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Journal Entries

The Last of Us 2 Walkthrough and Guide by Paul (vhayste)
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Journal Entries are notes and drawings that Ellie will add to her journal after interacting with certain objects and experiencing certain events. These are also counted as Collectibles and of course, the opportunities to log these journal entries can be easily missed. Finding all journal entries (and Artifacts) will unlock the "Archivist" Trophy.

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During the mission Patrol, follow Dina until you reach the lookout. After dismounting, enter the small storage room then loot a rifle ammo from the locker. Follow Dina to the bathroom then slip through the crack on the wall. Talk to her while she’s looking at the view. After the brief scene, keep still for a few seconds, then move back a bit to have Ellie move away from the railing. Wait a few seconds more to get the prompt to log the Journal Entry.

Once you've reached The Library and breaking the glass of the room to get inside, look for a stuffed giraffe in the room full of books before Eugene's bedroom. Examine the giraffe to get a new journal log.

In the mission Packing Up, enter the house and proceed to the kitchen and examine the mug by the sink to log a Journal Entry. You can also examine other objects here if you want.

Next, go upstairs and enter the workshop. Examine the guitar on the counter to register yet another Journal Entry.

Seattle: Day 1

Continue riding with Dina until you arrive at the quarantine gate. Approach the massive gate with the message “WLF Trespassers will be killed on sight!” for a Journal Entry.

Head to the marked location below in Downtown, Seattle to find a large military tent with the Workbench inside. Circle around to find a footbridge with some guardhouses. Enter the first one then open the drawer to find the Street Drawing Artifact. After getting the artifact, a prompt will appear immediately for a Journal Entry.

After swinging across another balcony in the Synagogue, enter the room on the end of that balcony. Examine the calendar on the wall and speak with Dina to get a Journal Entry logged.

In The Tunnels, after killing your first set of shamblers, examine one of their bodies to log this Journal Entry.

In the flashback mission (The Birthday Gift), as soon as you reached the museum entrance, approach the T-Rex and examine the signage in front of the statue for a Journal Entry.

Once you’ve reached the second floor (space exhibit) of the museum, examine the crescent bench to get a Journal Entry.

Seattle: Day 2

In the second area from the start of this mission Hillcrest, you'll find a WLF tarp hanging outside Ruston Coffee. Examine that tarp to get this journal entry.

At the start of the mission Finding Strings, approach the cliff to get the prompt for a Journal Entry.

In the mission The Seraphites, head towards the conference center, beside the convenience store. Check the desk to right to find some crafting materials then head to the painted message on the wall for a Journal Entry.

In the mission The Seraphites, jump over the locked gate then release the dumpster inside. Leave the loading bay and push the dumpster over the wall with the locked small gates. Climb over and unlock the gates just in case you want to backtrack before moving forward. Take the stairs then climb the ledges to get a good view of the hospital. A Journal Entry will be automatically added as well.

In the mission The Seraphites, after clearing the grassy area where you'll first encounter the Scars, leave the grassy area until you reach the street. Check the area for loot then look out for a Scar body near a bus stop. Approach it to log a Journal Entry.

Seattle: Day 3

In the mission Road to the Aquarium, you'll enter a bookstore after passing through the flooded street. Drop down to the lower floor and continue past the escalator towards the children’s corner of the store with the large mushrooms. Examine the large mushroom for a Journal Entry.

Early in the mission The Flooded City, continue riding the boat until you encounter a grate that will block your path. Before pulling the chain and moving on, take the stairs then examine one of the windows to log a Journal Entry.

In the mission Infiltration, after climbing up a vent and landing, enter the makeshift operating room next then go through the open door to the left. Turn left again to find the makeshift bedroom/dining area then examine the duffel bag at the end of the room for a Journal Entry.

Santa Barbara

After leaving the large house with shamblers and a workbench, approach the police car and press L3 to look out at the horizon to trigger an automatic journal entry log added.

After clearing the first two Rattler patrols along the train tracks, leave the store and head to the right to find a van with the Rattlers graffiti. Examine it to register a new journal entry. img= title=]

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