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Guild and Facilities Guide

Fairy Tail Walkthrough and Guide by Paul (vhayste)
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As you progress through the story and as your guild slowly rises up to the ranks, you’ll be able to unlock more useful facilities in your guild, and even upgrade and remodel said facilities to further enhance the benefits they provide. In our dedicated guide, we’ll cover various guild-related topics to help you understand these key features of the game.

Guild Rank

Your Guild Rank represents the guild’s standing or reputation in the land’s rankings. Complete requests and upgrade your guild facilities to gain Renown. Once you reach a certain amount of renown, your guild will get promoted up the rank and you’ll receive a commendation from the council. Reaching a new rank threshold will also unlock a new Guild Rank Goal. You’re not required to complete Guild Rank Goals in order for your guild to rank up; however, Guild Rank Goal rewards are quite desirable and worth a lot of Fairy Points and jewels (money) so you shouldn’t ignore these tasks either.

Aside from the benefits mentioned above, higher guild ranks increases the amount of Requests you can take on, as well as increasing your Magic Chain Combo bonus. You can view this from the Guild Ledger. The opinions of people about your guild will change as your guild’s reputation gets better. You can turn off the option to display the opinions or not.

Guild Rank Goals

Guild Rank Goals are a set of tasks that will be given to you for reaching a new Guild Rank. Complete all the listed tasks to receive a good amount of jewels, Fairy Points, and Lacrima. You can review your goals by accessing the Story Tab in the main menu.

The required number of completions listed for the tasks are also cumulative so the progress you’ve made from a previous, similar task will be counted towards the current progression. For example, Guild Rank Goal (D) will require you to complete 5 Community Service Requests. If you already completed that task and when you reach Guild Rank Goal (B), you’ll get the task to complete 20 Community Service requests, in which you’ll start off with 5/20.

For tasks that involve dueling, only first-time victories are counted so forget about “farming” duel wins by defeating low-level members like Lucy and Wendy.

For the task that requires you to complete a specified number of ranked quests, both regular (repeatable) and ordinary Requests are counted. However, repeatable quests marked “Complete” won’t be counted.


You’ll start off with a bare bones guild building but will gain access to new facilities as you progress through the story. These facilities can be further upgraded and remodeled to increase the permanent and active buffs they provide. Whenever you gain access to a new facility, always prioritize upgrading/remodeling them first as high as you possibly can. Take note that you can only upgrade/remodel a facility up to a certain point that you’re allowed to, since higher upgrade/remodel levels only become gradually available as you progress with the story.

Facility Description Upgrade Benefits Remodel Benefits
Request Board Spot where you can accept various Requests. Upgrade the request board to increase the amount of Requests posted on it. Remodel to increase the rank of available Requests posted on the board.
Guild Ledger Allows you to access the Character Rank Up menu, view the Guild Rank, and access the Facility Upgrade/Remodel screen NA NA
Item Shop Buy and Sell items. Run by Lissana Upgrade the item shop to increase the variety of items available for sale. Increases sales price when selling to the item shop.
Laboratory Synthesize new Lacrima or Recyle lacrima you possess. Run by Levy. Upgrade the laboratory to gain access to higher grade Lacrima for synthesization. Increases damage dealt by a certain % when the target RESISTs your attack.
Material Storeroom Get random stuff for free ranging from Consumables to Lacrima. Stock refreshes after every 5 battles. Upgrade the Material Storeroom to increase the quality of items you can get for free. Increase how many items you can get per visit.
Bar Counter Order drinks from Kanna to give your team a temporary Buff. Upgrade the Bar Counter to increase the variety of drinks available. Remodel to lower the cost of drinks sold by Kanna.
Library Increases the amount of EXP gained by inactive characters Upgrade to increase the amount of EXP reserved characters get. Increases the Fairy Gauge fill rate.
Kitchen There’s no cooking to be done here but increases the Max HP of your characters based on the upgrade and remodel levels. Upgrade to increase the max HP of all your characters by x% Remodel to increase the max HP of all your characters by x%
Tables Increases the amount of Bond participating characters gain when completing a request, based on the facility’s levels. Upgrade to increase the amount of bond obtained from request completion. Remodel to increase the chance of enemies dropping an item.
Stage Increases the number of people who can participate in a Link Party. Increases the number of people who can participate in a Link Party Remodel to increase the SPD of all characters by x%
Pool Increases the number of Links for Link Hunts based on the upgrade and remodel levels. Upgrade to increase the number of enemies that can be linked in a Link Hunt. Remodel to increase the LUC of all characters by x%

Upgrading Facilities

As you progress through the main story, you’ll be able to upgrade your facilities by interacting with the Guild Ledger. Upgrading them is quite important since their beneficial effects are further improved for each succeeding upgrade. There are two upgrade conditions that you need to meet before you can upgrade a facility: Chapter Progress and Cost. You need to be in a particular chapter and pay the upgrade cost.

After meeting the two requirements, your job is not yet done. You then have to complete a minor task which will usually involve finding a specific material or defeat specific monsters. While it’s easy to just pick up the materials found in cities or fields, expect to face some powerful monsters carrying other materials. You can identify these specific monsters since they’ll have the upgrade icon (hammer) above them. You can review your completed or ongoing upgrade-related quests by accessing the Story > Upgrade Tasks tab on your Main Menu.

Remodeling Facilities

Similar to upgrading, you can access the Remodeling option via the Guild Ledger. Remodeling further enables new beneficial effects or improves existing boosts on your available Facilities. You’ll still need materials and jewels but unlike upgrading that requires specific, special materials, you’ll just be required to use common materials you can find from the field and monsters for remodeling. There are a total of 10 stages of remodeling. As you level up your facilities, you’ll be able to remodel more aspects of them and your maximum remodeling level will increase as well.


You’ll be able to challenge some of your allies back in your base to friendly, 1v1 duels. The character you’re controlling as the avatar will be the one who will take part of the battle. There’s a recommended character level per character and you should challenge the ones within or lower your avatar’s level range. That’s why powerful members of the guild like Mirajane and Erza have high recommended level compared to more docile members like Lucy and Wendy. While you can have duels against the same characters over and over again, you’ll only get a reward for winning against them for the first time.

Lucy’s House

You’ll gain access to Lucy’s House early in the game. Lucy’s House provides additional functions for the player and you can trigger some small events here, such as Natsu and Happy’s random hijinks and sheer disregard of Lucy’s personal space.

Nikora is a celestial being under Lucy’s command that also lives in her house back in Magnolia. Nikora loves items called Delicious Candy so bring him the candies you’ve collected to get rewards. The books and journals given to you by Nikora are key items and getting them will allow you to synthesize character-specific Lacrimas. You can get all rewards by collecting 50 candies.

You can also obtain Sparkling Candies by destroying high-HP obstacles such as the aqueduct in Akane Beach or the tower in Capital Highway, each requires 80,000 Over Damage. Each Sparkling Candy is worth 3 Delicious Candy. Due to the high damage required, this can only be done late-game, especially once your characters have high levels and access to longer Magic Chains.

The Bookcase serves as your one-stop, record keeping gallery where you can review all unlocked illustrations, movies, audio, bond dialogue, Medals, etc.

The Dresser allows you to change your characters’ costumes. You can unlock a free alternative costume by simply increase Character Ranks. Further costumes may be unlocked as you proceed with the story or acquired as DLC. As a fun easter egg, if you lowered the view and zoomed in, the character will have two embarrassed/surprised lines to throw at you.

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