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Chapter 4 Requests

Fairy Tail Walkthrough and Guide by Paul (vhayste)
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Siren Outbreak

[-] Subdue the group of Sirens
Like other hunting Requests, you have to simply head to the location and defeat all marked enemies. Head to the Great Plains and head over to the stream to find the marked targets. The normal sirens are weak against Dark and Non-Elemental attacks which Erza and Gajeel have access to.

After defeating the first wave of enemies, a more powerful variant of the siren, the Royal Siren will appear. This one will have be weak against Ice and Light so if you have Gray or Juvia, you’ll have an upper hand. However, if you have Erza, you can spam her Photon Slicer until this enemy is defeated. Once the targets have been vanquished, report back to the base to complete the request and obtain your reward.

Save the Store!

[-] Go see the client in Crocus.
[-] Spread the word about the restaurant.
Leave the inn and head to the eastern canal. Talk to the client to get more details. After that, you’ll have to talk to 5 marked NPCs within the city to spread the word about the restaurant. You can Fast-Travel to reach their locations quickly. After talking to all of them, open your region map and travel to the Capital Highway.

Head to the marked location to find a man getting attacked by Flutterers. Defeat the monsters and the rescued man will spread word-of-mouth about the restaurant. Finally, head over to Magnolia next.

[-] Get the fliers back.
The advertisement fliers will get stolen as soon as you arrive. Head to the marked location to find the thief by the fountain. Approach the thief to trigger a battle. Defeat them to recover the fliers and distribute them automatically to the onlookers. Report back to the base to complete the request and obtain your rewards.

Lost Child

[-] Find the lost child.
[-] Chase after the lost child.
Head to the marked location within Crocus and talk to the marked boy. The boy will run away so you’ll have to talk to the nearby marked NPC to learn where he went. Head to the fountain to find the boy and talk to him again. Next, head towards the Arena and talk to the young woman to check where the boy ran off to.

Next, head to the Capital Highway and head towards the western exit. Defeat the monstrous wolf to rescue the kid. Report back to the base to complete the request and obtain your rewards.

Beach Ecology - 2

[-] Thoroughly investigate Akane Beach
The marked location is in an area behind an obstacle that will require 30,000 damage to clear. At this point, you should be able to do this by using a Magic Chain. Avoid engaging the enemy near the obstacle unless your Fairy Gauge is full. After clearing the obstacle, head to the marked location to find a golem. Approach it to trigger a battle and defeat them.

[-] Search for the owner of the golem
After defeating the golems, check the mission marker nearby to find the wizard. Approach him to trigger another battle. These golems are weak against Holy and Light magic which Lucy has. Use Summon Leo to hit both golems and the wizard. After defeating the enemies, report back to the base to complete the request and obtain your rewards.

The Lost Island

[-] Investigate Tenrou Island
Travel to Tenrou Island and pick up the first investigation report from the marked gathering point near the starting area. Next, cross the bridge and defeat the marked enemy so you can pick up the second report from the spot where it was standing. Repeat the same methods for the remaining reports. After collecting all of them, report back to the base to complete the request and obtain your rewards.

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