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Episode 1: Fairy Tail, Year X791

Fairy Tail Walkthrough and Guide by Paul (vhayste)
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[-] Talk to everyone
The temporary guild building is pretty barren but don’t worry, you’ll be able to improve your guild’s condition as you go through the story. Talk to everyone then talk to Lucy. This will unlock the Guild Ledger. You can examine it if you want. Next, talk to Makarov to unlock the Request Board. You’ll also receive a couple of Lacrima and healing Consumables. Equip the Wizard Lacrima to Natsu and the Protection Lacrima to Lucy.

[-] Take on a Request
Examine the request board and accept the only request there. (Rank D - Save My Best Bro) For this particular request, Wendy will join the party as a guest.

Save My Best Bro
[-] Head to Lucy’s Room
Leave the guild building and you’ll be able to open the Local Map by pressing the down DPAD. You can also adjust the size of this map by pressing the LEFT or RIGHT DPAD.

You’ll also find Gathering Points nearby. Interacting with these points will give you items that you can use for synthesis, upgrades, etc. These spots have fixed locations and will restock once you leave and return to the town/field so you can get items from them over and over again. For now, interact with the Gathering Spots to obtain Chrysanthus and Aqueous Rock.

Before leaving the area, check the dead-end to the right of the exit to find a lone barrel. Interact with it to get a Delicious Candy. These candies are extremely rare so you have to look for lone barrels, boxes, and areas blocked by obstacles. These candies can be given to Nikora, the celestial spirit back in Lucy’s House. Exit the area for now to reach the town.

Once you’ve reached the town of Magnolia, head to Lucy’s House to trigger a cutscene. You can’t enter her house for now and the objective will be updated as well. Before leaving the city to search for the missing person in the request, you can explore the city to find more gathering points and specific barrels containing Delicious Candy. Since the gathering points can be replenished, we will just mark the treasure chests and locations where you can pick up Delicious Candies in the city. Kindly refer to the map below.

After gathering materials and picking up the loot in the town, exit the town to reach the regional map. You can open this by pressing the DPAD Up button. You can use this to instantly travel between towns and fields. For now, exit to the south of the town then head to the Boundary Forest.

[-] Find the person lost in Boundary Forest
Enemy Weaknesses Resistances
Flutterer Light None
Golem Fire Ice, Non-Elemental

As soon as you enter the forest, you can fight the flutterers nearby to train your party members. The location of the person you’re looking for is marked on the map. Head to the marker to find the man surrounded by masked men. During the battle, you’ll receive a tutorial about Magic Chains. Mastering this powerful, combined attack is necessary to easily defeat bosses later on and to clear up obstacles in the field via the Over Damage mechanic of the game.

After the battle and short conversation, you’ll have the option to return to the guild instantly or return manually later and continue exploring. After entering your guild building, confirm that you’re done with the quest to get the reward and permanently get Wendy as a new party member.

[-] Raise a Character’s Rank
Character Rank is different from character level. Increasing a character’s rank will provide various benefits to the character like new Magic Chain commands, additional Lacrima Slot, new skills, etc. You can increase a character’s rank by accessing the Guild Ledger (This is the same book where you can access the upgrade and remodeling options for your Facilities) and spending Fairy Points. For now, you only have enough Fairy Points to rank up one character so choose the one you want then exit menu. Once done, your objective will be updated.

[-] Take another request
Examine the board and take on the only request there called Snuggle Don’t Smuggle. After accepting the quest, Gray will join the party as a guest.

Snuggle Don’t Smuggle
[-] Gather information in town
Leave the guild and you’ll get the prompt that Fast-Travel has been unlocked now. You have to talk to three townspeople which are all marked on the map. Travel to the northern part of town and talk to all of them. After talking to all of them, the objective will be updated and the marker will be moved at the end of an alley to the northwest. Head there to trigger a short cutscene. Next, head to the fountain in the middle of town and the young woman by the cathedral next. Finally, head to the west exit and approach the guard there. You’ll find the suspicious men in a narrow alley near the west exit.

[-] Stop the deal
You’ll have to fight a large group of Dark Guild members but don’t get intimidated by their numbers since they’re entirely pushovers. Defeat all of them and after the cutscene, head back to the guild to report the request’s completion.

Back at the guild, Gray will join your party as a permanent member. You’ll also get a brief tutorial about Bond Ranks and how completing Requests will increase the bonds between all party members who participated.

[-] Talk to Lucy outside the guild.
[-] Take on yet another request.
Simply head outside and talk to Lucy to upgrade the Bond Rank between her and Natsu. Once done, head inside and check the request board once again and accept the only request there.

Get the mail, man!
[-] Get back the mail in the Great Plains
Enemy Weaknesses Resistances
Flutterer Non-Elemental None
Siren Dark, Non-Elemental Light
The Beast Light Dark

Erza will then join your party as a guest. A new field on the map will be unlocked as well. Make your preparations then travel to the Great Plains. The two paths leading to the mission marker are blocked by obstacles. To clear them, you have to trigger the Over Damage mechanic by starting a battle while near any obstacle. Approach the obstacle to the northeast to trigger the battle automatically. Attack once and your Fairy Gauge will be filled up automatically as well. Trigger a Magic Chain to take out the enemies and remove the obstacle in the process.

After clearing the path, check the two alcoves nearby to get the Energy Lacrima and Small Bottled Ethernano from the treasure chests. Next, head to the mission marker to trigger a battle against the Dark Guild wizards. Defeat all of them in battle to easily remove the obstacle behind them as well.

There are still a couple more dark wizard groups that you have to defeat. There’s a crate along the way; destroy it to get a Delicious Candy.

After defeating the wizards and retrieving the package, don’t head back home yet since there’s still some items to pick up in this area. Please refer to the map below for the location of the chests. There are some items hiding behind obstacles that require over 30,000 damage to destroy so just take note of their locations and come back for them later. You can fight the sirens by the stream but avoid taking on the beastmen uphill to the northeast (with the ghastly aura) since these are too powerful for you at this point.

After returning to the guild and reporting your quest completion, you’ll finally get Erza as a permanent party member. She’s a very potent character boasting high attack and defense, making her a very reliable party member that will seldom leave your party.

[-] Talk to Kanna
Next, talk to Kanna to trigger some cutscenes. After this, she will temporarily leave the party.

[-] Look for Lucy
You’ll find Lucy near the bridge across her house. Talk to her to trigger another cutscene.

[-] Enter Lucy's House
[-] Have a look around Lucy's House
You can now enter Lucy’s House. You’ll get a tutorial of the features of this location as soon as you enter. Check out the Bookcase and the Dresser then talk to Nikora on Lucy’s desk to hand over the Candies you’ve found so far. This will also trigger the story cutscene.

Back in the guild, you’ll also unlock your first Guild Rank Goal. This concludes the first episode of this chapter!

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