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39: Separatist Battleship Hub Visit 20

Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Part 39: Separatist Battleship Hub Visit 20

This officially wraps up the story-lines, ending that part of the game.  What is left is the optional stuff -- which is to say completing the Minikit Part collections to unlock all of the characters.  You actually have a choice you can make -- you can choose to use the cheat codes to unlock the characters -- but why do that?  After all, you still need to get the Minikit Parts and the Red and Gold Bricks to work towards 100% completion, so why not do it the normal way?

Make your decision and then, when you are ready, the guide continues with the information you need to reach 100% completion!

The stage on the back wall of the compartment that we are in right now is our next destination -- you will see that Jabba the Hutt is there on the stage once the curtain opens.  Stand on the pad here to initiate the Bounty Hunter Mission Menu.

The Tracking Down and Capture of R2-D2

Bounty Hunter Missions

The Bounty Hunter Missions are simple time-limited quests that can be flagged from Jabba the Hut on the stage in the far left hand compartment of the Evil Hub Battleship.  Simply step on the pad in front of the stage, select your mission, and go!

The way that these missions work is simple -- you only have the time shown below to complete them, and to complete them all that you need to do is locate the target and stand next to them.  So for instance, in Mission 1, you need to locate R2-D2.  There are only so many places that they can be but to help you out, we tell you below!

Your reward for completing each of these is a Gold Brick -- and as you unlock more Gold Bricks you will unlock additional ships/vehicles, but be aware that you get those for the Gold Bricks and not for completing these missions.

MISSION 01: R2-D2 (00:59)
Use the door console to the immediate left of the starting location, then use the crawling door to pass to the hidden area.  R2 is all the way to the right here!

MISSION 02: Yoda (02:59)
Hidden behind the purple plant to the left of the final tank in the rear most part of the canyon.

MISSION 03: Padme Amidala (01:29)
She is located in the back of the Cantina -- run along the corridor taking the left hand fork, use a droid to get through the door at the end and then enter the first door on the right to get into the Cantina.

MISSION 04: Anakin Skywalker (01:59)
Run up the corridor to the zone point, then use the first two droid spots to stop the trains, then use the Bounty Hunter's jets to cross the gap instead of trying to place the platform.  Once on the far platform, run towards the camera to locate Anakin and capture him.

MISSION 05: Captain Rex (00:59)
Change to the Bounty Hunter and immediately toss a grenade to the wreckage ahead, then construct the grapple point and climb down.  When you reach the ground, jet pack to the left and capture him past where the worm holes are.

MISSION 06: Plo Koon (00:59)
Immediately boost down to the lower level and land at the pad, then run towards the escape pod that is on a platform.  He is in the far right corner on the deck below the platform in the corner.

MISSION 07: Aayla Secura
Immediately fly to the right with the booster button pressed and fly behind the burning top-section of the burning battleship causing the top section to explode and a landing pad to be available.  Land on the pad and run towards the back right and you will find her standing there.

MISSION 08: Obi-Wan Kenobi
Quickly fly to the front of the battleship and land on the pad on the right side of the front section, then run to the crawl door and crawl through, and run to the back of the room to capture him!

MISSION 09: Ahsoka (02:59)
Not sure why they gave so much time for this one -- she is standing on the rocks literally behind your back as the mission starts near the glowing green spot!

MISSION 10: Kit Fisto (00:59)
This is one of the tougher ones if only because you get shot a lot...  As a Bounty Hunter character run up the hall, jet packing over the gaps, to the big room at the end, then jet pack over the left hand gap, and use a droid on the console there, then go inside and you will find her waiting for you there!

Organa Get You, Sucker!

MISSION 11: Bail Organa (02:59)
To do this one you either have to wait until after we unlock Bail Organa or you need to enter the cheat code to unlock her now.  Since we are in the process of doing these here, now, I went with the cheat code myself so I would not have to return to do this – the code for Bail Organa is GEHX6C -- and once you enter that code the Mission is instantly available!

This should be familiar -- we just did this extra mission a little while ago -- so open the first door just like in the mission, go in and smash the stuff and bounce on the beds to get the parts, and then fix the conduit.  Now head next door, open the door, and go in and you will find her waiting here for you.

MISSION 12: Waxer (01:59)
This is probably the one mission of them all that gives the most trouble, but only because it is not an obvious path...  Unlike the previous missions the target is not in the open, he is in the box at the top of the Silver Pillar on the left.

The easy way to do this is to change to Bane, pop a grenade at the bottom of the pillar, then after it blows, do another to blow up the next section up, and then jump onto the rock on the left, then jump and turn on your jet pack, get right next to the wall and what is left of the pillar, and throw a grenade so it detonates immediately, taking out the last section and causing the box on top to fall to the ground, smashing open and releasing Waxer.  Now just land and capture him!

MISSION 13: Commander Cody (00:29)
Simply run to the right a little and then towards the camera out on to the metal deck that runs along the outside edge of the roof.  He is standing there waiting for you.

MISSION 14: Commander Ponds
This is wicked easy -- just run all the way to the back of the tunnel and look behind the pillars along the right wall until you find him!

MISSION 15: Luminara Unduli
This one is really easy -- just run all the way through the cave to the pile of rubble, break it and run through to the next section and run past the droid spot and zone into the next area, and there she is in the back of the room.

MISSION 16: Eeth Koth
This is not obvious -- basically you need to run to turn to face the camera, looking at the glass literally in front of you -- you do not even take a single step mind you, just turn to face the camera and throw four grenades, which instantly explode.  The fourth grenade will blow up and Koth will just materialize behind you -- all you do after he appears is take two steps and mission over!

After you capture him and the time remaining turns to Studs, you unlock the Achievements "Isn't negotiation the Jedi way?" (20 GP).

-- Odds and Ends --

Now that we have the two extra missions and the Bounty Hunter Missions completed, you just need to run back up the hall to the Main Hanger and move to the ship console, where you order The Halo (Rapid Fire) and then pay the 200,000 Stud sticker price to own it!

Now move to the far right side and enter the lift to the Bridge, and use the Bounty Hunter character to lob a grenade at the Silver object in the center of the Bridge to destroy it, revealing the x8 Multiplier Red Brick, which you purchase for 20,000,000 Studs!

Turning that Brick on in the Extras Menu boosts the overall multiplier to x384 Score!  So you may as well do that now :)

Head back to the Hanger Deck and take a ship back to the Good Hub, then land and access the ship console here to purchase the ARC-170 Starfighter (Rapid Fire) for 50,000 Studs, then the Jedi Shuttle for another 50,000 Studs.

On the way to the Medical Bay in the upper Hanger walkway buy Senator Philo for 30,000 Studs, and Senate Commando for 25,000 Studs, and then at the Medical Bay pay 6,000 Studs to purchase the MSE-6 Mouse Droid.

Head to the Bridge now, where you purcase the blue-armored Senate Commando (Captain) character for 25,000 Studs, and the alien character Onaconda Farr for another 25,000 Studs. 

This completes the post-story wrapping up phase of game play!

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Aug 5th 2012 Guest
U have to click the R2 button on the PS3 controller in order to change characters
ID #172501
Apr 19th 2012 Guest
I have the same problem
I cant switch people iether
ID #134993
Jun 13th 2011 Guest
for some reason when i go on the bounty hunter missions,i cant seem to change or select other people,all i can use is cad bane and the dude with the red top on witha grey face,so some of them i cant do,any ideas....please
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