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Lacrima Guide

Fairy Tail Walkthrough and Guide by Paul (vhayste)
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Lacrimas are accessories that you can equip to your characters to give them stat boosts and other beneficial buffs/effects. Lacrimas have 5 grades (rarity) and each character can have up to 5 lacrimas equipped. There are also character-specific lacrimas that can only be equipped by certain characters, which further complements their combat style. In our in-depth Lacrima guide, we will cover how these useful accessories can further empower your characters.

What are Lacrima?

Lacrimas are basically accessories that you can equip to your characters. The game lacks standard JRPG equipment slots like weapon and armor so Lacrimas are the only way to give extra stat boosts and various buffs to your characters. It is also recommended to equip the right Lacrimas to certain characters to further enhance their strengths and dampen their weaknesses.

For example, characters like Erza will immensely benefit from Wizard (+ATK) and Protection (+DEF) lacrimas since her skills (Titania’s Zenith and Titania’s Essence) further boosts these two stats as well when activated, making her a great, all-around powerhouse. Furthermore, support characters like Wendy will benefit from Hidden lacrima (lowers chance of getting targeted), Mind lacrima (Increases MP), and/or Protection lacrima (+DEF) for her to have increased survivability and field presence, allowing her to keep healing and buffing her teammates.

In addition, you should also equip Lacrima that increases the chance to inflict status ailments that synergize well with the character. For example, you can give Gray a Freeze Lacrima/Charm/Amulet to increase the chance of inflicting Freeze Status Ailment on the target. His two magic attacks Ice Make: Cold Excalibur and Ice Make: Ice Bringer both have the chance to inflict this status ailment so having that chance boost will help.

How to obtain Lacrima?

There are several ways of obtaining Lacrimas, as listed below. You should always prioritize getting the higher grade lacrima for your team to make the most out of their buffs.
1. Synthesizing (Levy’s laboratory)
2. Recycling old lacrima (Levy’s laboratory)
3. Pick up free items from the Materials Storeroom (Guild Facility)
4. Purchase from Lisanna’s shop
5. Reward for completing Community Service Requests
6. Reward for handing over a certain amount of Delicious Candy to Nikora

How to Unlock Lacrima Slots

Each character can equip up to 5 lacrima at a time. However, they will start off with one Lacrima slot. The additional slots can be unlocked by reaching Character Rank 3, and reaching levels 10, 25, and 45. You can freely chance the Lacrima equipped to all your characters by accessing the Lacrima tab in your Main Menu.

There are also some restrictions with the type of lacrima you’re trying to equip. For example, you can only equip one Special Lacrima to the character it is meant for - so you can’t equip multiple Lacrima/Charm of the Fire Dragon to Natsu to stack up the lacrima’s buffs. Furthermore, you can’t equip the same type of Lacrima regardless of grade. For example, if a character already has a Wizard Amulet (Grade 3) equipped, you won’t be able to equip a Wizard Charm (Grade 2) or Wizard Lacrima (Grade 1) on the same character to stack his/her ATK boost.

Special Lacrima

These are character-specific Lacrima that can be exclusively equipped on a certain character. Special Lacrima can only be acquired through Synthesizing. Unlock more recipes by progressing through the story, clearing Guild Rank Goals, and giving Delicious Candy to Nikora back in Lucy’s House.

Aside from the ordinary materials required, rare Ingredients like Lacrima Fragments, Lacrima Shards, etc will be needed. That’s why you have to be careful not to craft a duplicate Special Lacrima since you’re basically wasting that rare shard or fragment when the character can only wear one copy of it.

You can unlock new character-specific Lacrima to synthesize by finding Delicious Candies and giving them to Nikora in Lucy's House. This little fella will give you Lacrima Journals that will unlock more Lacrima recipes and give you some shards/fragments and ready-to-use Lacrima as well.

Like ordinary Lacrima, special ones also have grades and follow the same name convention - with the higher grades providing even more stat boosts and Buff effects. For example, Erza’s Lacrima of the Knight (Grade 1) becomes Charm of the Knight (Grade 2), then Amulet of the Knight (Grade 3) and so on. Higher grade or upgraded versions of Special Lacrima will still require the older version as a key ingredient so you won’t be wasting precious material, except when you accidentally craft a duplicate.


As mentioned above, there are many methods of acquiring Lacrima. However, the most reliable way of getting high-quality ones will be via the Laboratory. This guild facility is handled by Levy and will become available early in the game. Synthesizing is also the only way to obtain Special Lacrima that can only be equipped to their respective characters.

Synthesizing is quite easy; just have the required amount of jewels (money) and the listed Ingredients and you’re good to go. To know where to find specific materials, open the Ingredients Info popup (button may differ depending on the version of the game you’re playing) to show the location of the gathering spot where you can pick up the item or monster that has the chance to drop the ingredient.

For Grade 2 or above Lacrima, you’ll also need a lower grade lacrima in addition to the normal Ingredients listed. For example, to synthesize a Poison Amulet (Grade 3), you’ll need a Poison Charm (Grade 2). To create a Poison Charm (Grade 2), you’ll need a Poison Lacrima (Grade 1). That’s why it’s worth keeping at least one copy of lower-grade lacrima in your inventory so you’ll have something to use for synthesizing. Higher Lacrima grades can be unlocked by upgrading the Laboratory.


This process allows you to destroy up to 5 lacrima (any combination) of the same rank to create a random lacrima of the next rank. For example, you can combine 5 different Grade 1 lacrima to obtain a random Grade 2 lacrima. Lacrima may be hard to come by so use this option only if you have a lot of extra lacrima lying around.

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