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Episode 1: Grand Magic Games - Day 3

Fairy Tail Walkthrough and Guide by Paul (vhayste)
Thank you for printing this page from to come back to check for updates to this guide and much more content for Fairy Tail
We’ll start the first episode with a lengthy, fanservice Pool scene. After the cutscene, the main cast of characters will gain access to their swimsuits as alternative costumes. You can change them by using the Dresser in Lucy’s house in Magnolia. More cutscenes will follow. Once you’re in control, your new objective will become available.

[-] Talk to Mirajane.
[-] Get your strength up before the tournament starts (50th)
[-] Report to the master.
Start off by talking to Mirajane as stated. For the next objective, you have to work on quests and other upgrade tasks to increase your Guild Rank to the 50th place. However, if you did all normal Requests from the last chapter, your guild rank should be enough and the objective will be completed automatically. Before talking to the master and proceeding with the story, it’s time for us to get the small things out of the way like new requests, upgrade tasks, Community Service requests, etc.

At this point, you can also upgrade all Facilities at this point. After upgrading them, you’ll be able to remodel all facilities up to LV8.

Tenrou Island will also become accessible at this point. There will be upgrade tasks and Requests that will require you to visit it so kindly use our dedicated map page to find all the treasure chests and Delicious Candies.

New Character Stories are now available:
* Isosceles or Love Triangle? (Juvia)
* The Sky Dragon’s Errand (Wendy)

New Requests available. The other ones on the list will appear after completing the preceding requests.
* Siren Outbreak
* The Lost Island
* Beach Ecology - 2
* Save the Store!
* Lost Child

After doing some of these quests, you may be able to reach Guild Rank A. Reaching this milestone will unlock the following:
* Rank A Requests will become available in the request board
* Magic Chain Combo increased.
* New Extreme Magics available: Fairy Sphere, Fairy Law
* Gifts from the council: Wizard Talisman, Protection Talisman
* New Guild Rank Goals added.

Once you’re ready to proceed with the story, talk to the master to update the objective.

[-] Join the morning tournament activities
Travel to the Arena and enter the main door to trigger a cutscene. Gray will be the combatant for this match with Lyon as a guest character. Like the other matches, make sure that Gray has his unique Lacrima equipped, with Wizard and Protection lacrimas, and his Freeze lacrima/charm/amulet. When ready, talk to the guard to start the match.

Boss Weaknesses Resistances
Blue Pegasus, Ichiya None None
Mermaid Heel, Kagura None Non-elemental

Both Ichiya and Kagura have no weaknesses but are not resistant to Gray and Lyon’s attacks at least. Both Gray and Lyon studied under the same teacher so they have the same ice magic (Ice Make) but are capable of producing different forms. At the start of battle, Kagura will Buff her SPD with Gravity Magic: Sky and Ichiya will use his Fleet Foot Perfume to apply the same effect. Use Ice Make: Floor with Gray so he gains a Counter stance. Lyon will automatically attack a different target so it’s impossible to have a synchronized attack early on.

Your team will receive twice the background support from your Fairy Tail allies and Lyon’s guild mate, Sherria. Keep attacking until your Fairy Gauge is filled. Once full, unleash a Magic Chain which Lyon can participate in and finish the fight. Overall the battle is not that difficult, thanks to your guild mates’ support buffs and healing.

After the battle, you’ll be back in the inn.

[-] Join the afternoon tournament activities
For the next match, you’ll be able to control Laxus temporarily so no immediate preparation is needed on your teammates. Head to the Arena and enter the main door for a cutscene. After the scene, talk to the guard to start the battle.

You’ll be fighting a large group of enemies here. Don’t worry about Laxus since he’ll be able to handle much of the punishment. To start off, use his Thunder Dragon Heavenward Halberd to punish the frontline enemies. Alexei will also cast debuffs on Laxus but we can’t do anything about it. Next, target the golems since they’re weak against any of Laxus’ attacks. Once your fairy gauge is full, don’t activate a Magic Chain yet; keep wiping out the stragglers of the first wave of enemies using your ordinary magic.

After eliminating the first wave of enemies, Flare will arrive with reinforcements. Unfortunately, your HP and MP levels will not be restored and the debuffs applied from the earlier round will not be removed so you have to be careful. Thankfully, you’ll be able to receive buffs from your allies from hereon. Moreover, if you have a full fairy gauge at this point, activate your Magic Chain and complete the full combo to wipe out the minions, leaving Flare alone.

Flare will resist your attacks and you’ll also suffer from additional debuffs from her guildmates. However, if she just survived your Magic Chain, she’ll be left with very low HP. Finish her off with your own attacks. Use the Ultra Thunder Dragon Iron Fist to deal significant damage to her.

After the battle, watch through the following scenes. Shortly after Mystogan will appear and will give your party a new objective to follow.

[-] Follow the mysterious magic
Talk to the marked NPC ahead then head to the east of the canal. Talk to the large man there and point Canal - East will be added to your Fast-Travel list. Next, talk to the young woman in the west side of the canal to add that again to your fast-travel list. Finally go upstairs and head to the marked location to trigger a cutscene. You’ll be fighting Kagura afterwards, with Jellal as your guest combatant.

Kagura will resist most of Erza’s attacks, except for Photon Slicer, Benizakura, and Sea Empress Sword. Kagura will also be able to counter Erza’s attacks, dealing considerable damage so the bulk of your damage will come from Jellal’s attacks. Keep attacking and using recovery items if needed then use a Magic Chain to finish her off.

After the battle, watch through the following cutscene and the episode will be complete.

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