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Coin Locations

The Last of Us 2 Walkthrough and Guide by Paul (vhayste)
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In the original Last of Us, there are collectibles in the form of a fictional comic book series, Savage Starlight. With the sequel, there’s no surprise that the developers will include a ton of collectibles for players to hunt and find. One of the many collectibles are Coins. These rare collectibles are much smaller than Trading Cards and can hide in plain sight. You normally won’t be able to spot them from a distance without using High Contrast mode or getting near enough to see the pick-up prompt. You can also consider turning on the Enhanced Listening Mode (in the Navigation and Traversal section in the Options menu) which will enable you to use mapped buttons to send a ping to find nearby collectibles in your immediate location.

In this page, we will list all Coin locations divided per chapter. You can also check out our other dedicated pages for the other collectibles in the game. New to the game? Don’t forget to check out our Beginner’s Guide for a quickstart!

The Park

Crawl into the opening near the chain-link fence and pick up a bottle. Throw it at the window above the sinks and climb through it. Next, pick up the Virginia Coin from the dumpster in the corner.

Seattle: Day 1

The coins listed here will be arranged in the order they're found.

The Stadium

As soon as you leave the suite, turn to the left and look at the ground to find the Alaska Coin near the wall, as shown below.

Continue downstairs past the food preparation area. Once you reach the laundry area, go to the right side of the stairs and find the Maine Coin on a bench. Continue downstairs

After passing through the dog kennels, you’ll make your way to the quartermaster. Continue following Mel and Manny until you see a WLF soldier with her feet on the desk. Don’t enter the door at the end of the corridor yet. A few steps behind the desk soldier, look on the ground to the right to find the New Jersey Coin.

After completing the shooting range challenge, head towards the garage but turn left first and pick up the Vermont Coin from the metal cabinet in the corner, as shown below. If you found all the coins up to this point, the Trophy “Mint Condition” will be unlocked as well.

On Foot

After climbing inside the warehouse, turn to the right and look for a small table in the corner. Pick up the Kentucky Coin on the table.

Continue through the hardware store until you reach the gardening supplies area. There are also no enemies here with a lot of valuable loot to collect. Head to the farthest cashier counter near row 16 to find the Massachusetts Coin.

Inside the boat workshop, head towards the boat next and collect the other materials from the shelves near the wall. Next, rotate the crank to let Alice and Manny go through. After the crank breaks, talk to Mel then find a steel cage at the back. Boost Mel up and wait for her to open the door on the second floor, above the Workbench.

Regroup with Mel then pick up the ladder on the balcony. Set it up on the wall where you found the ladder to reach the space above to find some supplements on the table as well as the Ohio Coin.

After leaving the boat workshop, you'll find a mobile office parked outside with loot inside. Circle around at the back of the building then climb over some barrels below a window so you can smash the window. Pick up the Indiana Coin on the desk.

The Forward Base

After arriving at the base, walk towards a group of four soldiers talking near an electric pole to the right. Take the stairs then pick up the California Coin on the ground. Continue to the next gate afterward.

After passing through The Gate, turn to the left and look for a large group of soldiers gathered in front of the portalets. Go around them and pick up the New Mexico Coin on top of a green crate.

After passing through the tent where the bodybags are kept, you'll enter the building where Isaac is located. Head towards the tables to the left to find the South Carolina Coin on the corner.

Hostile Territory

After passing through the Tang Fabrics & Imports, you'll have to climb up an RV to reach the second floor of the next building. Get the North Dakota Coin from the lower drawer ahead, beside the doorway.

The Coast

After passing through the yard full of infected and shipping containers, you'll reach an overpass bridge. Climb up the ramp then head straight to the dead end with piled up wreckage to find a body to the right. Approach it to find the Alabama Coin.

Head to the second deck of the ferry then take the corridor beside the stairs where you came from. Turn right around the corner to find more items. In the dead-end corner, you’ll find the West Virginia Coin among the pile of luggage, beside a teddy bear.

After reaching the bridge, climb up the ladder but don’t cross the walkway yet; turn around first and find the Utah Coin behind the structure as shown below.

You’ll immediately see the only fountain as soon as you reach The Aquarium. Head to the fountain and search the water to find the last collectible of this mission, the Mississippi Coin.

Seattle: Day 2

The coins listed here will be arranged in the order they're found.

The Shortcut

Once the mission starts, continue to the rapids then head to the right, past the vehicles to find the barber shop. Destroy the window and climb inside. Head to the cash register to find the Nevada Coin.

After exploring the cellphone shop (where the Workbench and Scavenging List Artifact are found), cross the rapids again towards the next building which will bring you to an optical shop. Check the ledge outside the broken window to find the Colorado Coin near the edge, as shown below.

The Descent

After landing on an indoor pool, dive into the pool and pick up the Illinois Coin on top of a drainage pipe.

While navigating the main hotel floor with several broken floors, continue until you reach a room with a shambler. Take out the shambler or ignore it then cross the other metal beam then sprint-jump once again to the ledge below. After landing, turn around and jump across the gap to get the Oregon Coin on the shelf to the right.

After climbing down and exiting the elevator shaft, turn to the left to find a canister and some parts. Smash the glass of the vending machine to reveal the Wisconsin Coin in the coin return slot.

After making it outside, continue down to the open bar. Scour the area for items, especially a lot of parts under a roofed corner sofa. Pick up the Rhode Island Coin beside a cash register under the counter, as shown below.

After reaching the hospital, turn to the right and head to the building with the sign Special Care Center. Look for the Missouri Coin on the floor near the glass window as shown below.

Ground Zero

Follow Nora until you finally go downstairs to the lower floor. While in the cafe area, check behind the counter by the cash register to find the Washington Coin.

Finally, after killing the boss, loot the items in the area then open the shutter to the garage. Circle around the trucks to find the booth where you can pick up some supplements and the Hawaii Coin.

Seattle: Day 3

The coins listed here will be arranged in the order they're found.

The Marina

As soon as the mission starts, turn around and check the railing behind to find the Kansas Coin. Continue downstairs next and climb over the elevator shaft. Make your way to the ground level afterward.

Continue following Yara to the train station then head to the right past the access ramp to find the Louisiana Coin on the ground, near some tires.

The Island

At the start of the mission, follow Yara until you reach a ladder leading to the overpass bridge then turn left to find a truck. Enter the cargo hold and pick up the items as well as the Idaho Coin.

Continue along the trail until you reach a ledge by a small waterfall but don’t jump down yet. Look for a sedan near the edge to the left and find the North Carolina Coin on the ground, by the open back door of the car.

After clearing the logging camp area, don’t go through the lumber mill yet; head inside the building in front of it and make your way to the second floor to find the Montana Coin near the window, on top of a wooden crate to the right.

The Escape

Continue following the path until you pass through a coffee shop. Head to the next building where you have to squeeze to a flooded basement. Loot the supplements and parts along the way then continue upstairs then exit to the street area. Before passing under the trailer truck, turn to the left and find the Arkansas Coin behind the shopping cart.

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