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Safe Locations and Solutions

The Last of Us 2 Walkthrough and Guide by Paul (vhayste)
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Like the original, The Last of Us Part II has several environmental puzzles. Among these are locked security safes containing valuables like supplements, parts, manuals, even weapons. The clues to open these safes are found in notes (Artifacts) in nearby spots or locations. If you're having troubles finding these clues, don't worry! We'll cover those for you. If you also just want to know the codes and jump right in in looting those safes, that's no problem either since there's no repercussions for opening the safes directly without finding their clues first.

Take note however, that some of the safe locations may require spoiler-sque descriptions for better explanation. In this page, we will list down the locations and codes of all safes in the game, divided into chapters. Finding all safes and unlocking them will unlock the Safecracker Trophy.

For convenience, it is also recommended to enable High Contrast mode in the Accessibility options. You can also consider turning on the Enhanced Listening Mode (in the Navigation and Traversal section in the Options menu) which will enable you to use mapped buttons to send a ping to find nearby collectibles in your immediate location.

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Safe List and Codes Summary

Here's the list of safes, their locations, and their respective codes. Please refer to the individual links in this page for the specific directions to locate these safes - screenshots included.

Story Chapter Safe Location Code
Jackson - Patrol Supermarket upper office 07-20-13
Seattle Day 1 - Downtown Westlake Bank Vault 60-23-06
Seattle Day 1 - Downtown West Gate 2 04-51
Seattle Day 1 - Downtown Courthouse Office 86-07-22
Seattle Day 1 - Capitol Hill Thrift Store (grassy path with tripwires) 55-01-33
Seattle Day 1 - Tunnels Maintenance tunnel break room 1-5-2-4-3
Seattle Day 2 - Hillcrest Garage behind the shops, blocked by dumpster 30-82-65
Seattle Day 2 - The Seraphites Apartment / WLF safehouse before the gated warehouse. 10-08-83
Seattle Day 2 - The Seraphites Weston's Pharmacy (after passing through the Merci Bldg) 38-55-23
Seattle Day 3 - The Flooded City Flooded garage, inside a fenced area. 70-12-64
Seattle Day 1 - On Foot WLF Cache, past the boat repair shop 17-38-07
Seattle Day 1 - Hostile Territory Jasmine Bakery 68-96-89
Seattle Day 1 - The Coast Ferry Aft Section 90-77-01
Seattle Day 2 - The Shortcut Apartment past the overpass 30-23-04
Seattle Day 2 - The Descent Storage room in the hotel, before reaching the spores 12-18-79

Jackson - Patrol (Supermarket)

The very first safe you'll come across is the one in the upper offices of the Supermarket. It is along the way so it's hard to miss it. The clue is found on the table, in the Goodboy Combo artifact. Take note of the date on the dog’s picture on the employee of the month board just outside the office.

If you want to know, the code is: 07-20-13. (highlight the white text to reveal)

Westlake Bank

From the entrance west of the Fuck FEDRA gate, look to the left and you should find a skyscraper with the large sign so it’s quite easy to find. (It will be highlighted if you toggled High Contrast Mode) Approach the building and you should be able to find the opening where you can enter.

Continue following the path until you reach the hole in the wall. Drop down and you’ll be in the bank itself, with several runners and clickers. Kill them all then loot the cabinets behind the counter for other materials.

Continue to the vault then examine the bag on the floor to get the Bank Heist Plans Artifact. Next, interact with the vault door and input the code 60-23-06 to open it.

Gate West 2

In the corner of Madison St and 5th avenue, just a few steps away from the Courthouse, you'll find a gate with the sign, "Gate West 2". Head towards it and you'll find a slightly opened gate where you can squeeze through.

Once inside, turn to the right to find a safe. Use the code 0451 to open the safe. Inside, you'll find a good amount of supplements, parts, health kit, shotgun ammo, and the Flo Trading Card.


Inside the Courthouse, make your way to the lower floor and continue past the open elevator shaft and head towards the end of the corridor to find an office. Break the glass window and climb inside. The safe is under the table and the code is 86-07-22. Loot the good number of parts, supplements, and alcohol inside.

Capitol Hill (Thrift Store)

Continue through the chapter until you finally get to follow a shallow stream. After encountering Tommy's dead horse, continue forth until you reach a closed gate and a tight, grassy path full of trip mines. You can trigger these trip mines by throwing bottles or bricks at them.

Past the Martial Arts Gym is a Thrift Store. Head inside the store and open the back door and turn to the right to find a small bulletin board on the wall. Get the Thrift Store Reminder Artifact from it. Open the door behind you to find the safe. Kill the legless clicker then use the code 55-01-33 to open the safe. Loot the rifle ammo, shotgun ammo, health pack, and blade inside.

The Tunnels

After killing the first set of shamblers, continue forth until you find the break room along the long corridor. In the break room, smash the vending machine’s glass to pick up the can there. This is the Soda Can Note artifact, which contains the code for the nearby combination-locked door. Next, find the locked door to the right then enter the code 15243.

Seattle Day 2, Hillcrest

After exiting the bike shop with the workbench, exit to the back door of the building called Shear Lux and you’ll find a dumpster blocking the door of the auto-repair shop. There are several infected inside that will start rushing out as soon as you open the door. A good tactic is leaving a trap mine near the door then run back as soon as you open the door or just use molotovs to kill them all.

Head inside the garage and open the small office to get some supplements, parts, and other supplies. Next, open the safe using the code 30-82-65 and loot the various ammo, supplies, and Short Gun Holster inside.

Seattle Day 2, The Seraphites

Continue following the main road and you’ll find an apartment to the left and a locked gate to the right. You have to find a way to vault over the gate to proceed but it’s recommended to explore the apartment building to the left first since it has a lot of valuable loot inside. The main door is locked so head to the side where you can use a delivery truck to climb up and reach the second floor window. Smash the window and climb inside. Open the door beside the fridge and find the safe by the closet. Enter the code 10-08-83 to open it. Loot the ammo and a good stash of supplements inside. Once done, you can now leave the room.

Once you've reached Weston's Pharmacy, find the hole on the wall where you can crawl into. Once inside, you’ll find a safe to the left. Use the code 38-55-23 to get supplements, ammo, explosive arrow, and more.

Seattle Day 3, The Flooded City

Continue riding the boat until you encounter a grate that will block your path. Before pulling the chain and moving on, there are valuables that you can loot in the area. Take the stairs then turn left to find a body. Pick up the Stash Note artifact beside it. This also contains the code for the safe nearby. Continue towards the rubble and pull the cart away to reveal a small space where you can crawl into. Once done, crawl to reach a broken window where you can access the locked enclosure with supplies and the safe.

Use the code 70-12-64 to unlock the safe and loot the supplements, ammo, parts, etc inside. Loot the other materials on the shelf then open the door.

Seattle Day 1, On Foot

After leaving the boat workshop, you'll find a mobile office outside. The cache note can be found inside. To find the safe, circle around the side of the building near the fence to find a crack on the wall large enough to allow you to slip into. Pick up the supplements, medkit, and crafting materials inside. Use the code 17-38-07 to open the safe and pick up the Hunting Pistol weapon as well as other supplies.

Seattle Day 1, Hostile Territory

After reaching the alley with several shops, enter Jasmine Bakery (look at the shop’s sign) to the left by breaking a glass window. Loot the crafting materials then use the code 68-96-89 to open the safe. Loot the various supplies inside, including a lot of supplements.

Seattle Day 1, The Coast

Make your way to the top deck of the beached ferry. Turn left from the stairs to find the safe. Enter the code 90-77-01 to open it.

Seattle Day 2, The Shortcut

After passing through the overpass bridge, sprint-jump to the next apartment building and land on the balcony. Open/break the glass door and head inside. Enter the bedroom near the balcony to find a safe inside. Use the code 30-23-04 to open it and loot the parts and other supplies.

Seattle Day 2, The Descent

After landing in the indoor pool, continue until you reach the corridor where you can find the emergency exit door which you should open to leave the area. Ignore it for now; instead, enter the door in front of a desk to find a safe inside. Use the code 12-18-79 to open the safe. Loot the supplements and various materials inside. This is the last safe of the game and if you haven’t missed any of the safes in the previous chapters, you’ll unlock the trophy “Safecracker”.

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