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Seattle: Day 3

The Last of Us 2 Walkthrough and Guide by Paul (vhayste)
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Welcome to our comprehensive, collectible-intensive, spoiler-free walkthrough. As a general note, make it a habit to manually save often especially if you’re not relying on guides when playing, so you can always go back to “point-of-no return” portions of the game to collect various collectibles. In this playthrough, we have enabled High Contrast Mode and Enhanced Listening so don’t get confused if you see different features in the screenshots we’ll feature in this guide. You can modify these settings anytime from the Options menu.

Road to the Aquarium

At the start of the mission, walk back to the stage with the curtain. Before exiting, look to the left to find the Esquire Trading Card near the mannequins and other stage equipment. Leave through the curtain then exit the theater.

Once outside, head to the collapsed road and boost Jesse up. Follow the street then enter the Frontier rental car to find some parts inside. Continue along the road until you reach the dead end. You’ll have to enter the WPL building to the right.

After entering, loot the ammo and materials on the shop to the right, then follow Jesse up to the next hallway. Loot the cupboards in the break area to get some supplements from the cupboard. Enter the bathroom nearby to find more materials and parts.

Return to the hallway but don’t open the double doors yet; check the open door in front of it that you can crawl into. Look to the left to find a Workbench. On the table, you’ll find more supplements and the Tormentra Trading Card. Use the workbench; when ready, open the double door to reach the next room.

Loot the materials in this room then push away a steel shelf to reveal an opening. You’ll be outside where you’ll encounter a wolf Patrol. Take cover and get rid of them using any method you choose. The last wolf may even beg for his life but unfortunately, you can’t spare him since he’ll decide to fight back and shoot at you. Once the area’s clear, check the building to the right to find some supplements, and the building across for more materials.

Continue walking until you reach a building where you have to pass through. Instead of entering the building immediately, climb the ledges to the left to find some materials and revolver ammo near the corpse by the window. Head inside the building and climb over the van to reach the other side of the building. Continue following the path until you climb over a white truck to reach the heavily destroyed and flooded street section.

Jump to the water and find some parts on the other end of the pool, on the left side. Surface from where you found the parts to find a ledge that you can climb on. This will take you to the parking building with some infected. There is a collectible and some loot inside so it’s worth the risk. Like before, enabling High Contrast Mode will allow you to spot these stalkers easily that you’ll normally won’t detect via Listen mode.

After killing the infected, enter the small room with the broken wall and collect the parts and ammo inside. Head further inside and find a way up to reach the collapsed ramp with a corpse and some items around it. As you approach the body, more stalkers will drop from the ledge above; kill them all then pick up the Garage Note Artifact on the floor, as well as a machete, and pistol ammo.

Leave the parking building and swim across another pond towards the bookstore. Approach the opening and have Jesse boost you up. Once inside, you can focus on scavenging the place for supplies and collectibles since there are no enemies here. Drop down to the lower floor and crawl under the portion of the collapsed roof where you landed. You’ll find alcohol and the Tanager Trading Card from the shelves underneath it.

Continue past the escalator towards the children’s corner of the store with the large mushrooms. Pick up the Bookstore Note Artifact on the table then examine the large mushroom behind for a Journal Entry. Loot the remaining supplies in this floor then continue to the upper floor of the building.

Loot the materials there then examine the corpses near the collapsed floor. Drop down to the coffee shop below and check the table on the far end to get some supplements. Check the coffee shop for more materials then exit once done.

Continue forth to encounter another WLF Patrol. This one has an attack dog so deal with it first before picking them off as necessary. After clearing the area, head to the second floor of the building with the scaffolding to find supplements, crafting materials, and ammo. On the wall by the broken windows, get the Textile Note Artifact. This is the only collectible in this area so go back to street level and swim along the stream. Dive under the obstacle to reach the ruins of a mall.

Continue to the left and enter the ruined building. Make your way up and look for a mostly intact floor with offices at the back. Explore that floor to find a Workbench and a case of parts on the nearby table as well. Use the workbench then continue working your way up the building until you reach the hole on the wall that you can reach by climbing up a makeshift ramp and a shelf. Continue up to the top to see a good vantage point of the area you have to cross.

After the scene, drop down to the covered bridge and enter the next building. Grab the crafting materials inside the coffee shop then drop down to the lower floor. You’ll have to push a pile of debris along the way but before doing that, grab the Tatuaje Trading Card from the shelf in the corner as shown below.

Once done, remove the obstacle then drop to the water and swim along the straightforward path. Keep swimming until you reach a rope where you can climb to. A cutscene will trigger after climbing and you’ll be going solo at this point. After dropping back in the water, swim towards the boat. The boat will leave so swim towards a ledge where you can climb onto. This mall is crawling with WLF soldiers; thankfully, there are no collectibles or special items in this immediate area so you can just freely explore it to get the usual ammo and crafting materials pick-ups. You’re also free to take out the enemies using any method you prefer.

After clearing the area, scavenge all materials you can find and replenish your item stocks by crafting. Once ready, head to the boat and ride it. Start up the engine like how you normally start a generator and steer it out of the building to start the next chapter of the story.

The Flooded City

Ride the boat downstream. After dropping through several rapids, turn to the right and look for a shore with an open container van and wrecked ambulance. Inside, you’ll find some supplements and other items. Return to the boat and pass over the collapsed chain-link fence near the ice cream truck to reach the next area.

Pass through the flooded building and another set of rapids again to reach the closed grate. Before pulling the chain and moving on, there are valuables that you can loot in the area. First, take the stairs then turn left to find a body. Pick up the Stash Note Artifact beside it. This also contains the code for the safe nearby.

Next, examine one of the windows to log a Journal Entry. Continue towards the rubble and pull the cart away to reveal a small space where you can crawl into. Once done, crawl to reach a broken window where you can access the locked enclosure with supplies and the safe.

Use the code 70-12-64 to unlock the safe and loot the supplements, ammo, parts, etc inside. Loot the other materials on the shelf then open the door.

Don’t open the grate yet; continue towards the rapids to find a door to the left leading to a small office. Get the Seff-L'ho'pahd Trading Card from one of the desk drawers there. Loot the other materials then head back to the chain. Pull the chain to open the grate so ride your boat again to continue.

After passing through another set of rapids, the boat will stall. After restarting the engine, continue to the left and look for a blue-painted building with the “Manufacturing, Production” signage, as shown below. Disembark there and head inside to find a Workbench. Don’t forget to dive to the flooded part of the room to find more parts and crafting materials. Use the workbench then return to the boat and continue forth. If you found all the previous Workbenches up to this point, the Trophy “In The Field” will be unlocked as well.

Continue past the barricade to reach another large area. To the right, you’ll find the Carthy Hotel. Steer inside the flooded building and disembark near a sunken boat. Grab the supplements and supplies, then pick up the Shambler Note Artifact beside the corpse.

Return to the boat once again and continue forth until you encounter a shootout between the WLF and seraphites. You’ll be attacked on site so you can park your boat behind cover then swim towards the building where The Seraphites are held up. Sneak inside and kill all seraphites so you can freely loot the place. Pick up the Encampment Note Artifact on the wall near the conference wall in the second floor of the building. Head to the collapsed section of the 2nd floor at the back to find several parts scattered on the shelves, and another case of parts across the broken floor.

Leave the building but don’t get on the boat yet. Head towards the train car at a short distance then head inside. Continue climbing inside until you reach a rope and a locked door. Pick up the rope and drop down from the ledge to rappel down.

Next, swing to the next ledge and climb inside the other train car. Pick up the supplements inside and the Sniper's Note Artifact on the seat. From there, you can jump to the water without any fall damage. Head back to your boat and continue through the building previously camped by scars.

Follow the stream until you finally reach an arcade bar building. Break the glass and dock your boat inside. You’ll have to free the chain holding the grate to continue forth. This building has a lot of collectibles and a boss fight so make sure you’re properly equipped.

Once inside, start by going to the kitchen to pick up some supplements. Leave the kitchen then pick up the Arcade Flyer Artifact on the table across the stairs.

Continue upstairs to find a Workbench. Scour the floor for parts, ammo, and other materials. Make sure to use the workbench before you push the cart in the other corridor in the second floor. Craft all the necessary consumables and make sure you’re fully healed.

Once ready, grab the push cart and push it towards the double door. The floor will collapse and you'll be facing a bloater. Follow this link for the dedicated page on how to defeat this abomination.

After the battle, check the immediate area for more ammo and crafting materials. Head towards the gift shop and open the rolling gate. Vault inside and find the Khazakh Bright Trading Card on the shelf to the right.

Make your way upstairs and check the mini-bar to the left to find some supplements and crafting materials. Ignore the grate’s chain for now then continue along the long corridor past the pinball machines to reach the gaming lounge. Look to your immediate left and get the Arcade Note Artifact on the wall near the arcway.

Finally, head to the grate and move the pipe to free the chain. Drop down and pull the chain to open the path. Get back to the boat and leave the building. There are no more collectibles or stopovers anymore so just follow the path until you reach The Coast. After getting wiped out by a rogue wave, swim towards the ferris wheel until you reach dry land.


There are no enemies here so you can rest easy. The other obvious entrances are locked so find a folded chain-link fence to the right and crawl inside. Make your way to the rooftop then smash the window to get in.

Once inside, head to the left and slip through the gap on the wall then loot the materials inside. Find another hole on another wall then crawl to the next area. In the reef area, follow the path until you reach a ladder. Climb up the ladder, loot the materials there then drop down below to find more materials. Head to the next room and look for a vent shaft where you can climb into.

Follow the vent until you fall down. After landing, loot the parts on the shelf to the left and pick up the explosives on the right. Enter the makeshift operating room next then go through the open door to the left. Turn left again to find the makeshift bedroom/dining area then examine the duffel bag at the end of the room for a Journal Entry. Once done, head towards the next door for a cutscene. Back in The Theater, simply head towards the curtain and open it to trigger another cutscene and the conclusion of this chapter.

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