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Training Manuals Locations (Ellie)

The Last of Us 2 Walkthrough and Guide by Paul (vhayste)
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You’ll find Supplements among the various essential supplies scattered in the post-apocalyptic world of The Last of Us Part 2. Supplements are somewhat rare consumables that are needed to unlock new skills for Ellie to better help increase her combat effectiveness and survivability. Ellie can have several skill trees; however, unlike other games, Ellie doesn’t start off with these skill trees. First, she has to discover Training Manuals - magazines and pieces of literature that impart knowledge to Ellie so she use supplements to learn and apply the five skills each manual has to offer.

The main thing about these manuals is they are also hidden like most collectibles in the game, making it very possible for you to miss them and get completely locked out of skill trees if you’re not thorough enough. In our guide, we will list down the locations of the training manuals you can find in the game. Take note however, that similar to some weapons in the game, it’s possible to find these manuals in certain locations other than what we have listed. Nevertheless, it’s worth checking out these locations in your playthrough.

Tip: For convenience, we have created dedicated pages for the individual locations of the training manuals per playable character. Please use the provided screenshots to conveniently find the described locations!

Crafting Training Manual

This manual and its corresponding skill tree is automatically unlocked as a pre-order bonus.
Chapter: Seattle Day 1
Location: Downtown
Find the destroyed overpass roads near the corner of 6th and Marion. You should find a lone firetruck in the middle of the destroyed overpass. Find a nearby deliver truck where you can climb and use as a platform to sprint-jump to the next overpass where you can reach the firetruck. Open the side of the firetruck to get a Hatchet.

Next, pick up the rope nearby and drop it from the ledge. Use it to carefully rappel down but don't drop all the way. While hanging on the rope, press and hold R1 then start swinging Ellie so you can jump to the tumbled cargo truck with some goods inside. You'll find the manual inside, a lot of parts, and a health snack.

Stealth Training Manual

Chapter: Seattle Day 1
Location: Severena Hotel

Continue upstairs of the hotel and you'll immediately find a room with a corpse by the door. Enter that room and you'll find the manual on the desk in front of the mirror, as shown below.

Precision Training Manual

Chapter: Seattle Day 2
Location: Hillcrest

After exiting the bike shop with the Workbench, you’ll find yourself in a street with some shops. Look for the Goldstar Liquor Shop near the sinkhole as shown below then enter that abandoned establishment.

Once inside, look for the door to the basement with a broken staircase. There are two shamblers inside so deal with them accordingly. After killing the shamblers, find the other staircase out of the basement that you can access by vaulting over the broken wall in the bathroom or crawling under another hole on the wall.

This will take you to a daycare center. Approach the fungal-covered corpse by the counter and pick up the manual on the floor beside it.

Explosives Training Manual

Chapter: Seattle Day 2
Location: The Seraphites

While following the 5th going to the hospital, you’ll reach a dead end with a locked gated warehouse to the right and an apartment you can explore for loot to the left, as shown below.

To get in, climb up the delivery truck on the right side of the building then smash the window to vault in. Leave that room after looting its contents (including a safe in the bedroom) to reach the common area with the stairs. There’s another apartment unit across so enter it as well.

There’s a Workbench by the kitchen and a locked bedroom to the right. The manual is inside the bedroom but you have to use the workbench to trigger an encounter. After killing your assailants, enter the bedroom to find this manual on the bed.


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