Holy Shadow Dragon Flash Fang) before activating your Magic Chain. Natsu and Gajeel will suffer high damage but will endure this attack just fine. Better yet, this attack will decrease Sting and Rogue’s defense, making it ideal to retaliate with a magic chain. If you’re able to pull off this timing properly, you’ll be able to completely decimate the duo and win the match during this turn.

[-] Talk to everyone.
Back at the inn, you just need to talk to the guildmates with the markers above their heads to proceed with the story. Watch through the following cutscenes and this episode (and chapter) will be complete.

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