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Episode 3: Face

Fairy Tail Walkthrough and Guide by Paul (vhayste)
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After the cutscenes, you’ll be controlling Lucy this time. Wendy is also a fixed member and you have three free slots so don’t forget to add new members before exiting the team customization screen.

[-] Head to the control room.
This is the same location where you started as Natsu from the previous episode so if you already explored the area and collected all treasures, you can just head towards the objective. Head south and continue forth until you reach the intersection with many small rooms. Turn right (west) then head north towards the narrow corridor. Defeat the red imp blocking the path. After the battle, defeat the blue imp guarding the small room at the end of the corridor then loot the Miracle Cure.

Next continue heading to the dining room further west. Defeat the blue imp and deal overdamage to clear the obstacle blocking the small room to the south. Loot the Perfect Revival Remedy from the chest. Next, head north towards the mission marker and defeat the berserker guarding the door. Enter the door to trigger a cutscene.

[-] Stop Face before it’s too late.
After the scene, you’ll be controlling Wendy alone. From the control room door, turn left and head south upstairs. Make your way to the west until you reach the entrance hall. Exit through the main door for some more cutscenes. After the scenes, you’ll be facing Ezel alone.

Boss Weaknesses Resistances
Nine Demon Gates, Dojigiri Ezel None None

With no strengths or weaknesses, you’ll have to rely on brute force to defeat this boss. The standard tactics will work here; if you already have a full fairy gauge, unleash a Magic Chain at the start of the battle. Otherwise, exchange blows until you fully charge up your fairy gauge. After depleting his HP gauge, watch through a cutscene to start the second phase.

Wendy will be automatically in Dragon Force mode and will be able to absorb Holy damage. Ezel’s attacks consist mostly of this element so any ordinary damage from his other non-Holy attacks will get healed by absorbing Holy damage he inflicts. At this point, it’s going to be a one-way battle since Wendy will pretty much pummel Ezel regardless of the attack magic she uses. Defeat Ezel to end the battle.

Watch through more cutscenes and you’ll be controlling Mirajane this time.

[-] Defeat Seilah

Boss Weaknesses Resistances
Nine Demon Gates, Seilah None None

For this battle, you’ll only be able to deploy Mirajane alone. She only has access to three Demon element attacks so your attack options are pretty much limited. Try to stick with the True Explosion Punch and True Evil Orb moves to conserve MP. Keep attacking until she’s defeated. You can also consider using a Magic Chain on the first turn if you have a full gauge.

After the following scene, Seilah will transform and the second phase of the battle will start. Lisanna will provide support in the backline so you’ll enjoy some beneficial buffs. Like before, Mira will only have three attacks so stick with the low-MP ones to build your fairy gauge. Keep attacking then unleash a Magic Chain once available until her HP is depleted.

Another cutscene will take place and we’ll enter the third phase of the battle. Mira can only use the new magic, Macro Call Elfman for the first turn. After that, you just simply need to repeat the previous strategy. Don’t hesitate to use a recovery item if necessary. Finish off Seilah to end the battle.

After the battle, watch through the following cutscenes and the episode will end.

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