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Episode 3: Grand Magic Games - Day 2

Fairy Tail Walkthrough and Guide by Paul (vhayste)
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[-] Talk to Levy
Back at the inn, talk to Levy to continue with the quest. During the conversation, you’ll have to fight off Wendy’s would-be abductors. Like the other similar enemies, these guys are complete pushovers so just wipe them out to proceed with the story.

Before heading to the arena, you can start tackling some quests. For one, Gajeel’s character story is now available.
* The Iron Dragon’s Test of Strength

You can also tackle the new following Requests:
* A Stolen Book
* Snuggle Don’t Struggle - 2
* Picking Up the Pieces
* Operation Clean Up Crocus
* Manage the Mimic

[-] Join in the morning tournament activities
Once you’re done, travel to the Arena to trigger a cutscene and a brief Introduction for the next battle. For this match, you’ll be using Erza so make sure that she has the best Lacrima available. It’s recommended to have the Wizard, Protection, Energy, and her unique Lacrima equipped to her to make her more sturdier and deadlier. Once done, talk to the guard to start the battle.

For the first round, you’ll be fighting several groups of monsters, at least 56 of them at once. They have varying degrees of resistances and weaknesses. Start off by using Pentagram Sword in the middle of the mob, targeting the Funky Flutterers and the sirens first. Counter their attack once and endure the following attacks. You need to take out the Flutterers and Sirens first since they have lesser HP and the sirens can become annoying if they continue buffing the ATK of their allies.

You’ll receive constant Support buffs from your allies but you should also unleash Awakening to heal up and deal greater damage. If you start the battle with a full Fairy Gauge, you can use a Magic Chain to instantly vaporize the monsters. Even when you’re alone, you should still at least be able to land a 7-hit chain - enough to wipe out the entire group.

After wiping out the first group of monsters, you’ll still have to fight another wave of monsters. This time, you’ll face the remaining 44 enemies, accompanied by two Pandemon Golems, and the group’s main monster, the Pandemon Beast. The golem and the beast are the toughest enemies of the bunch so you have to save them for later. Prioritize taking out the Flutterers and Lizardmen on the left side. The flutterers can use the group Buff Tailwind which increases the SPD of all of its allies.

Like before, use Erza’s Pentagram Sword to counter one incoming attack and help speed up your Fairy Gauge charging. Don’t bother focusing on the beast and golems since you have to defeat all monsters to end the battle anyway. Spam Pentagram Sword to damage and counter until you get a full Fairy Gauge. Once available, unleash another Magic Chain to finally end the opposition.

After the battle, watch through the cutscenes until you get transported back to the inn.

[-] Join in the afternoon tournament activities
Head to the arena once again and enter the main door to trigger a cutscene. After the scene, you’ll have the chance to customize Wendy’s Lacrima. Like before, you can temporarily give her the Wizard, Protection, Energy, and her unique Lacrima. Once ready, talk to the guard to start the battle.

Boss Weaknesses Resistances
Lamia Scale, Sherria Demon Holy

Sherria has resistance to Holy attacks so expect her to take less damage from Wendy’s attacks. The same thing is applicable to Sherria’s attacks so Wendy will be able to resist her attacks. Try casting Ile Arms to yourself to increase your attacks and not worry about HP recovery since your allies will provide you with constant support. Use any offensive attack that Wendy has until your Fairy Gauge gets filled. Once done, unleash a Magic Chain to defeat her. However, that’s only the first phase.

For the second phase, Wendy will have access to a new magic - Shattering Light: Sky Drill. While this attack seems to be flashy, it’s high MP cost and reduced damage will be disadvantageous to you in this battle. Besides, you only have one target so the excess range is just wasted. You can use this magic once to see its animation if you want then revert back to using Wendy’s weaker attacks.

Sherria will give you a heads up about her next attack, Heavenly Gathering of Clouds which deals both holy and demon damage. This attack deals a lot of damage so once Sherria gives you a warning and if you can’t defeat her within the turn, make sure to guard and endure the incoming attack. Alternatively, you can counter this attack by triggering Awakening as a response. Furthermore, you can prevent Sherria from even using this attack by using a Magic Chain once your Fairy Gauge is full.

After the battle, watch through the following cutscenes again until the day ends. Back at the inn, another cutscene will take place and you’ll receive a new objective shortly after.

[-] Chase after Yukino
[-] Head to Sabertooth's inn
Head west of the inn to find Yukino. After talking to her, head to the inn where the Sabertooth guild is staying to trigger yet another cutscene. After the scene the episode and chapter will end.

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