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Episode 1: Crocus, the Blooming Capital

Fairy Tail Walkthrough and Guide by Paul (vhayste)
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[-] Head to Crocus
After the cutscene, your party will need to head to the capital. To reach it, you have to go through a new area called the Capital Highway. Head to the region map and enter the newly unlocked area.
Enemy Weaknesses Resistances
Wolf Ice None
Beast Light Dark
Funky Flutterer Non-Elemental Demon
Mad Wolf Ice, Light Fire, Dark

Once there, talk to the traveler and complete his Community Service Request to get a Lacrima Fragment as reward. Kindly refer to the map below for the location of items and other Valuables. You can ignore the items behind obstacles that require a lot of damage for now and just take note of their locations so you can come back for them later once your team can deal higher damage output.
Map of Capital Highway

The main bridge is guarded by powered-up wolves and flutterers. You can save in front of them and try to engage them in battle to test if you can wipe them out. If you can’t, you’ll have no choice but to take the narrow path to the north and clear the obstacle there that requires a meager 500 damage to clear. At the end of the path further west, talk to the kid and complete another Community Service Request to get another Lacrima Fragment. Continue further west for a cutscene and for you to finally reach Crocus.

[-] Head to the Inn
[-] Listen to the tournament explanation
Once you’re in control, you have to head to the inn next and you won’t be able to freely explore the city yet. Talk to the stylish woman near the inn and complete here Community Service Request to get a Curse Lacrima.

Once inside the inn, you’ll be informed about three new Facilities that you can upgrade: the Kitchen, Library, and Material Storeroom. After that, your quest objective will be updated. You can’t accept Requests at the moment but you can access the Guild Ledger and start the Upgrade Tasks for the three new facilities.

Talk to Makarov next to learn more about the tournament rules. After the cutscene, your objectives will be updated and you’ll be able to freely explore the city and do whatever you want. For now, start off by upgrading your Facilities up to the maximum allowable level and collecting the required materials for upgrade. You should also remodel all facilities up to LV6 at the moment. Doing this will allow you to finally reach Guild Rank B, which will give you the following benefits and a new Guild Rank Goal to work on.
* B-Rank Requests will become available.
* Number of Magic Chain combos increased
* New Extreme Magics: Exceed Special, Kanna’s Fairy Glitter
* Gifts from the council: Wizard Amulet, Protection Amulet

There are no normal Requests at the moment, only repeatable ones so tackle them only if you need jewels for upgrades or to farm some EXP for your party. To continue with the story, let’s explore the city and head to the designated spots. These will unlock new Fast-Travel locations as well.

[-] Head to the plaza
[-] Head to the palace
[-] Head to the clock tower
[-] Head to the market
[-] Head to the Arena
The objectives are pretty straightforward and the locations where you have to go will be marked on the map. You can visit them in any order you want. There are no treasure chests in the city but there are a couple of barrels with Delicious Candy. Please refer to the map below for the locations.
Map of Crocus

You should also complete Community Service Requests from the specific NPCs if you can to receive their rewards. As you visit the marked locations in the city, you’ll also encounter characters from other participating guilds that you’ll face in the Grand Magic Games. Upon visiting the Clock Tower, you’ll encounter some thugs and you’ll be forced into a battle. They’re pushovers so just wipe them out to continue with the quest. Finally, after visiting the last location, the objective will update and you’ll have to return back to the inn.

[-] Go and rest at the inn
Once inside, head to the room and rest to trigger another cutscene. Wendy will temporarily leave the party. After the scene, leave the inn.

[-] Participate in the qualifier
As soon as you leave the inn, you’ll be forced to fight some Twilight Ogre members. These enemies are particularly weak so no need to worry. Next, you’ll automatically fight some generic Qualifier Participants. These have resistances against Light but other than that, they’re pretty much pushovers as well.

[-] Get your strength up before the tournament starts! (75th)
[-] Report to the master.
After barely qualifying, you’ll be back in the inn. The objective will be updated but this will be skipped especially if you’ve worked hard earlier and already way past rank 75 in the Guild Rank ladder. Talk to Makarov to trigger another cutscene and to wrap up this episode.

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