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Fairy Tail Cheats and Tips

PC, PlayStation 4, Switch
Last Updated: by Dennis

Fairy Tale is an action RPG that ties in with story arcs from the manga/anime series. These include the Tenrou Island, Grand Magic Games, Tartaros, and Avatar arcs. The objective of Fairy Tale is to restore your guild to its former glory. Throughout your journey you will be able to form a party from a selection of over ten iconic characters. Fairy Tale is available on Playstation 4, Switch, and PC. Take a look at our walkthrough and guide to get help in the game.

Fairy Tail Game Walkthrough and Guide

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Crafting high-level, unique Lacrima

Each character has their unique Lacrima that they can only equip and will provide them with huge beneficial effects and stat buffs. You can synthesize better versions of these Lacrima but you'll have to consider your supply of certain materials like Lacrima Aggregates, Shining Lacrima, etc. These can't be farmed and can only be obtained as request rewards, chests, or NPCs that issue the Community Service Requests.

How to effectively farm materials and EXP

Once you've reached Chapter 7, you'll eventually be able to participate in Link Hunts. This system allows you to fight several enemies on the field at once. Hold down the button to adjust the enemies' strength and wipe out the enemies you've drawn in according to their level. Enemies drawn by Link Hunt are more powerful and will form packs so be careful not to link a lot since you'll end up getting wiped out. Successfully defeating them will yield a LOT of EXP and materials.

How to make combat easier

The game's battle system is quite forgivable and most of the time, you won't have problems plowing through enemies. However, here are some tips you can consider just in case you feel like enemies are giving your party a hard time.

* Level up - Complete requests and even farm a few repeatable requests to level up your characters. This is the easiest way to make them stronger.

* Lacrima check - Make sure that all lacrima slots are filled. The common ones you should always equip are the Wizard (+ATK), Protection (+DEF), and unique lacrima for specific characters.

* Drink up - Once you have unlocked the Bar Counter facility, consider consuming drinks there to buff your party up. Of course +ATK buffs are priority but you can settle for +DEF if needed.

* Upgrade/Remodel Facilities - There are certain facilities that will provide permanent buffs to your party, which will improve further as you upgrade or remodel them. Check out our Facilities Guide for more information!

How to Earn More Jewels

Jewels are the currency of the game and are used for purchasing items, synthesizing, or paying for the upgrade or remodel of the facilities in the guild. The only way you earn jewels is by completing requests. Just in case you need to earn more, simply do repeatable requests. You can't earn Renown from these requests but you'll have a steady source of income instead.

How to Easily Break Obstacles

Obstacles that require over-damage are littered across several maps. Here are some tips on how to break them easily.

* Have a full Fairy Gauge and save before attempting to break an obstacle - saving will allow you to reload and start another attempt with a full Fairy gauge.

* Use +ATK buffs like Wendy's Ile Arms magic or Sting's Holy Ray.

* Number of party members matter - you can have up to 5 characters in a team but you won't unlock all slots until a few chapters later in the game. If you can't seem to reach the damage required, try returning later with additional party members.

* More enemies = more damage dealt. Later on, you can easily use Link Hunt to gather several enemies at once. Just don't link the max amount of enemies or they'll get a lot stronger.

* Enemy levels matter - The lower the level, the more damage they'll receive from your attacks. That's why if you're using Link Hunt, chain as little enemies as you can to keep their strength low and their numbers high.

How to Break High-Damage Obstacles

In certain maps, there are obstacles that will require a huge amount of damage 80,000-100,000. These amounts may be overwhelming at first but once you can bring 5 characters in a party and level them up, you'll be able to reach and exceed this amount easily. As usual, consider buffing your party's attack and perform a low-level Link Hunt so you'll have more enemies to deal damage to.


Fairy Tail FAQ's

Our Latest Questions

What is Link Hunt?
This feature will only become available late in the game. As you advance through the story, you'll eventually be able to participate in Link Hunts. This system allows you to fight several enemies on the field at once. Hold down the button to adjust the enemies' strength and  wipe out the enemies you've drawn in according to their level. Link Hunted enemies are more powerful and will form packs so be careful when dealing with them.
What's the Difference between Dragon Force and Mode Change?
While awakened some characters may have a Mode Change. Characters in Mode Change will not replenish HP and MP each turn but will have a significant boost to all stats for a certain number of turns. HP is still instantly recovered upon activation and they may be able to use special magic as well.
For Dragon Slayers like Natsu, Gajeel, Wendy, etc, can have their Dragon Force ability activated. This ability allows Dragon Slayer characters to have the Awakening buffs on top of getting enhanced elemental compatibilities.
How to use Awakening?
This ability is not unlocked by default; you have to continue through the story to be able to unlock this feature through a tutorial. As the character takes damage, the Awakening Gauge under their portraits will fill up. Once filled, press and hold the down DPAD to Awaken. This is a temporary state where the character will get the following buffs:

* HP is recovered while Awakened

* All stats will be raised for a set amount of turns.

* HP and MP will be automatically restored at the start of each turn.

* Access to use special magic
When your Awakening Gauge is maxed out and you get attacked, you can trigger the Awakening as a counter or response to that attack. Just press the Up keypad to Awaken and become immune to enemies' attacks for the duration of the Awakening. However, triggering Awakening using this method will cause this special status to become 2 turns shorter.
How to make the Fairy Gauge Fill Up Faster?
This gauge fills up as your character attacks and deals damage. Once filled, you can perform a Magic Chain that will also allow you to utilize Extreme Magic or powerful Finishers to deal devastating damage to all enemies. While there are no consumables that will allow you to fill up this gauge instantly, you can further increase the rate this gauge fills up by remodeling your guild's Library.
How to increase your team's damage to reach Over Damage requirement?
You have a higher chance of achieving overdamage through the use of Magic Chain attacks that ends up with a Finisher or Extreme Magic. To save time, it's recommended to save your game and have a full Fairy Gauge before entering a battle near the obstacle. So just in case you fail to reach the damage quota, you can just reload the game and try again.
The total damage calculated in a Magic Chain includes all enemies in the field and your characters' individual damage output. To get the most amount of damage, engage an enemy with a large group and use an ATK buff to all your allies (like Wendy's Ile Arms skill) before performing a Magic Chain. This is particularly useful to trigger Over Damage on certain obstacles that require a very steep damage total.

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