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Episode 1: To the Training Camp!

Fairy Tail Walkthrough and Guide by Paul (vhayste)
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After the cutscenes, you’ll be introduced to Character Stories. These are character-specific quests that will allow you to increase the limit of a character’s rank. Increasing a character’s rank is necessary for them to learn new skills and become stronger. Furthermore, you can even recruit a new character upon completion of their character story if they haven’t joined your party yet. Progress through the story to unlock more character stories. You’ll know when a character story is available when you see a star icon hovering above the character’s head or on the map.

Since this is a new chapter, there will be NPCs with new Community Service Requests in towns and fields.

[-] Talk to Juvia.
Speak with Juvia to start her character story, A Request Built for Two. She’ll temporarily join as a guest character and even if you have three character slots, you’ll only have Gray as a required character. Please follow the link below for the walkthrough of this request.
* A Request Built for Two

[-] Get your strength up before the training camp starts! (100th)
After completing Juvia’s character story, the main story objective will be updated. This requires you to raise the guild’s reputation to the 100th place at least and that can be done by completing Requests and upgrade tasks. For the meantime, Erza, Natsu, and Lucy will each have their own Character Stories available. Please follow the links below for the individual walkthroughs of the said character stories.
* Running On Empty Stomachs (Natsu)
* A Sought-After Book (Lucy)
* The Elusive Sweet Treat (Erza)

After completing these three Character Stories, talk to Mirajane to learn about Regular Requests. These are repeatable quests that will require defeating specific monsters in a certain location. After completing a Regular Request, another one will appear to take its place. These types of quests are a good source of jewels (money) and a small amount of renown. Depending on how many Medals you possess, you might even encounter strange enemies, extra Gathering Spots, and even treasure chests. You can check how many medals you have by examining the Bookcase in Lucy’s House. We won’t be covering these repeatable quests in detail since they only serve as filler content for farming EXP and jewels.

Here’s the list of non-Regular Requests that you can tackle. You can identify these usually since they’ll have required characters listed on them.
* Wolf Extermination
* Whose Stuff is This??
* Whose Stuff is This?? - 2

After completing some or all of the listed Requests above, your Guild Rank should reach C-rank at this point. You’ll also unlock the following features:
* C-rank Requests will become available in the request board.
* Max Magic Chain combo increased
* New Extreme Magic unlocked (Three Pillar Gods and Giant)
* Wizard Charm and Protection Charm awarded by the council for increasing your Guild Rank.

[-] Report to the Master
After reaching the 100th rank, the story will automatically get updated. Talk to the master to get a demo of his Rescue and Finisher Extreme Magics. After the Extreme Magic tutorial, Natsu and Gray will be bickering over during the cutscene. After this scene, Dueling will become available, allowing you to challenge some of your allies back in your base to friendly, 1v1 Duels. The character you’re controlling as the avatar will be the one who will take part of the battle. There’s a recommended character level per character and you should challenge the ones within or lower your avatar’s level range. That’s why powerful members of the guild like Mirajane and Erza have a high recommended level compared to more docile members like Lucy and Wendy. While you can have duels against the same characters over and over again, you’ll only get a reward for winning against them for the first time.

The main story objective will be updated at this point - however, you can still do the remaining normal Rank D Requests, new Rank C requests, and other tasks like completing the tasks for Guild Rank Goals D, upgrade tasks for your Facilities, increasing the Bond Ranks between your members, complete Community Service requests - before continuing with the story.

New Requests
* Arrest the Laundry Lunatic (Rank C)
* Challenge the Beast (Rank C)
* Echoing Wingbeats (Rank D)

Completing 10 Requests (regardless of rank at this point) will unlock Wendy’s character story. (7 Years Down the Line)

[-] Head to the Boundary Forest
[-] All right! We're all going to Akane Beach!
Once ready, head to the Boundary Forest and the objective will automatically update. Follow the tracks to the northeast and exit to unlock a new area.

[-] Eliminate all enemies at Akane Beach
Start by talking to the nearby NPC and complete his Community Service Request to get a Lacrima Fragment. Pick up the items from the nearby Gathering Spots then hunt down all the Baby Land Whales by the shore. This will complete the episode.

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